Thursday, February 11, 2010

nautical VALENTINE...

(everything thrifted from head to toe)
black sailor nautical cardigan, red white stripe box top, black nylons, red heart socks, chunky red picnic platform wedges, DIY light denim cutoffs, red beret, vintage pearls, bangle and other jewelry from Buffalo Exchange, vintage black patent leather belt and vintage big red clutch
I just can't wait til Valentine's Day. Candy, kisses and GIFTS! I love to sit and wonder what I'm going to get this year. I know I'm getting something handmade from my son, Ephraim and something big from Joel! I LOOOOOOOVE getting gifts. Don't you? I would love to see what other people are getting. Stay tuned to my gift to yall! To thank you for your questions comments! I love you all!
xoxo Virgin


Vix said...

Hey Virgin! Love your blog and adore your wardrobe. You look stunning.

JoannaMIKO said...

You look absolutley stunning!! Very oryginal !!
I like your boots and shorts:)

and I love your blog

j said...

the fact that everything in this outfit was thrifted shows what a fabulous fashionista you are! i love your blog and your sassy style.

pink plastic jesus said...

you're so cool!

hayley said...


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