Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Yay, my first "FREE GIVEAWAY" This adorb faux white snakeskin oversized clutch. All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what outfit you would wear it with. That simple! The winner will be picked at random May 15th. Can't wait, I'm sooooo excited!
xoxo Virgin


Unknown said...

LOVEEEE your clutch honey <3

TP said...

Ooh sweet giveaway. I would wear it with hot pink shorts & a neon green top - cuz it's summer (almost) and it's hawt!

Ms-gg said...

I LOVE that clutch Ms. Lady! If I had the honor to own it, I know I couldn't pull it off as well as you would, but I would see myself wearing it with some DIY, thigh high, cut-off acid washed jean shorts, granny grunge boots, and a cute cut off 90's inspired mid-drift top. Of course with plenty of rings to complete the look and maybe even a minnie mouse inspired bow!

Katie said...

i would wear it with a pair of black opaque tights, a bright coloured mini dress, and these adorable studded black suede high heeled booties i have!

Niika said...

i would wear a LBD with this clutch and grey chain pumps so that the clutch would be the statement piece of the outfit

Anonymous said...

I'd wear a black leather jacket, white/black striped shirt-dress, opaque slate tights, black pumps and a pair of black gloves. Love the clutch!!

Ayeyoneek said...

Ill wear this wonderful clutch with some
Cream colored pumps or Biker booties(ill probably DIT with spikes)
a nice Grey or Black booty hugging mini dress
& a nice eye popping Navy Blue blazer
walah! :)

Sue said...

I would probably wear day purse with a Royal blue mini dress. Yellow gladiators to SCHOOL lik everydaaaaayyy. It's so coool. And it has flipping strapppssss. Dats my Kind of Purse XD. Unmatching Bold Colors with dat purse for me

Anonymous said...

Hey. I so love your blog. following this.

If i have a chance to own that clutch, I would wear it with gray, black and camel-like colors for the clutch to pop out of nowhere and to accentuate the whole look.

Black tights
Chanel t-shirt - to have a classic piece
High-waisted denim shorts - for vintage feeling
Camel boyfriend blazer- bold color but in the trend
White pumps- versatility
Gold watch- luxury

here is my polyvore set of the look

ridgewood889 said...

i would wear it with a white collared shirt, a bow tie, black blazers, skinny jeans, and oxford shoes.

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