Monday, February 8, 2010

black white gold

(everything from head toe is thrifted, except hat and jewelry)
black crochet fishnet mini fringe dress, Target bowler hat, black and gold horsie ankle cowboy boots a gift from Darine, DIY vintage black thigh hi and garter belt, vintage gold ovals belt, gold charm necklace ans zipper cuff from Buffalo Exchange
It's been pretty ugly outside, with the rain and all, for the past week. So sorry if I've been a bit behind on posting new pics. When you're black the lighting sucks inside. But here's a couple of shots of me at my house, KIDDING AROUND. I absolutely love my novelty cowboy boots! Got them as a gift when I went to visit my bestie, Darine in San Francisco. To be honest, I HATE cowboy boots but this pair makes me a hypocrite!! LOL!
Can't wait for the springtime. My birthday, spring break and income tax check, hahahahaha! Going to spent it all in one place....THE THRIFT STORES! So be looking forward to that! Gotta alot things in the work right now. Getting ready to sell again,YAY!! And TONS of new outfits waiting to be snapped in!
Thank you for showing me some love!
xoxo Virgin


Clara said...

Love the belt!! and love the fact that you make head to toe vintage work. x

Unknown said...

You look so good in your pics!

Unknown said...

you should post more often. love your blog

sinandstarlight said...

i LOVE your style!!!!!!!!!!

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