Saturday, July 16, 2011


vintage lingerie shorts, boutique tee, vintage leopard head wrap, vintage denim backpack, vintage round sunnies, Gee Wa Wa boots from Spanish Moss, vintage cross necklace, Bob Marley bracelet and vintage bangle
Like seriously for real for real I am having the time of my life and it's only been 2 days!!!! NY is sooooooo fucking chillax. Like I love how no one gives a fuck. FINALLY I'm surrounded by people with goals, ambition, dreams....I mean their own place for fuck sakes!! I  think I found my new home away from home. And my bestie has been the best hostess EVER! She's shown me sooooo much shit! 
I'm's going to be hard to go back! 
Thank you guys so much for joining me on this AWESOME journey! I love and adore you all! Old readers, newbies and haters. I am feeling the love and I hope you feel it back!!


Ofelia said...

man sounds like your having loads of fun! can't wait to visit NY myself!

Glass of Fashion

Style Porn said...

Major jealousy that you're frolicking in NYC right now. I love it there in the summer!

[air hugs]

Teju Bolaji said...

NY is the best right?? love your writing style
Vintage Tartlette xxx

Vasilieva said...

love the shots, you look stunning girl

Olnuzola said...

Heya beautiful woman!
I am not sure if you have read my previous comment because you get so many!

Just came by to check your blog again and I wish you much fun there in NY! I want to go there as well..

Some digital love for the fact that you are expressing yourself with your looks in your personal way!
<3 realness


weasel said...

Are there Flinstones in the Jetson's vehicle in the first picture?
Great photos, I'm really jealous of your trip to NY.

The Rocket Fashionista said...

Aw I want to go NY someday, seems like so much fun! Love your outfit, esp. the head wrap and necklace! Have fun there!


vain319 said...

I fucking love NEW YORK..I live in Texas too,and it is like a whole different world here.You are a fierce fashionista,NYC is perfect for you.

Jade Rat said...

Hi virgin, livin' the dream in the concrete jungle? Awesome outfit as always anyway...

Rasmus Wegner said...

You're so hot!

Isabela said...

I wish I lived in NYC!!

fadetoblack said...

YES!!! come see me or ill come see you!

yes pls

mucho love

Hot Trash Vintage said...

I was skipping along central park when I noticed a super cute striped mint romper that this girl was wearing, and I looked and realized it was YOU!. By the time I realized who you were you were gone, wanted to at least say Welcome to my Hood lol.

guildedsecret. said...

ah! killer boots!

with love,
guildedsecret formerly princesspolitico

Tegan said...

LOVE those lengerie shorts haha that's awesome. they look so good.

as if u have haters? fuck them.


Sheyla said...

Aw you look cool! <3 nice outfit.

Gabriela Ciobanu said...

I love the head wrap, the round sunglasses. In fact, I like every detail about this outfit

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