Sunday, March 14, 2010

black lips and stretchmarks....

(everything thrifted from head to toe except socks)
vintage black and white swimsuit, American Apparel thigh hi socks, vintage sailor captain's hat, vintage aviators, vintage black and white lace up tennis shoe boots, vintage golden block belt and vintage gold watch
Black lips and stretchmarks! So I gave birth to a 10lbs 12 oz baby boy and I don't care if it shows! I'm a proud mom! Even have MOMS RULE tattooed across my knuckles! It just tells you not everyone is perfect. I got flaws too! Anywho, I've been dying to try black lipstick. I haven't worn it since my goth days. Black is slimming cause I got huge lips. Thought they turned out pretty cute. 
Got alot of pics coming at coming! So stay tuned for more VintageVirgin!!!!
xoxo Virgin


guildedsecret. said...

oh my i absolutely love this photoshoot! you have the most expressive style... you're right everyone has flaws but in this photo i see a confident woman in an AMAZING outfit. loving the black/white color scheme... YOU'RE BRILLIANT!


::post script::
trust me, your lips are NOT huge... i have some serious soup coolers :) no complaints!

christinecocochanel said...

WOW this is hot hot hotttt
stretch markss? could not tell at all! You look amazing, great outfit

keeep workingg it ;P


sinandstarlight said...

amazing photos!

Indie_bindi said...

This is a fantastic look. I'm digging your hat.

Do your shoes have heels?

Ana said...

girl you look stunning!

i have stretch marks and i didn't even squeeze out a baby. i wish my body looked half as amazing as yours.

whateveryouwantittosay said...

To paraphrase Kat Williams- stretch makrs either mean you were little and you got big, or you were big and you got smaller; either way, who cares. Woot, woot! Here's to women loving their bodies.

The idea, you, your outfit, and the background all mesh together well- gawgeous!

InnyVinny said...

HA! I tried out black lips last night too.

And I can't believe you had a kid. I'm not seeing the slightest shred of evidence. And at 10lbs no less? HOT.DAMN.

Great photos. I love a graphic presentation. =D

R.Paris said...

love the tats


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Love it!

I have stretch marks in the same place as yours...but no baby. There just there. :)

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

great idea...very nice pictures

Chomy said...

B A NA NAS!!! all i see is DOPEASSNESS....more over Perfection is Keep up the twerk!!!!!

joyce said...

amazingness! wow i'm so inspired by you - especially cause your a mom too! keep creating sister!

Mad Coco said...

Your legs are amazing!!

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