Thursday, November 18, 2010

HIDING in the SHADOWS from the SUN

(everything thrifted from head to toe except shoes)
vintage Americano letterman sweater, vintage chambray man shirt, vintage bow I got off a dress, vintage felt ranger hat, suede Zara wedge booties, vintage leather bag backpack purse, wayfarer sunnies, vintage bangles and B.E. rings
OMFG the weather here has been AH-MAZING!! Perfect for a fur coat and a bike ride, which I accomplished this morning, WEEEEEEEEE!
Went to Cherryhurst Park the other day but it turned out to be a Mommy and Me/1st birthday party, LAME! I must be a different kind of mom cause I would never be at the park, on a Tuesday at 9am, freezing cold with a bunch of crying fuckers around you. Unless it's for pictures of course, hahaha!! So I had to work the other side of the park. Which turned out AWESOME!!
I'm soooo happy it's almost Winter cause now it's cool enough to wear my overly excessive blush! Fuck pink cheeks, I'm more like pink jaws! Oh I LOVE blush! It accentuates my chocolate skin just the way I like it.
Anywho I'm slowly approaching/obsessing over menswear. Growing up I always thought I looked like a boy cause I was the only one out of my sisters to look EXACTLY like my dad. Take the hair away and it would be a little Willie Ray! Once I get over my complex I think I can pull it off. For me this look was just a start. I would DIE for a tailored leather suit, ooh with skinny leather pants! Shiiiit I would even go for a pleather or faux! I think I should look into that. Shopping online........NOW!
Thanks for showing me LOVE on a daily! Guess what??


Sarah said...

I Love, love this cardigan. It is so cute.

vio said...

cool sweater!

Kaja said...

you are perfect!

Stephtea said...

You're fucking hilarious. I love that you swear as much as I do. Brings you down to mortal level not some ethereal angel with a sweet sense of style.



Mely said...

the sweater, the sweater! i LOVE it!

missmarc said...

love your cardigan, denim shirt & bowtie! you look fabulous! <3

Anonymous said...

i love ur tennis (?) court photos - so cool. I actually found a cool vintage vest today shock horror!! (sydney is crap for vintage) thought you would be proud! :) and btw I have been so in to my bowtie recently too :)
also the blush is mad I look like a retard in blush so I'm glad ur rocking it! :) too many smilies :) :)

Sasha said...

wow you have amazing style and I absolutely love your blog!!!
I'm following:)

My Modest Mouth Blog said...


Enter My Modest Mouth Blog Here

Blackswan said...

wowww im loving that cardigan!! it's so old school college type! what a find! just happened to have stumbled upon your blog and it's fantastic! i'm a big thrift queen myself haha

a new follower!

come stop by for a visit or follow too?!

x Your Only Blackswan

summer said...

god when you said you thought you looked like a boy growing up and look just like you dad....dude that hit home with me! everywhere i would go people knew i was my dads kid asking me "is Jerryl your dad?" the man is my best friend and i love him to death but i seriously did not want to look like a boy! i grew into my own and you obviously have done the same with amazing style keep it up!

Alicia. said...

Every single time I come here, I know why you're my favorite fashion blogger: because you're cool, different & because you create things. And you give soul to every picture you make.
You truly are awesome, yes ma'am you are !



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