Monday, November 21, 2011

and the WINNERS are...

 (What I would buy if I had 80 bucks to spend at Romwe. Of course I would want lots of shit to feed my mixed textures addiction, lol!)

Thank you all for entering Romwe's $80 for 2 giveaway.
Here are the winners picked at random...Ilona from are  and VenusdeKenny from
Yaaaaaaaaaaay, I will be emailing you soon with more info.

Thank you all again for entering. I had such a blast I'm thinking of doing another giveaway really soon.

kiss kiss,



Congrats you guys!

Jade said...

Great finds! Didn't know Romwe had so much cool two-toned stuff, I'm going to check it out now. And I also wanted to say your last outfit (minor details from nov 18th) is the most amazing outfit EVER. It's shit everyone on blogger comment 'luvvv ur outfit' because if one really means it it has already lost meaning, you know, but I really really really mean it if I say your outfit is probably the most inspiring I've seen in my entire blogging life. I'm just totally infatuated with everything in the outfit & it kinda reflects all the stuff I like > leather, denim, studs, crosses, black sunglasses...
Also, it's genius how you styled the loose grey top on the denim shirt & how the leather details keep coming back. I love it so much I talk all this bullshit about it & I've even added it on fucking weheartit (if you don't mind?). In fact, I'm officially on the haunt for a similar grey top. IN FACT, I'm considering dressing myself similar to this. The only thing holding me back are my aesthetics about 'your own style blah blah'. But seriously: IT IS AWESOME!

Ilona said...


OMG Thank you thank you thank you!!

I'm so happy! And your outfit picks are lovely!

Shouting at the computer with happpiness,

P.S. There's a small email typo in the post, it's "" with an "n" after the "o," not an "m". I'm super excited to hear from you.

sara tardiff said...

my god these pieces are so you. i've never gotten into the mixed fabric trend quite like you have, but i just may have to start!

Berta said...

Woow! I love your blog! So happy to find it! =) I want them all!!=)

Anonymous said...

All about the brown and black pants in the top row! Your last outfit was flyyyyyy

Much Love,
Hybrid Hunter

Unknown said...

Great finds..they all look amazing!

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