Tuesday, January 12, 2010


vintage fur coat/white fishnet crochet slouch top/multi gold chains and crosses/DIY motorcycle gloves(slip-ons)/Forever 21 gold rings/vintage gold glitter wayfarers/Target bowler hat/vintage Nine West lace up boots and mini black dress
So when I saw this coat, I DIED! Some lady was trying to sell it to Buffalo Exchange but they don't take real furs! So I swooped right in and offered her a price of $10! SOLD! I loooooove that it's a huge bubble. I also grabbed up my jewelry from Buff Ex too! Everything else is thrifted from my fave store.
The top pics were taken inside my studio and the rest in our creepy backyard.
You may notice my busted lip! Got that baby from eating crawfish, watch out for the claws! They have spike, YIKES! Plus the spices made it burn like hell too! Thank you Boiling Crab I love you! I hope you guys like the pics so far! Trust me there will be more to come!
xoxo Virgin


Lydia said...

I really like your style.

Anonymous said...

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