Thursday, January 7, 2010


jacket/vest: vintage Christian Dior jewelry: DIY studded bow necklace, thrifted crosses and silver chains
shirtdress: thrifted shoes: Modern Vintage gloves/hat: vintage
So if you know me personally scream with me "FUCKING FINALLY!" It's been way overdue for me to do a fashion picture blog! For those who don't, the name's Jessica Virgin!(Yes that's my real name!) Since 6th grade I've been called Virgin. Then VintageVirgin cause of my love for vintage clothes! To make a long story short I was pretty much raised in a thrift store! My grandma took me shopping to Goodwill, Sand Dollar, Salvation Army, weekly! Growing up a thrifter, I NEVER wore the same thing twice! It also caused me to have a SHITLOAD of clothes! So now I sell clothes online eBay and etsy! We'll get into that later on as the days go by!! So pretty much this blog will be all about ME, my clothes/style, random pictures and auctions! So I hope you love it! I've never done ANYTHING like this before but I knew it was MY TIME!!
xoxo Virgin


Vintage King said...

hello i currently live in houston and was wondering if you could send me a lookbook invite code?

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, I could've scrolled through the pages of this blog forever. My heart is just aflutter. Genius, genius attire.

Chloe said...

that stripy blazer.
oh my it is amazing!

Nim said...

I just used a whole day at your blog! And it's still amazing! I got so sad when i saw this was the last page! :-(

But I loved looking all the pages through, it was so worth it! All those good outfits - wow it's amazing! And thank you, I now know what to wear tomorrow!


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