Tuesday, May 3, 2011


old platform pumps from like 5 years ago, vintage sailor anklet socks, Zara cord shorties, Target tee, vintage bangles and B.E. rings
Now that I'm "cleaning up" my studio and preparing to move to a new place. I am finding all kinds of shit!! I've been wanting a pair of bold color pumps, like badly. And they've been under my nose the whole time! Hmmm I wonder what else I'll find next??


Raspberry Jam said...

Those pumps are beautiful!

Love the color!



Sing said...

Love them!

susp said...

shoes are awesome!

mickey Vin said...

cuuuuute lol =)

Go go dance to disco now said...

Lovely! All the treasures I find in my crappy wardrobe are thsirts with random prints like "buffy the vampire slayer is my life, the rest is just details". Okay, so I kinda like that one, but still

renee said...

i want a bold color pumps too....and i Love yours!!!

Hillary said...

Woman, you look adorable! I love yellow. So cheerful!


Isabel Spectre said...

great find! I love stumbling upon old items that I forgot about which are perfect now! good luck in your big move!!


Saige said...

Oh wow! I love the color of those pumps.
Especially with those cute socks!

Deer. Lady

M & Em said...

Such a clever title! And I think I NEED those socks. They totally rock my socks off. Oh, wait, never mind.


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