Tuesday, December 28, 2010


AA maxi dress courtesy of American Apparel, Zara Yeti faux fur coat, vintage beanie hat, DIY vintage snakeskin patchwork bucket bag, DIY vintage leopard scarf, suede Zara wedge booties, round aviator sunnies, vintage bangles and B.E. rings
I know you are all wondering what's a going on with the in-laws...well....it was AWESOME, of course! It me, hello, lol! When I walked through the door I just went straight to charming Grandma. See here's the thing when meeting old people for the first time...always go for the the most loved person in the room, wear a nice vintage dress from the 40s or 50s and make sure all your tattoos are covered. Gets them EVERY TIME!! She told me I was beautiful like a bagillion time...haha THANK YOU!! Once Mom saw how much Grandma loved me she couldn't resist me neither. Giiiiirl me and old people go together like B&W stripes on a sweater, I thought you knew!
My hardest challenge was Dad cause he was doing business online the whole time but once I showed him I'm a guys' girl he loved me too. I had him crackin the FUDGE UP at my jokes, all night! 
I was soooo aiming to please, they got this Atheist to go to church with them!!! WTF, YES CHURCH!! It  was the LONGEST hour of my lifetime! I practically had a seizure from rolling my eyes so much from all  the crap that was flying outta his mouth! But it was sooooo worth it for my family's sake. Joel was extremely proud of me. He looked like he was going to cry when he said we had to go to church, hahaha! I would be scared of my reaction too! So overall I LOOOOVE my in-laws, YAAAAAAY!
I hope everyone had an AWESOME Xmas. I'm super excited for the New Year cause of all the positive changes I've made in my life. I want to keep it going....so no more drama, negativity or people around me who just aren't doing anything with their lives. That stuff can really bring you down! Do you know what it's like to wake up and not have to worry about other people problems?? AH-MAAAZING, I haven't been this happy in a looong time!! Look out 2011, here I come! 
Looooove you all,

p.s. I got my video camera for Xmas...so DIY videos for everyone!!


Kate-Louise said...

you are just simply amazing

your style is to die for :)


Unknown said...

Love the outfit and you really seem to made that family love you! That's always great since in laws that don't like you can be a real b*tch :P

lydia lee said...

you're so fit. that fur is amazing!

Anonymous said...


good job. i am glad things went smoothly. we make sacrifices for the ones we love, no? but church aside (ha), i understand the difficulties of an interracial relationship. if me and my ex had a helluva time in fucking OAKLAND, i can only imagine what it is like in texas. you are fierce!

Unknown said...

Love the yeti coat :) Looks gorgeous with the maxi dress :D

Gorgeous Clara said...

your outfit is perfect as always!

and I hope I get some of your good energy for next year, I really need it!

and great to Know it went great with your in-laws! you sound like a really fun person!

Unknown said...

too cool for school


Zoe_Deluge said...

"Giiiiirl me and old people go together like B&W stripes on a sweater,"

AHAHA that is just classic! I am so happy that you are happy and that things went smoothly for you, meeting other people's families are always hard. and ugh so is going to church, ive had too many a times had to tag along with friends to those horrid places. you look spectacular girl, and you know it ;D

Unknown said...

loving ur blog!! already following u since a while! would love to have u following me back!!



Vivienne said...

LOOOOVVVVEEEE that bag, it's DIY? Seriously?! A-mazing as always. Glad christmas with the in laws was successful x

Anonymous said...

great bag!!

Anonymous said...

Loving the fur!!! <3


Fashion Serial Killer said...

Woah! I love your coat!!!

Unknown said...

how did u make that bag it is truley to die for !!!!


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