Tuesday, March 20, 2012



 best birthday EVER before flying back to Texas
 lactose intolerant, btw but I can't help myself
@The Farmacy in Brooklyn...the cutest ice cream parlor
 Darine looking 90s chic, SWOON!
 Miyako being perfect...she has the BEST style known to man and woman
 outside Trash & Vaudeville
 Lady the sweetest kitty on the planet, Janet <3
 Jessy and Stephanie

Street art for Ephraim since he loves to draw
 Yuki being attacked by a bear in a hat @ Please Don't Tell/PDT
 this may look like slop but the best meal I had in NY from the Meatball Shop...mmm jambalaya meatballs, drools
 I'm looking semi-busted in no makeup with one of my loyal readers Gianni...possibly the best moment of my trip!
 was featured on MTV Style...don't laugh I know MTV sucks these days but hey I was FEATURED!!
and now I have 4000 readers, WHAT? Which is +26 now but who's counting? Me obviously, hahaha!!

So this was my trip in a nutshell...all highs, no lows! I had my picture taken on the street several times, saw Elin Kling while scrounging through Soho for goodies, met some of my loyal readers, saw that I was featured on MTV Style and Google News for my blog, did a photo shoot with a real photographer Stephen Wilson, met up with old friends from Houston, got to go thrifting in Jersey, found the pantsuit/belt of my dreams at Beacon's Closet, got tatted up from Jonah, turned a 1000 yrs old, broke my "no beer rule" (think I had one every day I was there...so weak!), got my dance on at the Jane Hotel (thanks Miyako) and overall just had a great time in general with my best girl, Darine! It was sad leaving but I know I'll be back in the Summer...according to Joel, squeals!!

kiss kiss,


.Tinacious Me. said...

great photos! love that yellow cardigan on you!
xo, Tina

sophie said...

how much money you spend for clothes one month?

Anonymous said...

wow, I saw me in last photo, how cool!

Lettherebelight said...

Coool pictures! looks like a good trip!

You of course have awesome style as always! thank you style icon!

i love it!

Sheyla said...

Glad you had a nice vacation and even better birthday!


style-xyz said...

great photos! I am sure your NYC stay and you birthday there were awesome!

The L&L said...

This made me smile. Looks like you had a great time! Can't wait to visit NY one day soon!



Morbid Angel said...

OMG!! love the girl MIYAKO!!!

Twins said...

Super post!! It seems you had loads of fun!!
All your look as super cool! Not so easy when you travel!!
I hope you had great vacation!! xx


LaceandPearls said...

I love this post, great pictures!

Join my giveaway!

Celine KG said...

Super cool post, i love you even with no make-up on dammmn.

xoxo, Céline

Ignorant Awareness said...

This is going to sound like the geekiest comment ever (probably because it is) but what original portrait is your 14th picture based on (the street art of the little victorian boy with the animals around him?)

I ask this because yes, I am a geek, but also because I remember we looked at this in my History/ Philosophy class YEAAAAARS ago because that's actually a portrait of a boy (with long hair)- so it's showing that only recently have men been accepted as being 'normal' with short hair instead

ANYWAY- if someone could answer this question I'd be grateful, because (knowing me) it's gonna be on my mind ALL DAY until I find the answer lol!

Thaaaaanks for quenching my geekdom! =P

Anonymous said...



Sarah said...

Amazing photos! Gah, I'm head over heals in love with your sense of style! I hope you had a lovely birthday xxx

DEA said...

Looks like you´re really enjoying yourself there and those street art shots are super cool AND your outfits are damn cool too!

MusicLuffler said...

It was really cool to see a photo diary on your blog! Your trip looks like it was amazing. Do more photo diaries sometime? (: p.s. I'm in total agreement - the Jane Hotel is awesome!

xo, Cat

Wild Flower said...

That's awesome VV, Happy Birthday gorgeous! What a great time you've had, I love your friend Darine's 90s outfit! And I love your plaid and camo. X

Elena Grey said...

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I will certainly follow you back if you do by the way,
Go on blogging my dear!

Monroe Steele said...

cool flicks and congrats on MTV...


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Anonymous said...

i LOVE the ny pics!!
so great!

Anonymous said...

These are such awesome pictures, looks like you've had a great time and I hope you had an awesome birthday! Congratulations for reaching 4000 readers too!

Antonette said...

you and your friends are so stylish!! i love it!


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