Sunday, February 19, 2012


VintageVirgin x Bershka tank top and black AA tank top

Sooooo my schedule has been way the fuck off and I feel like I'm more and more behind each day :( Like I fringin' forgot to tell you guys about being on another Bershka shirt! How awesome is that?? Like one shirt, OMG but two are extremely humbling and I can't believe all the cool things that come from blogging about my clothes!! What a honor? 
When I got them in the mail is was like, OH SHIT, then I remembered I forgot to mail off the tees from the last giveaway. I apologize to my winners Samantha Rae and Ariel R. for taking forever getting you your shizz but I promise to have it in the mail on Monday...scout's honor!

My brain has been shit this past month. I was all focused and packed for fashion week, so when I had to drop everything I felt a bit defeated blogwise! My main goals for blogging are to meet other bloggers like me and let other's know they ain't can wear whatever the fuck you want! The free shizz and sponsorships are the cool things that from blogging but not a priority. Would I love to develop a career from this? DUH who wouldn't! I've worked really hard to stay true to myself, I'm still swatting them off left and right telling them, NO! But sometimes I think, "What am I blogging for?" "Should I put myself out there...don't I want more exposure?"
I have been working with sponsors more but only the ones I feel fit my style, blog and can benefit my readers. When I first started my blog the word "gifted" made me cringe, I didn't understand it and thought bloggers were just being bought/losing themselves in all the free clothes. But now that I'm on the other end I totally understand what they're going through. (insert foot in mouth, lol!)
As my blog grows, the offers get more and more insane each day. Like checking my emails have become extremely stressful for me...I would LOVE to work with some of those brands, LOVE! But I feel like I'll become molded into this person that I'll hate later on in life.

Idk, what's your opinion? I really like what Madeline over at Jean Greige had to say about it...check it out here.

kiss kiss,

Also I will be announcing the winner of the Dolls Kill UNIF tee giveaway so enter if you haven't already! See so fucking behind, ugh!


Magnet said...

I don't know.. I have no clue what it feels like because I haven't been offered any sponsorships, I guess my blog isn't famous enough, even though I've noticed some people starting to copy my (graphic) design style, which freaking sucks, because they'll probably get more attention for it. It also sucks because I worked really hard to make my blog unique. Anyway, if you want to 'grow' then go for it, you only live once, don't be pressured by morals. Morals were created by humans to suppress stronger (aka cooler) people, if you believe what Nietzsche said, that is.

Emma said...

Cool top!!! Love it. Come see my new post :)

xo Emma

Dom said...

I agree with the first commentator. Though, I never studied Nietzsche, I did study Epicurus - amongst others. Since he pretty much was a hedonist, he would - in layman's tell you - "GO FOR IT! Follow your needs and desires; it's only natural".

Rachel said...

i recently got back from WWDMAGIC being honored as a guest blogger. i was doing some panels with teen vogue on blogging and this situation came up.

honestly i'm still young and new in the blogsophere but do it because it makes you happy and if you want to accept sponsorships then go for it because honestly when is the offer really going to come around again?

it's your blog, therefore its your decision. some people will respect you for it, others will want to see you fall. but honestly do what you want because life is too short... but just be careful brands don't take advantage! :]


Urban Jungle Fashion said...

LOVe the shirt!!!!!

Jennifer said...

ooooo congrats on the shit girl

I think you should go for it.If the chance has been given but obviously do what you feel and want to and you can always keep in control of the person you turn into. As long as you humble and enjoying every minute of it then grillll its meant to be. It might also open so many different doors and oppourtunities you never thought you would get.



Abi said...

wow top looks so nice! I always enjoy visiting your blog. :)

Cortnie Elizabeth said...

I think what you're doing is great! Staying true to yourself through all of the chaos must be a challenge at times, but I think your doing an awesome job. I came across your blog and decided to follow because of who you are. Keep it up!

Congrats on your successes and may they keep coming.


MADELINE said...

Dude, thanks for the props! Seriously, I think you incorporate gifting SO well. It's always mixed in with vintage, and it always reads VINTAGE VIRGIN no matter what! It's "you" all over. I remember when you posted about how it bugs you when people take every free offer thrown their way and lose their sense of style. You have never once lost your sense of style in any of it, and I think that's the main point!

Also, the new shirt is so awesome!!!

Emilie de Vogue said...

it's extermly amazing! hope i'll find it in my store xx

Lalique said...

very lovely blog
good job
happy monday

Eda. said...

How amazing to have your image printed on the front a branded tee, awesome but you deserve it you stylish lovely!

Eda ♥

Anonymous said...

i like your style. and i want to buy your clothes .so how can i buy it? please let me know

Lamia Alaoui said...


Erika said...

Well, it looks like you're doing an amazing job with it so far! And you're smart and blogging for the right reasons- staying true to yourself and your readers. LOVE the new shirt!

EF xo

Mexiquer said...

wooow, this top is insaaaane! I love it!*

Anonymous said...

I saw earlier on on Madeline's blog about what her opinions are on sponsorships and such alike and I felt what she had to say really was respectable. As long as whatever you do to your blog is personal to you and your own taste then go for it

Erika said...

Love this outfit and the pop of pink!

If you're a Whitney Houston fan you should check out my Tribute Covers

-Love Erika xo

Liz said...

I'm sure balancing your vision with the influx of random brands/companies wanting you to share their vision is difficult...but I think you're doing awesome!

I also think that if you are contacted by an interesting company that you believe in then why not spread the word! Just keep the gospel "Vintage Virgin" and not how the company/brand wants you to push their product.

I hope your blog continues to grow and I hope in the direction YOU desire! :)

josefin said...

Love the blogg!

I wonder how can i do if I want to order from and live in Sweden?

Thank you!

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