Tuesday, April 19, 2011


vintage art deco lounge jacket, AA crop tee and slim maxi skirt courtesy of American Apparel, vintage Sienna hat, vintage crochet customized fringe bag, vintage DIY studded stacked platforms, vintage chain belt, turquoise cross necklace from Darine, vintage multi cross necklace, vintage bangles and B.E. rings
It's official I'm OBSESSED with slouchy lounge jackets, cover ups...whatever! It can make something so simple, like B&W, look like you put in a lot of effort. Especially if you're lucky to find one with bold colors and such a neat-o art deco print. I just love the flow and "that all eyes on me" effect it gives.
Well over the weekend Joel has been watching his 1940s detective flicks over and over. So I actually drew a lot of inspiration from the male characters. Of course I virginized it with a burst of color and a fringe bag! Too bad I can't be a real detective, you would be able to spot my ass a mile away!
Soooooooo the weather has cooled down but it's definitely back on the rise. I'm so anxious to see what the Summer is going to be like! Probably FUCKIN' HOT but at least I'm going to spend half my Summer in another city. I try not to boast but I am just too excited!! I'm going from Buttfuck, TX to New York City!! It's like when Country Mouse visits City Mouse...you know the Tom and Jerry episode??  Hahaha!! Yeah it's going to be fucking sweet. I'm dying to see Ephraim's reaction. He loves to see different types of people and styles. It'll be fun to show him that I'm not crazy. Other people dress like this everyday too!
Before I go I just wanted to thank everyone who understood where I was coming from in my last post. I'm no blog guru...just a normal Texas girl who enjoys blogging for real and not from a commercial stand point. I also wanted you to know that I don't have over the top camera equipment with lighting. Just me and my tripod! I like being the underdog. While others are waiting for the elevator, I rather take the stairs! That's just me. My Mom always said I like to do things the hard way.


Unknown said...

gorgeous skirt, and i love the red overcoat!!!

<3 steffy

Jo.hanna said...

Your red coat is amazing, love this.


Safiya said...

Gosh i love this! im after a long skube thing for the summer. and dont complain about the heat, best weather we get here is 16 degrees aha!

Whimsical Dreamy. said...

I love this look just amazing.

Anonymous said...

What a beauty! You're on cool, hot and stylish mama. Loving your blog!

LadyNoir said...

I like the coat




Unknown said...

adore that look, absolutely brilliant


penelope FASHION-FADE said...

so beautiful!

this look is one of my favourites.


Isabel Hendrix said...

I hope you have a lot of fun in New York, it is super cool you get to spend half your summer there!! I am also looking forward to the summer, but mostly I am excited to get out of the depressing city of Portland and back to Minneapolis. aah can't wait. You look amazing as usual.. I really dig your hat.. I only have a great straw hat for this summer.. so I might be on the lookout for a grey or black one.. anyways, have a great rest of your week Virgin!


TartanBoots said...

Love the red cover up thing very retro

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Unknown said...

You look like a kick-ass geisha I love it. You always dress with balls and I am in such awe

Bluefemme said...

Haha! Your r funny! I am like you I rather take the stairs too. Thats great that you don't want to become commercial!!Its like money ruins fashion!

Dungeon said...

I wrote a post about when I said racist things about black people infront of my entire 6th grade class. i want you to read it. My mom brainwashed me to say those awful things. I didn't mean it. I want to say that I love the way you dress. And you are pretty.


the twenty said...


A said...

LOVE your skirt!!


LINDHO said...

Great outfit! <3 <3
you are so beautiful <3

Laura. said...

I love your bed jacket! You have some beautiful things in your collection.


naima said...

http://grapejuicee.wordpress.com/ check out my blog :)

Love your blog and your outfits, they are so uniq :)

Louise said...

Really amazing outfit. You are so inspiring. I follow you!



Fashion Imperative said...

cool outfit!
your first photo is just amazing!:))

hope to see you on our blog.



district5 said...

You have the perfect shape to wear these slim mxi skirts! Looks amazing on you!


Hot Trash Vintage said...

ur awesome and ny will love you, hope our paths cross((wishful thinking))...and you will definitly love williamsburg bk, make sure you stop through when you do...i just bought a nikkon too and plan on joining the vtg undertaking :)

wish me luck!

Ayah said...

LOOOOVE the red overcoat!
Cool blog, still following.

Check my blog out!


dirtbike said...

i love reading your blog cuz you are a real fuckin' down-to-earth lady.

Anonymous said...

I love this kind of looks :D


Ver said...

oh,i found ur blog...and its amazing..NO.U ARE AMAZING...now,i have else favourite blog :)...love ur style...:) and u have a new follower :)
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Saltwater Gypsy said...

Absolutely love this bed jacket! I have tons of these for sell that you would look fabulous in! All eyes are def on you!

Saltwater Gypsy
Shop: www.saltwatergypsy.etsy.com
Blog: www.thesaltwatergypsy.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Besides your obvious UH mazing style, it totally looks like that bench is like floating in limbo while your sitting on it...totally effing cool, and i'm sure not meant to be

Anonymous said...

Your firt pictures's very beautiful, I love .. and the last too! :)

2piezas.com said...

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