Saturday, April 10, 2010


(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage sheer mesh blouse and skirt, black bra and undies, vintage black thigh hi boots, shredded thigh hi socks, vintage crochet fringe vest, DIY turban wrap, vintage gold oval belt, vintage crosses necklace and zipper wristband
Just hanging out at Discovery Green, with Brooke,  this insane park that cost us tax payers millions of dollars!! But at least it has lots of cool art shit you can take pictures in front of :)! I was shooting for that jesus on the cross look, NOT. It was just hard to do any other poses, LOL! I don't know how we were able to get through these pics cause the whole time it was some bum asking us to pay him 5 bucks to climb to the top! AH-NNOYING! Almost didn't post cause I'm self conscious about my MOMMY TUMMY showing :(! But I grew a pair and got over it! I also did Brooke extensions, if I wasn't black I would totally have white blonde hair too. LOVE IT!
Gotta give props to the people who love me. I can't believe you guys leave such sweet comments for me. I read your blogs to you know!
Peace, love and vintage!


Nikki Ashley said...

That shoot looks like so much fun! love the look too.

Clare said...

That building is awesome! Looks so much fun. Love your outfits too.

tweet tweet tweet


Glamour Bbey. said...

Hay girl! I was looking for some new blogs and I found yours! He's great! Love your style.

Please check mine too! Thanks..-

Stylish-Stylist said...

Amazing shiiet:)

Keep it up!

Josephine said...

You look great ! Awesome shoot location.

Jenni said...

Very awesome. Such cool pictures!

Anonymous said...

So amazing!

princesspolitico said...

hahaha i love that extensions comment, "if i wasn't black i would have white-blond hair" --- hey, if lil kim did it, you can too! i'm certain you would work it and make the color fabulous!

your dress is delightfully daring... absolutely love the addition of your hip belt!


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