Monday, April 18, 2011


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 (Self portrait. Drawing yourself is hard! I give mad props to the illustrators of the world.)
 I get a lot of emails asking these 3 questions the most. So I thought I'd try and answer them on my blog.

1. Who takes your pictures?

Majority of the time, I do. It's just little ole me lugging around my equipment and hitting the button and run. I've grown to love and understand my camera and tripod. I use a Nikon D3000 and a tripod that extends up to 6 ft. It may take some time but I've gotten used to it! 
Now as for Ephraim...he only helps me on the weekends or when he's in the mood. Maybe one day my baby will be the next great photographer but right now he's too busy being a boy.

2. Where do you go thrifting?

Family Thrift, Value Village, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Buffalo Exchange...etc etc. I usually travel outside of Houston for the real treasures. The trick is you have to look at EVERYTHING!! Even men's and children's.

 3. How did you get you blog out there ("popular")?

I honestly have NO CLUE!! I just thought I post pics on LB like everybody else. I think it's more of what my readers are doing than me. Word of mouth is a mutha! 
The best advice I can give to you is to stay true to yourself and what your blog is about. Don't be so quick to sell out. I've seen soooo many blogs start off good. Then slowly they start taking any and every paid ad or free item they can get their hands on!  To the point you don't even recognize them anymore or what they're blogging for. Free shit is alright....ok I love free shit but if it doesn't fit my sense of style, budget or have nothing to do with what my blog stands for (I'm a personal style blogger btw) then I could care less or how free it is! You don't have to work with everyone who ask you. DUH!!
Also good quality photos never hurt and how many photos you use is important too. In the beginning you guys probably thought I was obsessed with myself! I used to have over 20 pics each post....DAMN! I've learned you have to cut back. No matter how many good shots you got. You have to try and tell your story within 5 to 10 shots. Leave them wanting more, not make them wish they were almost to the end of all your goddamn pictures!

Well I hope I was helpful in my answers. I know I suck at answering emails sometimes and I secretly HATE blog interviews. This was just an easier way for you to get to know me and how I do things. 
Thanks for loving me,


Lia said...

<3 you too! Keep doing more awesome things!

Glass of Fashion

Ancho Poncho said...

true thrifter at heart <3

Unknown said...

haha.. thats soooo cool...
i want one of myself!!


H I P P O R A C L E said...

Jess, this is a REALLY good post. You should bookmark it, or put it in a FAQ, because you're really honest here, more honest than I've read other bloggers to be.

MusicLuffler said...

Haha, such good advice. (I plan on starting my fashion blog as soon as school gets out!) Way to keep it real ;)

Love, Cat

Monique said...

This was a great Q&A well done. Cute self portrait.

chloe said...

very nice illustration! the stud detailing is my favourite part ;)

and I agree entirely with your advice. free shit is great, but I like that your blog doesn't have loads of ads like so many others! The point of style blogging is not to make money. If it is, then your priorities are backwards.

Isabel Hendrix said...

You are so great! I really liked this post.. very informative about you!! I mean I always read about what youre doing and your clothes.. but it was nice to hear your opinions on blogging and such.. keep it up virgin <3

Unknown said...

Love your blog! And I think this advice is amazing. "Always stay true to yourself" I was actually in a situation last night when organising a concept for a shoot for my blog and my friends wanted to do something that was totally random to my aesthetic... so I totally changed it and now I am happier and they all like it. Idk that is just my story of artistic integrity.I hope one day I will be as big as you on here :)

Unknown said...

your drawing is absolutely adorable!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons


Wow! You are really an amazing photographer! The way you dress up in character and take the photos yourself reminds me of Cindy Sherman.

Unknown said...

I love what you do. I always appreciate your honesty and upfrontness! This post was great to read

ilikestuff said...

Ahahaha, I love your answers. You always did like to color outside the lines, I can tell, if for no other reason than it's a complete mindfuck that you look this cool and you're from Texas. I think going to NY this summer will be like coming home for the first time!

softspoken said...

"Leave them wanting more, not make them wish they were almost to the end of all your goddamn pictures!" hahahaha! A-men!

RL said...

have you ever thought about getting a remote button for your camera so you dont have to set up the timer? i dont know much about cameras but i hopefully assume that they make them for all different types.

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