Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Front Row Shop white trench overcoat, Front Row Shop BARCODE tee, Front Row Shop white boyfriend jeans, Zara B&W ankle strap heels, vintage leather backpack, vintage wide brim hat, H&M chrome choker/arm cuffs, mirrored aviator sunnies, Nasty Gal silver cutout ring and Kontraho metal diamond ring

OMG, it's another white outfit...I know this is getting out of control! I'm slowly seeing less and less colors in my wardrobe which isn't a bad thing, I just can't stop wearing white. Idk, it's just something about all white that makes me happy.

Lately I've been on a mission to make myself look older which is kinda hard when you're petite/5'4 cause technically I'm the height of a middle school kid, I would say size but kid these days are massive and way more developed for their age. So I always get mistaken for a little kid, like my last trip to New York I was wearing a vintage tee, skinny jeans with Chucks at the airport and this lady pulled me out of line and asked me if I'm traveling without my parents. I was like bitch I'm fucking 30 and had to show her my ID again! She was shocked, apologized and once she heard me speak then she knew I was an adult over the age of 25. I thought I looked my age and thought cutting my hair made me look older but I guess I was wrong.
I refuse to dress like a stereotypical mom and will always be over the top cause that's just who I am. But one thing about being an adult is you have to compromise and just grow the fuck up! So don't cry to me about my outfits and how I used to dress 3 yrs ago...like who the fuck is the same person they were 3 yrs ago? I used to be queen of the goths when I was like 18-21, would you like me to dress like that again? So I laugh at people who don't understand that it's just fashion, it's not that serious boo.

And one last thing...stop using trend/trendy like it's a four letter word! News flash we're all trendy, wearing vintage is trendy, thrifting is trendy, following my blog is trendy, being original is trendy, fashion is trendy!! So if you don't like trends then why are you here? Think about it. Here's the definition of trendy via Google:
So calling someone trendy is not an insult people...you're kinda complimenting them, lol! So, the next time someone calls you trendy,  just say, "THAAAANK YOOOOOU" with a big smile on your face!

kiss kiss,


GIAA said...



Adelajda said...

Amazing outfit!

Anonymous said...

You look great! Not like a teenager at all, I don't know how anyone could think that. All white outfits are super elegant xx


Anonymous said...

cool tee! absolutely love those sandals <3

XO Sahra

Anonymous said...

You look so gorgeous, you manage to make any outfit look so elegant xo

Amy said...

All white oufit is so "trendy"... Love it!

Claudia Finn said...

In love with this outfit! You look great babe!
Claudia! Xx

Unknown said...

Amazing bag and trench

love it



Unknown said...

gorgeous outfit i LOVE those sandals! I cant believe you get pulled up for looking like a kid! lol And i agree peoples style do change over time and i probs wont be wearing what i wear nowadays ether :P

Hayley xx

Unknown said...

Great post! The beauty of fashion is that it can, and will, turn at the drop of a hat. And our own style will do the same thing. As we grow and experience and learn and change, surely our style, the physical representation of us, will change too?
I think you look freakin rad in this all white look, one might even say trendy!


Unknown said...

Ahhhh those shoes! I'm really really loving your style!
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MILEX said...

I am wowed!

Unknown said...

so loving all whites and that barcode tee is super awesome


Sara Feijóo said...

That outfit looks great on you! Love that it's all in white. I especially love the white coat!


Unknown said...

cool shirt!

dela belle k said...



leopardheels said...

Great outfit!


Laura Ward said...

That mac is gorgeous Jessica! And I just LOVE when you put all the haters straight! Good for you x x x




You are radiant, a real ray of sunshine.
I love your outfit of the day !

Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3


xx Macie said...


Amen Fashion †

RaeAbigael said...

you are stunning! :)


Flow Fluor said...

woooo love this! ^^ your looks are awesome

Unknown said...

Hey hun, love your blog post and your AMAAAAZZZZINNNG STYLE. I'm looking forward to seeing your next post.. Will definitely follow you.. Could you check out my blog and give me any tips if you think necessary..

Thank you xx


Unknown said...

I love this look! Such a cute dress
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Founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers

Anonymous said...

I love your little rant. I'm turning 24 this year and I'm starting to feel the pressure in society to start "settling down" and "growing up" with the things I wear -- as if looking totally cute and trendy is just for the teenagers on tumblr.

I've been this kind of person since youth, and I plan to be the over-dressed and loud grandma when I'm 80 :) Thanks for the inspiration! xx

Fly Won said...

lol you had me at "Bitch I'm fuckin 30" new follower! and fellow vintage enthusiast!

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