Thursday, October 21, 2010

R.I.P.(Rest In Pictures)

1. American Apparel nude skintight turtleneck dress courtesy of American Apparel, vintage nautical prep scarf, vintage oversized felt hat, vintage nautical stripe belt, Marc Jacobs 2 tone oxford platfroms, vintage turtoise sunnies, white scunchy socks, vintage watch/bangles, 2 tone leather briefcase bag and B.E. rings
2. vintage basic black blazer, vintage scallop lace romper, black straw boater hat, vintage patchwork leather backpack purse, round aviator sunnies, vintage bangles, vintage cross necklace, B.E. rings and elephant necklace
Let bow our heads in prayer for the pictures that ain't here! Yeah my lappy has locked my ass out again!! That's why I went on a much needed vacay from the bloggerverse. It sucks to see all my hard work just...GONE! Thank Satan I was able to salvage these from
I LOVE that both looks are totally opposite from each other. Like classy to trashy, Classy Trashy, lol! I just had to post these before I was able to move on to the new.
I have alot of outfits to post, ALOT!! I am back 100%, "NO BULLSHIT", remember, hahaha!
When I say I have the best vintage coats, it's NO LIE! From furs to leathers I have it all and I'm excited to shared them with you.What I have in mind for F/W is cra cra! Check back tomorrow for my lastest outfit since my brutal breakup with my old lappy. It's kind of a kickoff to what my Fall will be all about!!
Aaaaaaaaah, it's great to be back!!
Missed you guys like the desert missed the rain,

Um hum, if  you live in the Houston area go to this Sunday Oct.24th, if you want to get first dibs on my vintage!!


iloveyouvalentine said...

love that second outfit! the blazer over a lace romper is a really good combination of hard and soft. i'm inspired to try it now!

i wish i could go! but i'm nowhere near houston. haha

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...



Ivânia Diamond*

missmarc said...

I love these pictures. the lace/silk romper is my favorite!

Bub said...

Love these outfits babe! Especially the first one!
new post up!

notsoChiara said...

ahhaha the title is amazing!
have a happy Friday

*Katia* said...

love all of your outfits,but 1st one is my fav.!

fadetoblack said...

dam I would so love to go to that!!!
me loves a bit o classy trash and trashy class!! HA!

L ~DIY Diva~ said...

oooh the lace with the blazer....LOVE IT CHIC...JUST LOVE!

my last post: Blazers & Body Types

vio said...

your first look is perfect!

Debora said...

faboulous outfit, I love it, you're soooo chic !
well done !

love your blog and your style

Giselle said...

You always look flawless..

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