Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My So Called NYFW...

Before Nemo at Tommy Guns Salon. I decided to cut my hair a little shorter which was executed perfectly by my bff, Darine. I thought it would make me look older but no still 12, lol! 
Right as I was leaving for the Lincoln Center the snow began to fall...if I only knew!!
Made it but I had the driver from hell and missed the Rebecca Minkoff show. I did get to meet up with super sweet babes Dani and Bianca from Kastor&Pollux. I also finally got to meet Yuri from Lookbook.nu who was sooooooo nice, MY GOD! 

It was all good until I had to hail a cab back to Brooklyn in a fucking blizzard! Like the snow was going ham on my face and I'm sure if I was out there any longer I would have lost a finger or two. Cabs passing me left and right, drenched in snow but somehow still begin snapped by street photographers like wtf.
But I'm proud of myself cause I am NOT a fashion person as far as designers and shizz like that. I can't even pronounce Givenchy without sounding pretentious or like an asshole. I would love to work behind the scenes at shows though...it's something about the people who want to see the shows that excites me...hmm new life goals!

More to come in my photo diary.

Oh and I'm wearing vintage Christian Dior B&W stripe blazer and vest, Romwe B&W two tone blouse, Front Row Shop red pleather skinnies, Young Hungry Free cutout buckle booties, vintage wide brim hat, Kill City moto cape and vintage leather backpack

kiss kiss,


Ceren Ustaoğlu said...

Great photos !

Unknown said...

Amazing outfits, you all look gorgeous!

- keyta

Anonymous said...

Great outfit!! Your hair looks good!



Katieli said...

you look amazing!
Glad you survived the storm, wasn't it crazy?
I didnt even leave my apt. haha I just couldn't, I was in hibernation mode haha

looks like you had fun though!

xo ohsokatieli

Alice in fashionland said...

amazing outfit. I love this red pants


Unknown said...

gorgeous outfit! You look awesome with short hair, id never have the guts to do it

Hayley xx

Unknown said...

This hair cut suits you perfectly!


Adelajda said...

you look fantastic!

The Photogramps said...

I feel you on the feeling like an asshole when talking high fashion...great post, lady!

Anonymous said...

Amazing outfits! gorgeous photos :)


cyndie chen said...


cyndie chen said...



one young thing said...

the hair looks wonderful, glad you went for the chop! sorry to hear about the mess of snow, but you all look great!

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

You look great with the haircut!
Your outfit's amazeballs as well!

A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe

Ava Tallulah said...

LOVE the new hair. I get my haircut at Tommy Guns too :) I usually get my haircut by Russell. Always amazing.

Ava Tallulah

MILEX said...


Kiani-Iman said...

I love that haircut! Frames your face too well. And I'm in love with your jacket & vest. You're rockin' some spunky Annie Hall type stuff--lovely.


Unknown said...

Las fotografías que haces son preciosas y encima con nieve... son geniales, me tienen fascinada. Enhorabuena

Jessica Cardoso said...

Hello jessica, i just foud your blog. I think you're amazing. I love your pictures and your style! nICE BLOG :)

P.S my name is jessica too

Elizabeth Daisy. said...

You look stunning darling and I just love you with short hair! Amazing!

Eda x


Anonymous said...

i love the girls of Kastor&Pollux!

Anonymous said...

you have the most stunning, insane and rock n' roll style I have ever seen!!!
Loved all of your outfits! A TRUE INSPIRATION.
I'm going to start to follow you

RacheL said...

Love your outfit!! <3


blue roses said...

the dior blazer and vest duo are absolutely incredible; lusting hardcore after this look.

jackysvision said...

Beautifull blog<33
xox Jacky

Anonymous said...

❤ ♥ ❣ ❥ ღ ɞ ♡
your blog !!!
what a great discovery ^.^

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