Saturday, September 25, 2010

LOST(not the dumb show)

(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage sheer floral lace bodysuit, vintage straw boater hat, vintage abstract floral bow front shorts, black nylons, vintage 2 tone burgundy wooden oxfords, vintage Dooney&Bourke 2 tone bag, vintage crochet vest, 80s Purple wayfarers, vintage necklaces/bangles and B.E. rings
I'm bored outta my mind, trapped within. Everyday I wake up it's the same alarm, same stubborn child who doesn't wanna brush his teeth, same bike route, same shows, same dinner and same bedtime story with a side of TMZ! I swear my grandma has a cooler life than me! I'm a free spirit, don't give a fuck kinda girl so I'm feel really trapped! I guess I never realized how much fun we have when my hubby's home. In all honesty I just want my Joel back, waah! We miss you Babylove!! 2 weeks down 3 more to go, boooooooooo!!
Thank Satan for clothes!! I probably would have ended it RIGHT NOW if I didn't have a bag of vintage to try on!! So if you miss your bf go thrifting. I'm pretty sure a nice scarf can push the tears back! Or if your sexually frustrated, go ahead get that bag in every color, it's on sale!! The more clothes I have around me the more love I feel, lol!
And of course to my blogger buddies THANKS for making me laugh through this BLAH moment in my life!


Nádia said...

WOW, that look is AMAZING!!!

esther said...

chin up girl.

your the best hoarder there is

lots of lovin esther xxx

Unknown said...

Love this style :) U look great

G Sweety :)

Jenae said...

Perfect outfit girl!! Your style always amazes me!! You can pull anything off girl..Get em' outfits blazin'!!


Claire Hart said...

adore that bag :)))) wonderful blog also, following now! xxx

Sanam said...

Amazing look,i love your vintage outfit :D


Renee Nabam said... look're just too good..i don't know how you you
love your bag<3..and totally agree on..the more clothes...thingy...<3<3
take care...gross bisses!!!

kathy said...

Love the outfit (esp the boater hat!) x

Anonymous said...

I love your style! :)

lolo dahling said...

Lady, I am dying over those shoes!! I hope time flies by for you..being away from the one you love suxx!! But the best excuse for shopping is feeling down!xoxo

Anonymous said...

love the shoes!!!

Anthea said...

Love all of this outfit and the previous one! Very well put together.

Embracing Style

Mali rêve... said...

love the bag!!

ellie said...

awesome outfit..such impressive shoes.

polish said...

you're amazing :)

Marina said...

I love your style!!
I'm following:)

Unknown said...

you're such an inspiration! thank you for being who you are! this oufit is amazing no words.

NobodyKnowsMarc said...

love your vintage outfit..!

samantha ramage said...

what a cool outfit. totally love the old dooney bag! i have one myself! put you on my tumblr!


La Mona se viste de seda said...

really nice look!!!
cool blog!!


cynthia fransisca said...

amazing sweet look!!!

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