Friday, January 29, 2010


everything thrifted from head to toe! vintage calico patchwork faux fur kimono coat, vintage slipdress, DIY garters and thigh hi stockings, DIY silver chains and crosses, vintage pearl necklace bracelet, DIY turban wrap, quilted gold chain purse and Nine West black leather lace up bootie
So like I've said before "I'm a sucker for a fur coat!" Found this baby at my favorite thrift store of course. I'm actually at my photography studio. The top pics were taken inside. I love love love underwear as outerwear right now and anything 40's. The slipdress is like my new bestfriend. The funny thing is I used to HATE red lipstick because of cheerleading. Gosh, they made me wear the worst colors. I was tramatized with makeup from age 4 to 16. But now I'm OBSESSED! Hate makeup? What the hell was I thinking? Thank God I've come to my senses, right! I like this outfit cause even though I feel pretty everyday, I felt beautiful for once. Oh yeah, that just have of the cameras in my collection! Maybe oneday I'll take the time out and show you guys the whole shabang. I've been working with my bestie Brooke(from Trash and Garnish) lately so stay tuned to those awesome shoots. Well I gotta get back to my exciting life of nothing,lol! Till next time!
xoxo Virgin

Friday, January 22, 2010

22 days late....HAPPY NEW YEAR

vintage black and gold tiger stripe geometric sequin micro mini dress/white faux fur bubble coat/Target bowler hat/sheer dot tights/studded leather wrap bracelet, Modern Vintage buckle booties/vintage leather motorcycle knuckle out gloves/Chanel leather double C's chain purse
I know, I know! But I totally forgot about my New Year's pictures! I decided to go to a party hosted ny my friend Brooke(the girl in the gold leopard dress) I hate going out because I feel soooo old. So I showed up with my leaving at midnight attitude on! After a few drinks and dancing to some ghetto jams. I ended up having the time of my life! The party didn't stop until 3a.m. Even met a few people who knew me online! Majority of the pics were taken by my BFFF(best fucking friend forever)! He's the guy with the beautiful long hair! Thank you Danny I love you! By the end of the night I was beyond trashed with good spirit!I really wanted to show you my DUMB FUN side!
I also wanted to thank the people who are showing an interest in my blog. I am highly thankful for your comments and feedback! I will start selling clothes again in March. I don't have a car at the moment and can only shop on weekends. So stay with me.
xoxo Virgin

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

washed up!

Zara faux fur cropped coat, distressed destroyed tee, shreeded black denim shorts, black leather snakeskin patchwork fringe cowboy boots, DIY glove slip-ons, black and gold slouchy beanie, holey spiderweb tights, gold chains/jewely and acid wash denim studded Texas hobo bag
So I'm on my way to wash a few items! I've been having hands down the WORST DAY EVER! My car broke down along the freeway. So I had to be towed to the nearest gas station! AAAAHHHHH! I got dropped off at the scariest gas station in town. So now I'm car-less! Anywho. Walked to the washateria. The shirt I'm wearing is a friend's. I love all the holes. I'm supposed to be dressed down but it's slighty chilly.Threw on my Zara coat. I'm obsessed with fur right now. I think I buy a piece a week. I'm walking back and spots this HILARIOUS DMC! It's like a classic from the 80's! Back to the futuresque! Had to stop and pose!  I have alot of new pics coming, so follow me with bloglovin', SERIOUSLY!
xoxo Virgin

Thursday, January 14, 2010



everything head to toe is thrifted, even my Chanel purse/ Forever 21 headband and jewelry/DIY motorcycle slip-on gloves/Buffalo Exchange glasses/Nine West lace-up booties/DIY shredded destroyed denim jacket
So I'm at my fave store Circle K! It's like super scary during the lunch hour cause all the workers come outta nowhere. And they all give you the death stare like they're raping you with their eyes. Anywho! When I saw the 2Pac sweatshirt, I was like done deal! I looooove Tupac! Then on the back it has I GET AROUND! I just had to wear it that day!! I'm a sucka for slouchy or anything oversized right now! I'm getting ready to go on a shopping trip! Early bird gets the worm! So stay tune to see my new goodies!
xoxo Virgin

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