Saturday, December 31, 2011

BYE BYE 2011

vintage antique lace bib maxi dress, old Zara faux fur yeti coat, Hipporacle chain feather head piece/necklace, Mad Lady red stone ring/tribal cuff/peace sign cuff, vintage southwestern fringe bag and vintage bangles

Who's ready for 2012??  Me me me meeeeeeeee! Like 2011 was an insane year for VintageVirgin and seems to have went by so fast. I just want to THANK YOU guys for all the love and support you have given me throughout the year! We all know bloggers ain't shit without their readers, lol! So tonight raise a glass for your favorite bitch VV and salute to bigger and better things to come. Cause in's about to go down! SLUT DROP...

Anywho, the pic above is a candid shot from a little side project I'm working on with Ashley from Hipporacle. Who's this awesome jewelry maker/photographer/musician with pink hair and just as loud as me! 
Now I don't usually work with anyone from Houston since it seems everyone is all show and no work. A whole shitload of I can do this and I can do that but they just end up coming to your house and do absolutely nothing but talk about their lame nights out and how much they hate their life/co-workers as they rumble through your closet!
But Ashley was totally different. Once she jumped into the car, you can see the sparks flying off us. It was probably the best time I've ever had on a shoot! So there will be more pics to come and hopefully more shoots too. I have another side I want to show you but it's a wee bit hard to do alone...with a tripod. Fingers crossed girrrl!
Man dude, Mama likes to ramble, hehe!

kiss kiss,


Ariel | couturing said...

I dig the outfit and the different pose! Hope you and your family have a great 2012 (:

Yonkie said...

Your smile is so radiant. I hate the convention of sweetness forced on women, but it really makes ypu look lovely. Looking forward to 2k12!

Anonymous said...

you look so happpppy <33

love that color on you as well :)

Have a Happy New Year!
XO Sahra

Sheyla said...

You should definitely smile more often you have a beautiful smile.

I wish you many more good things for 2012 as well.


H I P P O R A C L E said...

2012 = H A N D L E B A R S ! ! !

Owwwsssssh!!! It's hustle time, bb!!!


Unknown said...

get your hustle on girl,forget those stupid people,you keep doing you!
wish I could hang with you guys in Houston..I promise to not go through your
I am cleaning mine out..I have storage units..horrible right?

Emmerey Rose said...

happy new year! :)

Anonymous said...

Great pic

Hope you have a nice end of year and a happy new year, wecolme to 2012 !!


Sarah said...

I adore this outfit! Finding your blog has been one of the perks of my 2011 :) Have a lovely new year xxx

rouli said...

<3 it

Anonymous said...

I love your fur coat!! I hope you have an amazing new year :3

xo Sherrie
Closet Hound

Unknown said...

Hey doll you look amazing!!!
I've been admiring you from afar and finally had to say something to you.. Happy New Year!!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in 2012

Anonymous said...

that picture is so beautiful!
xo from Milan

estroJen said...

best pic of you!! nice to see you smiling and not doing the angry modelistic look LOL Its a great look on you too but it's nice to see ya smile!!



merci pour le venin said...

such a beautiful smile, you look so happy.

Mimi Fresh! said...

You look so cute here. Lovely smile!

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