Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Anon: Sooooooooooo ummmmmmm wtf happened to you??

Virgin: Well you know I've been moving since the 30th. Which is taking all my time cause I want it to be perfect, BLAH!! But I got screwed by COMCAST so I will be out of the blog world until Thursday, BOOOOOOOOOOO! A blogger without internet is like having weed without rolling papers!!

Thank SATAN for the Teahouse!! I get to bum off their free wifi and sip on watermelon and tapioca slurpees. 
Also moving made me miss my all time favorite holiday...the 4th of July!! BUMMER! This is probably what I would have worn as the fireworks blast over my head, drinking Lonestars and loving on my Joel.

Love you all and thanks for hanging in there while I go all M.I.A. and shit!


Lovely Grey said...

i love the clothes it's better viewed if you have worn it ;)
i am following you now i hope you follow me too :)
that would be much appreciated!
thank you :)


-Cs said...

Love tour blog!
Chek out the last post on my blog http://blog-pretend.blogspot.com

miss annie said...

Love your outift! I don´t really know why but you always inspire me really really a lot!

Stylifiq said...

This would have made a cool outfit

Stylifiq said...

This would have made a cool outfit

Gosia said...

O wow, those things look awesome!

lasophia said...

I love that purse! You have the most 4th of July ready wardrobe out of any blogger I know, shame that it went to waste, well not really cause you rock it all year long. weed without rolling papers? haha. Id just eat the weed.


Shevah said...

Love that dress! It's pretty amazing


Luisa T. said...

Looooving that boots! :)

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Unknown said...

Perfect moving is tough! Hope you get some time to yourself sooN!

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BuenoBueno said...

awe happy 4th Jess! where is your new place?

Isabel Hendrix said...

bummer that you are so busy!! And huge bummer that you missed the 4th!! I love all of your americana clothing, you are who first made me appreciate and love american flag print clothes.

Anonymous said...

Aghhhh I wish the Australian flag was half as cool adorning docs and fringe vests. Dope outfit x

00alexandra00 said...

wow ! bag is nice end shoes ! aaaa lovely

Khandi Ray said...

I die for anything American Flag! The docs are killer!


thereformedwanderer said...

OMG That vest is absolutely adorbs!!!!!
I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I am so following you! Hope you can follow me back :)

deEPOCA said...

red whit and booze!!!!!!! SICK BLOG - we are now following!

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