Friday, May 28, 2010


My clothes have FINALLY taken over my body! And my laptop HATES me! The bastard has a virus and locked me out completely! So I can't post my latest outfits til I get it fixed! I'm soooooo mad I could stab a hobo right now! I just want to randomly punch someone in the face! :( Okay BREATHE!! whew, LOL! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back on track! Fingers crossed! I LOVE U ALLLLLL!
xoxo Virgin


Lis-x- said...

Love your hat! Oh man, I hope your lappy gets fixed soon!=)

Lis xXx

Off The Wardrobe

Sjaar said...

Oke your eyes really look possesed haha, it sucks your laptop.. Goodluck with that.

Unknown said...

Ooh I know this laptop rage so well !!

Love your collection of cameras !

see U !

garakami said...

Mad woman on the run. Lol, "punch a hobo in the face." Not nice! You'll get your laptop up and running soon enough, just keep on breathing. I'm usually not a big fan of gold jewelry, but I guess when it's piled on it looks good. Love the gold leather shorts.

whateveryouwantittosay said...

Ugh! Viruses are the worst! Tell your computer to feel better, and drink plenty of fluids!

Tamia said...

OY. I feel your pain--my laptop literally started to come apart a few months ago, and I panicked like a whore in church. Hope you get yours fixed soon!


Alice said...

Nice outfit, and the old cameras behind you... awesome!
Computers are really really bothering at times, hope you can have yours fixed asap!

Tokyo Quadrille

iva said...

i hate too when something goes bad with my laptop and i can tell yuu that in the last year & a half i've been having so many many problems :(
toy look great btw!

leblogdemok said...

Amazing Outfit !!!!!!! i love that !!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Vilde Sofie said...

"Everything will be fine in the end, if it's not fine, it's not yet the end"

xo - the norwegian girl :)

Unknown said...

technology can be such a bitch!!
but your cameras in the background!! love it!!!

Unknown said...

That blows! Hope you get it all worked out soon! Would love to see more of your outfits.


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