Sunday, February 28, 2010



(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage blue denim buttondown shirt, DIY denim cutoff shorts, navy blue knee hi socks, white gladiator platform wedges, floral head wrap vintage bangles and vintage gold henna hand necklace
Talk about denim on denim action! Let's have ourselves a GANGBANG! First you put on as much denim as possible and then tuck them in and out. OOOOOOOOHHH YEEEEEAAAAH! Don't that feel nice. I'm obsessed with the denim shirt. Danny said it's the new Rosanne shirt, LOL! Whatever it's called I WANT IT!
Really wanted to say THAAAANK YOOOOOOU  and HEEEEEEEYYYY to all my new blog friends! I'm excited if you're excited. Right now I'm editing more pics so stay tuned!. I'm really trying to stay on and show you guys what I'm all about! Much love!
xoxo Virgin

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

flippin' out.....


(everything thrifted from head to toe)
Zara faux cropped fur coat from Buffalo Exchange, vintage white rabbit fur , vintage puff sleeves silver fox fur coat, dalmation polka dot faux fur coat, DIY studded heart bow, Jeremy Scott knockoff Minnie Mouse flip lense sunnies from Buffalo Exchange, cross necklaces, vinage pearls, gold watch cuff bracelet, black slipdress, lace slipdress and sheer mini skirt
I am sooooo ready for spring. I live in Texas and it's still fucking cold outside. It should be like 80 by now,WTF,Texas! I was hang my winter stuff, when I decided to just take pics in a few coats. I'm soooooo ready to show some skin. Wear sunglasses outside. Like these. I love that they flip open and closed! The sunnies were a gift from my bestie, Danny! When I saw them I died, then I saw them in Nylon. I'm not one to care about labels and knockoffs! As long as it adorb, i don't care! I also let you see some of my camera collection. People sometimes thing I'm weird because I only love old stuff. I was raised like this. I grew up with money and still decided to go thrifting with my grammy. It better that way, they had a former life. I'm going to past it down to my son oneday!
Anywho, THAAAAANK YOOOOOOU for your lovely words and comments. I love you all!
xoxo Virgin

Monday, February 22, 2010

Today on SICK SAD WORLD...


(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage Daria tank top, vintage skintight mini dress, black lace thigh hi's, neon paint splatter Doc Marten boots, vintage black studded cropped leather jacket, straw hat and thrifted jewelry
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la this is my stop , got to get off......So I've been watching Daria for the past couple of days and I cannot get the theme song outta my head. God I FUCKING LOOOOOOVE DARIA! It's so weird watching it now cause it's like it never aged. Wow, what happened to all the good shows? Anywho, I've had this tank for years now, so here's to my FAVORITE show. It has the original Britney and Kevin! Before the psycho one. Remember the Fashion Club? I wanted to be in it soooo bad, LOL! I had a huge crush on Trent and trust me I'm not the only one. My bestie Brooke had a crush on the guy in with the skateboard in the background. So it's not crazy to like cartoon characters.HAHAHAHA! Stay tuned to more fun post and THAAAANK YOU for showing me some love and comments. Sometimes you need to know you're loved! :)
xoxo Virgin

Friday, February 19, 2010

Gimme a break, dude....

(everything thrifted from head toe)
vintage black leather studded cropped jacket, DIY studded blue faux denim slouchy boyfriend blouse, sheer dots stockings, DIY silver crosses and chains, vintage gold cuff, vintage DIY studded cutout lace-up booties, DIY black head wrap and vintage metallic neon clutch purse
So from time to time I like to make my own clothes outta of old stuff. It's all about the blue boyfriend shirt for spring, so I decided to put my own spin on it. The shirt was huge so I just cut the shoulders out so it can slouch more like a dress. The edges were so jagged that why I lined it with studs. BHA-BAM, you got yourself a dress. The mini studded leather jacket I've had for a while. Found it at Buffalo Exchange for like 11 bucks. I LOVE a good find. The shoes are actually a project I'm working on. Been studding a lot of shoes (may sell them on etsy, i dunno) for fun to pass time. Since I don't have a car. But I have good news. I'm going shopping this weekend so be prepared to see me in action, well pictures, LOL! Maybe I can get a sweet deal on a new fur to add to my collection for next year! Definately upgrading my spring stuff. It's almost March so I'm getting stocked up to start selling again. Anywho, until next time!
xoxo Virgin
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