Monday, October 25, 2010


(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage southwestern hippie floppy hat, faux fur Zara coat, sheer lace F21 slipdress, suede Zara wedge boots, vintage cross necklace/bangles, B.E. rings and vintage black bra and panty set
For awhile now I've been fantasizing about the whole sheer dress and underwear trend. You know I don't mind flaunting my assets but as a mom, who live in Texas, it's a bit hard to pull off on the streets. People already think I'm borderline crazy here, why give them a reason to burn me on a cross, hahaha!
For some reason the dress made me feel like I was going to a modern Woodstock!! So I added this SWEET faux fur coat,  my #3 favorite hat and felt pretty, pretty BADASS!
I have so many OBSESSIONS right now! I hope I can explore all of them before I'm over it. Like one day I like LOVE something and totally HATE it the next! But will FOREVER be in love with vintage, FOREVER!!
Hope everyone had a good weekend. The Pop Up Shop was quite fun. I met some pretty cool people, who I had no clue lived in the gay ghetto, right down the street from me!! Soooo I made some money and gained a few friends. Goooooo ME!


Lady Moriarty said...

This slipdress is pretty amazing, wow !

See U !

Ray said...

I know what you mean about exploring obsessions before I'm over it! :D I am really into the sheer look, but I have yet to find a long sheer skirt, or a sheer dress like your gorgeous one! And it's hard for me to dress riskay b/c of work. :( I could always bring some extra clothes?? Hahaha, thanks for the inspiring post! I want to feel more confident in wearing riskay clothes and trends.

missmarc said...

this is so cute! I love that sheer dress

costra y ampolla said...

cant believe how cool you are!!!

Wild Flower said...

Gorgeous dress! I have just started to collect 70s slips kinda like this one...they are so beautiful! I know what you mean about the whole underwear as outerwear on the seems to confuse some people haha!
Love this outfit! you mean that its second hand Zara etc or new season?

TASHA B said...

wow this lace slip is amazing!

Mali rêve... said...

love your faux fur coat!!and this dress...whaou!

girl with no name. said...

Your hair is amazing, i love it :)
I want that faux fur coat, it's so lovely.

Love your blog too.

Christina of Profresh Style said...

you are the only one that can pull this out-this shit is brilliant. loving how you've styled it. It is DEFINITELY modern woodstock!


chloe said...

oooooooh i love it, i love it, i love it.
-naughty mess vintage

NRC said...

Love love love it..

Celia said...

As I first saw your dress, I also thought "Wow, that's really seethrough." Actually, I don't mind you wearing this and I think your underpants are so beautiful, why think about it.
The only reason you shouldn't wear it is when your boy would say something. How does he feel about your styling? It's really interesting!

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