Wednesday, March 31, 2010


(everything thirfted from head to toe)
vintage striped schoolgirl nautical minidress, vintage straw boater hat, blue knee hi socks, vintage gold bangle watch and Marc Jacobs 2-tone platform oxfords
Well look what the cat drugged in! I know I've been M.I.A. but me and my son both have strep throat and fevers, BOOOOOOOOO, LAME! The computer hurts my eyes and I'm the worst when I'm sick! A HUGE BABY, actually, LOL! I need lots of soup and kisses. Anywho, you know how I think everything's better in vintage? So I had to hit up the latest trend, NAUTICAL STRIPES, and put my spin on it! Lil' Bo Peepish, right?? I'm at my photography studio, in front of my wall of crap and shoes. I love accessories so this is just the have of it!!!
Want to say thank you for showing me love and all your comments have knock me out my sickness! So look forward to me being back on! Kisses bitches!

Friday, March 26, 2010


(everything thrifted from head to toe except F21 rings/necklace)
vintage rust brown ruffle leather pants, vintage off white lace bib blouse, 90s brown Rampage shoes, vintage sweater smock vest, DIY lace headwrap,  vintage renaissance George Washington purse, black scrunchy socks, vintage bangles/watch/pearls and Forever 21 rings and necklace
It's been a LOOOOOONG week for me. It sucks being car-less! :( I love walking but geez, it's starting to warm up. It also sucks cause Joel's on his business trip for a week. I love that my boyfriend is successful but don't date underwater engineers, they have to travel alot at the beginning of the year. I really miss him! I HATE ALONE TIME, sometimes! Anywho, got these fab leather pants from a lady who's mom passed and used to own a vintage store in the 70s. She didn't have much stuff in my size but these pants and when I saw them I was like AHHHHHHHHHHH, and the angels came down,etc,etc....! Perfect for my skin tone, WOW! Now the purse I found I just couldn't believe it was similar to my other big purse from the floral dress shoot. It was love at first sight. God I LOVE THRIFTING! 
Have to say thank you and HEEEEEEEY to all the new folks. If you want to use my pics in your blog it's OK with me as long as you let me know FIRST and of course POSITIVE. 
Peace, love and vintage!

Monday, March 22, 2010


(everything thrifted from head to toe except F21 jewelry)
vintage teal and white stripe swimsuit romper, DIY floral head wrap, vintage bangles and watch, vintage patent leather t-strap sandals, novelty mirror heart glasses, Forever 21 love and paisley ring, neon fishnet socks and all my vintage swimsuits
Will someone take me to the beach please?? Growing up I've ALWAYS been obsessed with pin-up girls and vintage swimsuits! This is just a smidget of my collection! The swimsuit/romper I'm wearing is my all time fave swimsuit! A gift from my grandma that originally belonged to my mother! It's what she wore to her first swimsuit beach party! I'm just happy it's warm enough to wear now!
Wanted to say THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes and comments! You guys really keep me going!
xoxo Virgin
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