Thursday, January 14, 2010



everything head to toe is thrifted, even my Chanel purse/ Forever 21 headband and jewelry/DIY motorcycle slip-on gloves/Buffalo Exchange glasses/Nine West lace-up booties/DIY shredded destroyed denim jacket
So I'm at my fave store Circle K! It's like super scary during the lunch hour cause all the workers come outta nowhere. And they all give you the death stare like they're raping you with their eyes. Anywho! When I saw the 2Pac sweatshirt, I was like done deal! I looooove Tupac! Then on the back it has I GET AROUND! I just had to wear it that day!! I'm a sucka for slouchy or anything oversized right now! I'm getting ready to go on a shopping trip! Early bird gets the worm! So stay tune to see my new goodies!
xoxo Virgin


Unknown said...

love it! do u sell vintage clothing?? if so where? i love ur clothes exactly the kinda style i love!! xoxo

Eli said...

I have a little Chanel purse almost exactly like that! saw your photo on wardrobe remix to get here, def will be checking it out

Unknown said...

soooo I have a Tupac tee that I just wanna wear all the time! I love your sweatshirt!

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