Sunday, December 23, 2012


Kill City pyramid holographic foil jeans, Joa+Closet lime shifted sweater top, Zara patent leather stilettos, Nasty Gal neon see through bowler bag, 10th Tribe limited edition beanie, Beginning Boutique triple spike bracelet/

So it's official, I'm addicted to shiny metallic jeans of all things! As loud as they are they may be the best fitted jeans I've owned in my life! Like it's no secret, I'm skinny as fuck and have a widdle butt/thighs/hips but they fit just perfect with no gaps in the waist and slim on the ankles. Which is extremely rare for a short petite person with long legs...if that makes sense.
Now nothing goes better with metallic than neon, so I threw a bunch in the mix starting with this awesome sweater from Joa+Closet that I decided to wear backward...I just can't wear things the way it supposed to be, lol! I instantly remembered I had the perfect bag which made me think of Slimer from Ghostbusters for some reason. It also help to bring in some black to tone this outfit way down. It's definitely sophistacrazy, lol!

If you feeling my metallic jeans...then guess what? You can get you some too because Kill City is giving away a pair to one of my lucky readers.

First you must be following me here at VintageVirgin on Blogspot.
Then follow Kill City on Facebook, Instagram @killcityjeans or Twitter @killcityjeans
After that come back here, VintageVirgin, to this post only and leave comment stating how you would style your jeans for the holiday season and your email address.
Easy right?  
Offer will end Friday Dec.28th so get you entries in!!
kiss kiss,


Hola Bambi said...

Beautiful outfit love the jeans! Merry Christmas xxx

Julie Smith said...

I love your jacket!

Unknown said...

I love the pantsssssss! I would style them with black and more black. I follow your blog and followed kill city on twitter.

happy holidays, Lucy

$ophie F. said...

Aw I fell in love with your neon transparent bag!

I want to participate on the give-away, I would wear those amazing pants with:
As Top: high-low black shirt, a black jersey and a crystal (fake diamond) collar
As shoes: Some black stilettos or Black litas

my email is:

Cool Shooting , xx

Unknown said...

I love these pantsss! I would style them with black, and more black. I follow your blog and followed kill city on twitter.

happy holidays, Lucy

Adelajda said...

Really nice outfit!!

Alyssa said...

Girl that bag is awesome :D Love the pants! I've been following you on tumblr for a while but I have only recently started reading your blog.

I'd wear those pants with my black lita spikes and a black flowy shirt for new years, no doubt about it!

lee_sanndy said...

I'll wear the pants with some really cute black peplum top and finish off with some skinny heels.

Unknown said...

With an oversized jumper, an oversized floppy hat and boots!

Jalecia said...

Super awesome jeans! And I love the pop of colors <3

Unknown said...

Awesome giveaway!
I'll just keep it plain and simple by wearing it with black tank top and with my black chucks.

Unknown said...

Grey or Black Pork-Pie Hat or Beanie, Dangerous Years Peplum top from Nasty Gal, Black Loafer or Classic Saint Laurent Jane Sandal look-alike, Lucite Studded Envelope Clutch and a Leather Sleeved Blazer.

Ugh! Just died reading what I wrote. Hot D__N!

Fingers Crossed...

Maddie said...

I'd wear them with my pink buffalo platform sneakers, an oversized t shirt, a beanie, and a spiked choker :3

Maddie said...

crap....forgot to add my email.

Giselle said...

Love the pants! I would style them with my nasty gal jungle cat crop top, my faux fur leopard coat, Jeffrey Campbell clear heel litas and black round sunnies.

Eriudes said...

Here is how I would wear these pants:
Shoes (because that's my FAVE part to any outfit): Jeffrey Campbell (fave label for all my shoes!) x Human Alien Hot Pink GoGo Boots! I'm getting them for Christmas!!! (

My ABV black beanie that I just got from this cool ass art gallery! (

Top: My spiked bra (

Outerwear: My boyfriends Denim Jacket that he got from the H&M x Mason Martin Margeila collaboration!

Black Belt as necessary because I'm so teeny tiny! haha.

I've been following your blog OF COURSE with my

And I've been following Kill City with my instagram @iamozel and I JUST RECENTLY followed them with my Twitter @iamozel.

My email is

If I win these, I'll cry! Lol just because I've been wanting the Kill City Melting Holographic Foil Pants (
I just can't afford :/ but these would be a blessing!

Instagram: @iamozel
Twitter: @iamozel

Eriudes said...


Unknown said...

The Holographic trend is my jam I Luv it! I would pair the jeans with a b.a. button down shirt from Nasty Gal, like the Space Oddity Blouse or the Heavy Metal Blouse, cuz studded collars are the jam as well:)Throw in some black J.C. Litas, round sunglasses, and the zoey quilted backpack, and that's how I would style it!

Katrina Bay said...

those pants are fab!!
I would style them with white blazer and high heels :)


Pumps & Kicks


MILEX said...


hiPop said...

In love with the bag <3

Mercedes said...

wauw what a cool jeans!
following you (already for a long time, i love your blog!), liked kill city on facebook, and the way i would style these jeans...
i would were my new black Dr. Martens, my WAKO (rock band) black t-shirt (wich has the most beautiful print on it) and my inimini vest on top and of course some rocking jewelry...wauw can´t wait to be winning these jeans!

have a great holiday time! kiss kiss Mercedes

CM said...

I love your bag! Amazing outfit! :D

Qu'ran said...

absolutely love these jeans!
I would style them with a black trench coat a matching metallic long sleeve shirt and my hot pink bcbg pointed toe heels. To make it alittle more edgy I'd throw in a spiked snapback.

Hannah Louise said...

Always so stunning - I love the combination of neons and metallics!
I followed Kill City on Facebook and Twitter, and I'd wear the jeans with black UNIF Hellbounds with oxblood laces, a fluffy oxblood coloured jumper with a big statement silver necklace, and a Ragged Priest studded leather jacket <3

Hannah x

josephine said...

Love them!
I would style them with an oversize black sweater, a silver clutch and black high heels :)

josephine said...

(last comment) my e-mail is

Unknown said...

I'll style it with a fur black jumper and a black platform boots.

Thank you :)

Unknown said...

Already following you, Liked kill City Jeans too..
So I would style these jeans with a collared sheer asymmetrical top tucked into the jeans with my thrifted belt, spike hairband holding my hair in a bun, trusty Docs with my backpack and I'm ready to go!

yanu said...

I would definitely wear this with a hi-lo collared red blouse! Tough black combat boots/Dr. Martens are a must, too.

Unknown said...

Already following you and liked them on fb as Manda Rave.
I would definitely be wearing those with some black suede wedges and long satin tunic
manda.m.rave (at)

Alaina M. said...

already following you and followed kill city jeans too.
i would style these jeans with:
top: black sheer tank tucked into
bottoms: holographic jeans rolled at the bottoms
shoes: black chelsea boot
accessories: gold chain necklace, black leather zodiac watch, and a leather jackets.
email: ~

Editor said...

Following you and like killcity @ facebook (solarride rivernik)

I would wear an low cut black long oversize t-shirt, with a black studded leather jacket, a spiky necklace,black platform boots, and those pants!

JOANNA said...

Done all the steps!
I'll wear this lovely pants with my sequin black crop top and my JC platforms!

Amy Mytah said...

An oversized jumper and my wedges!!!

Unknown said...

What a lovely giveaway!
I follow your blog on GCF and Killcityjeans on Twitter!

I would style it like the model in killcityjean ad :)

Mon Cherries said...

This bag is awesome!

Brinny said...

Those babies are DIEING to be grunged up! I would rock them with my vintage '86 Metallica Tee, my beat up black Docs, of course, and then polish it of with my new burgundy Stussy beanie i just pulled outta my Christmas stocking! WOOT! And since it's nearly snowing here in brooklyn, gotta throw on that quilted leather jacket!

Unknown said...

I would love to wear it with plaid :)

hope i win :) izabellamosqueda[at]

Yasmeen said...

Following already :) (CastleFashion) and I'm following them on twitter as well (@CastleFashion)

And I'd probably wear these with an giant oversized sweater, lots of cocktail rings, and some animal ears headband to be festive :P

Thanks love!

Lauren said...

Those jeans are perfect!

Would definitely roll them up sightly at the bottom and pair them with JC cutout coltranes! Also, an off the shoulder black fitted motel croptop, paired with tons of rings and necklaces to grunge up the outfit, polished off with some matte black nail varnish!

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

Eleanor's Boots said...

Metallic Jeans go great with combat boots and a leather bustier top for a punk rockin' holiday season!

Love your blog.

Abby -

Lia Siouti said...

followed on gfc (Lia Siouti)


and twitter


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for such a fabulous giveaway Jessica (if I may call you that)!
Metallic jeans are kind of really absolutely amazing. I've been lusting over a pair for quite a little while now but I have yet to justify getting myself a pair! :)

I'm obviously following you on blogspot and I made sure to follow Kill City on Twitter as @ainfinitaire.

If I were to be so lucky as to win those jeans, I would want to style them in tons and tons of different ways. Since I'm not quite as confident as you, I don't think I would be rocking them with some crazy bright neon prints. I'm picturing them with maybe a fluffy white sweater and some cute pops of color in the accessories. Or maybe they would look cute paired with a nice striped top. I have this red and white top that would look pretty nice with those a weird shiny candy cane kind of way! Or how about something red and green because nothing is more holidayish than metallics paired with some festival cheer? The possibilities are quite endless!!

Good luck to everyone entering this giveaway :D

~Alice (aceofheartsa [at] gmail [dot] com)

Ria said...

Omg late to this contest but thankfully not too late. I want, I need. I would wear these jeans with a cute 90s crop top in either super black or really crisp white just for simplicity sake. I could also see having lots of metallic on metallic fun with my style stalker metallic jacket or new metallic thread knit sweaters. The opportunities are endless.

Unknown said...


I am following KC on Facebook! ontheganges at live dot com~

So I'd probably wear these with EVERYTHING but specifically I'm thinking a hologram purse to match, white platform sneakers, grey slouchy super-cropped sweatshirt, and my oversized charcoal parka. My other thought is with my Jeffrey Campbell "Hell Yes" boots, vintage Adam Ant muscle tee, and my leather jacket with attached hoodie. My wardrobe is READY for these jeans.

mcgallagher said...

The fashion gods finally answered my prayers.......

holographic jeans!!

Words cannot express how excited I am for these!!!!

I would pair these with my silver combat boots from dirty laundry, my fancy bones tee and my spiked leather jacket!!!

I need these in my wardrobe :)

mcgallagher said...

Not sure if my comment made it to the comment board.

The fashion gods answered my prayers. I live and breathe everything holographic. And finally there is a pair of jeans that I can live in.

I would pair these with my dirty laundry silver combat boots. My fancy bones tee, as well as my spiked leather jacket.

So excited for these jeans, NEED these in my wardrobe.

my email is

Unknown said...

I am in LOVE with those jeans! I have been looking for shiny silver pants for the longest time!! Those jeans go with almost anything. I would avoid a shiny top, since the jeans are already shiny. Wearing something similar from head to toe is a big no-no. I would also avoid wearing a top that is similar to silver (i.e. gray). I would wear a fun color (i.e. blue, yellow) to look overall bright. Or I would also wear a black or white top to make the awesome shiny silver jeans stand out! Honestly, those jeans are versatile. Almost anything can go with them!

Unknown said...

I'm terrified of see throw bag, anyone that looks at me I'm just like "You planning on stealing something, I can feel it, just take it"

I'm like an old lady XD
Beautiful look


Unknown said...

i would style these jeans with a sex pistols crop top and my fave moto jacket
for shoes I'd wear my dark red doc marten ramseys

Unknown said...

love the jacket and jeans.
You look perfect in this.

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