Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Don't forget to to get your comments in for the May FREE GIVEAWAY! Just leave me a comment under this post telling me what you would wear with the white faux snakeskin oversized clutch. Anonymous user leave your email address. The winner will be picked at random on Saturday, May 15th! So get your comments in if you want the clutch!


lydiajoy said...

I'd probably wear this snakeskin clutch with black leggings, a fitted but flowy black top, all mixed with silver and gold accessories. Definitely pairing it all with either a black pair of gold studded booties, or maybe popping some color in there. Red or blue pumps. I love color, but I always end up wearing black, white, and gray. Love the clutch!

princesspolitico said...

OH MY! i’d wear this fantastic clutch with my black leatherette bandage dress and a pair of sky-scraping black heels.


this is a terrific giveaway and i just love your blog and vintage style :) keep up the great posts!


Julie said...

I would wear this clutch with a white tank top and a silver/grey high waisted skirt. I would wear a nice floral necklace so the outfit isn't so plain and finish it with some silver/grey heels.


Anonymous said...

I would wear high-waist skinny jeans, Rolling Stones band tee and bright red heels <3


Anonymous said...

I would wear that cluth with some black leggings that go to the knee with my tweed black and grey shorts, and my studded blazer I got from Good Will with a tee underneath, and my black heels which criss cross in the front which I got at Salvation Army and maybe throw on a fedora lol

P.S. Love your blog!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this clutch!!!
I would wear it with black harem pants.
A white fitted sexy top.
Some red high pumps and ofcourse the red lipstick :-)

a la Modest said...

Cool giveaway! I would wear this with skinny black jeans/shiny leggings, black leather boots and jacket with a white or gray shirt inside... monochromatic!


Anonymous said...

oooh hey i just discovered your blog and you really INSPIRE me!! your outfits are fucking amazing looove them ( honestly- not because i wanna win ).

to answer your question: hmm.. perhaps with my high waisted short jeans, lace body with white bra...black or white clogs and some kind of blazer or my jeans chemise..difficult to say..i hate panning outfits before i go out..in the i always hate it and change. :D but something like that..

my e-mail is: carolin.wais@web.de

go on like this, xx C.

τreciä said...

This is super cute!!! I think i'd wear this with gray leggings, white shirt/ blk leather jacket n blk boots

swayyy. said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey. I so love your blog. following this.

If i have a chance to own that clutch, I would wear it with gray, black and camel-like colors for the clutch to pop out of nowhere and to accentuate the whole look.

Black tights
Chanel t-shirt - to have a classic piece
High-waisted denim shorts - for vintage feeling
Camel boyfriend blazer- bold color but in the trend
White pumps- versatility
Gold watch- luxury

here is my polyvore set of the look


e-mail: philip_lapinid@yahoo.com

Sharon Paz said...

I'm a little late but just wanted to tell you that I am LOVING the wing-tip oxfords :)


Trendy Gourmandise said...

nice clutch !!!

♥♥♥ http://trendygourmandise.blogspot.com/ ♥♥♥

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