Tuesday, February 8, 2011


(everything thrifted from head to toe except shoptoast sweater)
vintage sheer slouch blouse, vintage DIY scallop shorties, vintage faux fur cardi, DIY lace turban headwrap, vintage TIME messenger bag, DIY leopard platform maryjanes, vintage cross necklace, vintage bangles/watch and B.E. rings
Hey girl, haaaay? So I think it's obvi that I'm like super OBSESSED with scalloped trim shorts! I love them so much that I decided to make my own out of these vintage pink denim shorts. I just traced 2 1/2" petals along the edges and cut it out. Seriously that simple! Kinda anxious to see what they will look like once they start fraying in the dryer, hmmm.
 It usually takes me forever to wear stuff I get in the mail. But this sweater is like my new bfff(best fucking friend forever, hehe) and we will never part! NEVER!! It just adds that EXTRA I need in an outfit, LOVE!
So it's pretty much the same old same old. Family, school, gym, work and blog! I'm kinda sad that I can't go to NYFW, since once again I've been invited to a lot of events and parties. Strongly wished I lived in a city of dreams and opportunities. Instead I live in Buttfuck, Texas where it's cool to be a drug addict loser who throws house parties! LAME! I dress way too FUCKING CUTE to go to a house party!! I could probably count on one hand the people I know who don't live with their parents, have a real job and actually accomplished their life goals. One of those people is my hubbie, Joel. He is like the most mature person I've met in my life. He's definitely help me change for the better. THANK SATAN for Joel!!
Well I could go on and on about the losers of Houston but I gotta go meet my trainer Stevie at the gym, booooooo! 
Thanks for all the LOVE you guys show me on a daily! Really makes a girl smile!
Hugs from above,


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Killer bag. x hivennn

lydia-lee said...

this is such a amazing outfit! love love love those shorts too!

a fashion blog by lydialee!

xxx said...

I love u! You're amazing, I adore your style and face+hair:D


Tayler said...

did you happen do get inspiration from my tutorial?? cause those shorts look EXACTLY like the ones I made this summer!

link to them: http://bighairandbikinis.blogspot.com/2010/07/oops-i-wore-it-again-and-scalloped.html

Rachel said...

Haha, I love this post! Great outfit, and awesome commentary to boot. XD

Inside my head and wardrobe said...

I cant believe you DIYed these scallop shorts there gorgeous. your so creative you really should consider a job in fashion


Bluefemme said...

That is awful that you got invited to NYFW and you cant go! If I was invited I would PEE on myself !! : ( Anyhow what is up w your vintage store?? You have thousands of followers here waiting to buy your stuff! : 0

VintageVirgin said...

Bluefemme: Anyhow what is up w your vintage store??
I'm working on it love. I just need to take time outta my schedule to take the pictures. Every time I try to get around to it something bigger come up. Do you sell vintage?? I love that you mostly wear items from the 60s and 70s...yes I read your blog,haha!!

Tayler: did you happen do get inspiration from my tutorial??
Very close indeed but I got my inspiration from the Topshop shorts I won on eBay but they didn't fit :( so I DIY my own.
it's cheesy but great minds think alike!

Kb said...

Really love the shorts, will add to the DIY list.

Bluefemme said...

Ahh! Thank you!!!!I heart the 60s/70s!! : D I have a small vintage store but I need to add better items. I have this problem where I buy vintage to sale and then I can't sale it because I like it. Booh! If you ever come to LA I know all the cheap vintage stores starting at .099. I hope you find time to update your vintage store! :D

Maria said...

scalloped shorts!!! So good!

Madame J said...

Heya ,

Love the shorts i'm pretty inspired myself, but I was wondering do you sew or make some of your own outfits?

seszen said...

i'm definitely in love with your shorts! so cute :)


Amélie said...

- Vintage ! So Stylish , Enjoy That Gurl*

isis said...

haha, i feel the same way about the town i live in: way too cute to live here.

VintageVirgin said...

Madame J: do you sew or make some of your own outfits?

Yes and no, I sew things to fit me better but I DIY anything I can't find or afford. lucky for me vintage is always in my size, hehe!

Isabel Spectre said...

I wish I could do DIY.. I am awful at making anything haha.. I want to try to make a turban but I have no idea how! Anyways.. this is s fabulous outfit ^-^


Shilpi said...

love the shorts gorgeous



Stacey Kay said...

FUN outfit! LOVE IT!

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland
My Vintage Handbag Line


Ahh girl you look awesome,love the shorts to bits


BuenoBueno said...


Charlotte said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! Beautiful outfit, thanks so much for explaining about the shorts also!
I saw that cardigan on shoptoast and was about to buy it, then something told me not to....then ta-da!! you look fabulous in it, glad you bought it and not me! Rightful owner ha! X

hermela said...

love your style! I'm a big fan! they always look so put together! the shorts are amazing! your so refreshing to read =)


Elaine Von. said...

Seeing you in shorts with NO tights. And sitting on GREEN grass only makes me extremely jealous of you right now.
But your outfit is lovely <3.
Elaine Von.

Vija said...

Look at your scalloped shorts! Great gams girl!

Under the Spell said...

wow, I love your scalloped shorts!

Cookies said...


Alizée Gaie said...

wahouuuu, j'adore cette tenue ! vraiment très réussi le short "dentelles" !
des bisous, Alizée G.

ANewPairOfVintageBoots said...

'I dress way too cute to go to a house party'

Anyways, rockin' this oufit!


NobodyKnowsMarc said...

the cardigan is so cool!!


Machine Darine said...

BABYCAKES! YO V I'm back! I bought a macbook with my tax return and now am back to the blog world after a virus infected my old one. Anyhoo I WISH YOU WERE HERE!!!! NYFW is so fun!~ I'm doing hair for 2 shows and miss you dearly. All your blog idols were at the Rachel Antinoff show where my friend was modeling. I was thinking damn I wish Jess was here. I better be seeing you in march!
love you boo


Eli said...

Hi I just found your blog and I am in love with it!! It's so nice to find someone that doesn't try to be so fucken formal and has killer style. Anyway, I commented on this particular post because I swear I have the same exact vintage
Time bag! I found it at the Salvation Army in Redondo Beach (I'm from Southern Cali :) )

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