Wednesday, April 3, 2013


One thing I love more than my clothes is my fucking face! When I was 12 I was diagnosed with psoriasis which is dry flaky patches that irritate the skin like crazy. I have it on my scalp and face but you'll never know cause I take immaculate care of my skin! There is no cure for psoriasis so I like to come up with other solutions outside my medications.

I rarely buy new face products and try to stay loyal to anything that's good to my skin. One thing I will always use is sugar. I know you were probably wondering why SUGAR is on my beauty products list, well believe it or not, sugar is the best thing to exfoliate with! If you just mix a little with your basis everyday face wash it will take away a lot of dead skin which is something you should be doing daily unless you have ultra sensitive skin.

My next favorite product is the updated version of the Queen Helene mint julep mask. I used to be obsessed with it until I found the olive oil mask. When you have psoriasis you need as much moisture as possible, even though the mint julep did wonders for my skin I still had to use tons of moisturizers afterwards since it always left my skin dry and stiff. The olive oil mask is a lot thinner and will leave you skin extremely soft. I also keep my mask on for an hour instead of 15 minutes for intense softness! I do not recommend this product for people with oily skin or acne it will make you look greasy.

Now the Carmex healing cream is my new found love, like I carry that big ass tube in my purse cause I gives no fucks!! I recently started using this product after receiving a sample with the lip balm and holy hell after that day I was soooooo hooked! The healing cream is perfect for the face cause it has a very light formula that moisturizes like no other but leave your skin feeling refreshed not oily afterwards. I will never use my cocoa butter stick again, lol!

Last but not least is my exfoliating face wipes. A lot of people go to bed without washing their face which is just a crucial as washing it in the morning. Your skin accumulates a lot of dirt throughout the day and needs to be scrubbed off before bed. All those oils and toxins will just absorb in your pillow, which causes acne and irritation of the skin in the future. I like to use face wipes instead of face wash since I know I'm going to just scrub it all off in the morning and it won't dry my skin out as much too.

So there you have it, my daily facial routine! I seriously take the saying, "Put your best face forward" literally. If you want amazing skin when you're older then start young and now cause you can't wear makeup forever. I see tons of people my age that look a thousand years older cause they didn't take care of themselves. I always have to do the "there's no fucking way" double take, lol!

Love your face, it's the only one got unless you're rich and can buy a new but in the end they always look crazy overdone or the same...weird.

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Sacramento Amate said...

Brilliant, and fast loading, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Eat.Style.Play said...

I would never guessed. I'm actually developing this on my scalp which is really annoying me it's at the base of my scalp right near my forehead and it creeps me out so bad. But lately i've been finding ways around it and it's forcing me to take better care of my scalp. Thanks for the tips because it's also on my back and neck now as well. I found out Dr. Bonner Soap is helping me out a lot, and keeping my body butter simple and fragance free is helping me out too.

Charm, Kindred Spirit said...

Interesting beauty products and sugar who knew it could be an exfoliant. I like how you've adopted a regimen and stick to it.
Definitely going to try that:)

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Adelajda said...

Carmex is the best lipgloss ever!


I use face wipes too and carmex is the best!

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

I'm gonna try sugar! I stopped using store bouught face washes last year. I just wash my face and pat it down with Apple cider vinegar. Works for me.

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amalie said...

great tips! i love exfoliating with sugar. its good for the lips as well xx

amalie said...

great tips! i love exfoliating with sugar. its good for the lips as well xx

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

try to use coffeee instead of sugar, works great!

Anonymous said...

Dig your writing style
Good job there not being boring when writing about skincare, not a lot of bloggers can do that

Jane said...

I really want to try this Carmex cream <3

martina caruso said...

I just got here in your Blog, Truly wonderful, the outfits are all perfect ... it's you you're beautiful!
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