Wednesday, January 20, 2010

washed up!

Zara faux fur cropped coat, distressed destroyed tee, shreeded black denim shorts, black leather snakeskin patchwork fringe cowboy boots, DIY glove slip-ons, black and gold slouchy beanie, holey spiderweb tights, gold chains/jewely and acid wash denim studded Texas hobo bag
So I'm on my way to wash a few items! I've been having hands down the WORST DAY EVER! My car broke down along the freeway. So I had to be towed to the nearest gas station! AAAAHHHHH! I got dropped off at the scariest gas station in town. So now I'm car-less! Anywho. Walked to the washateria. The shirt I'm wearing is a friend's. I love all the holes. I'm supposed to be dressed down but it's slighty chilly.Threw on my Zara coat. I'm obsessed with fur right now. I think I buy a piece a week. I'm walking back and spots this HILARIOUS DMC! It's like a classic from the 80's! Back to the futuresque! Had to stop and pose!  I have alot of new pics coming, so follow me with bloglovin', SERIOUSLY!
xoxo Virgin


Kelkev said...

Loving the cropped shaggy white coat.

Eli said...

gah! I love every piece of this

Unknown said...

I am Eva from Bows & Bandits, an online vintage store, and a big fan of your blog and your amazing styles. At Bows & Bandits, we are currently working on a streetstyle section where we feature our favorite styles. We wanted to ask you, if it would be OK, if we also feature you and your blog there. Every entry will be combined with an address to your blog, and, if you wish, there is also the possibility to leave a little quote about your outfit. I´ll enclose a draft, so you get an impression about how it could look. It would be wonderfull, if we could also feature your blog there! Let us know, what you think about it :-)

Lots of greetings from Austria,


Bows & Bandits.
Austrian Vintage Clothing


Ashley said...

lol, okay. I'll follow your blog! I stumbled across it through lookbook. Your style is pretty unique and I love it. I attempted to start my own blog awhile ago, but got too lazy to keep it up. I hope you have the energy to keep up with yours. Good luck! I wish you lots of success.

It's always nice to see Black faces, like myself, on these fashion websites. lol. I got so excited when I saw your blog. Seriously. =)

Time and Space Traveler said...

I love your shoes and bag. Awsome !!!

Jadore-Fashion said...

what a unique style! love it! xx

Maria Scaife said...

I love what you're wearing, It's all so grungey and the slouchy bag and boots look so amazing.
I just found you on weardrobe actually.
Really love the underwear as outwerwear look so much, I just wrote a post about it.

Unknown said...

That bag made my heart skip a beat!#seriously

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