Thursday, April 29, 2010

FREE GIVEAWAY/sneek peek...

Starting Saturday May 1st you'll get a chance to win the white faux snakeskin clutch. When I repost more pics of the purse, all you have to do is leave me a comment on what you would wear it with! Whoever comes up with the best outfit will be the winner for May's FREE GIVEAWAY!!
Also don't forget to check out all the vintage @, some items are right from my blog pics!
Can't wait to see what outfits you come up with!
xoxo Virgin

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

you RANG???

top row left to right: silver double Forever 21  LOVE ring, yellow floral clear ring from Buffalo Exchange
front row left to right: gold double Forever 21 LOVE ring, big black stone oval ring from Buffalo Exchange, wrap-around  silver snake ring from Buffalo Exchange, vintage silver dripping nails flat ring and vintage gold paisley wrap-around ring
These are rings that are keeping me from working on my laptop! I've been obsessed with chunky rings to where you look like you have fucking robot fingers! I'm so happy Buffalo Exchange has been getting in awesome ring for super cheap! Cause I wouldn't dare buy anything for full price! And the best thing about Buff Ex is you can sell your old clothes for new ones or for cash! So I never spend a dime there! It's literally FREE!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010


(everything thrifted from head to toe except Forever 21 necklace)
old Forever 21 tank, vintage floral shorties, DIY headwrap, vintage crochet sweater vest, vintage platform lace ups, wine socks, vintage bangles, vintage wooden circle  necklace and Forever 21 multi-chain charm necklace
So I 'm like super busy trying to make sure everything is perfect for tomorrow! I'm finally listing my vintage on my alternate blog, , it's going to be quite easy to purchase! All you need is a Paypal account! I will also be listing on esty soon! I'm just one of those people who strive for perfection, SOMETIMES! A pool party threw a wrench in my plans of opening last weekend BOO!
 ShopVintageVirgin will be strictly about clothes for sale, so check it out cause it first come first serve and no holds!
Also stoked about the "FREE GIVEWAY" starting on May 1st! Going to shoot you a sneek peek photo on my next post!  I have so many things to share with you. Fun photoshoots,  ideas and free shit comin' at cha! I have some much I wanna say but I have a huge brain fart right now! So I guess I'll be seeing you TOMORROW!
peace, love and vintage for sale,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Skintight/AU NATURAL

(everything thrifted from head to toe except Target hat)
vintage skintight minidress, vintage lace up tall grunge boots, vintage sheer floral lace black oversized blouse, vintage silver heart chain belt, Target bowler hat and vintage silver chains/crosses necklace
Dress in all black like it's a funeral! You know how you got your LBD statement dress that goes with everything?? Well this is mine! I wear it as a skirt. It's sooooo tiny I can wear it as a top too! I was just lounging studding shoes, BORED! So I took pics. This is me with no makeup. No big difference, right?? I just mostly wear blush anyways.
I'm soooo excited about getting the store back up again! I just can't wait to be elbow deep in vintage! I just can't stop blabbin' about. I also found a really cute purse for my FREE GIVEAWAY! Going to have pics up next week so check back SOON! I hope I'm doing a better job at posting. I've been really trying really hard to stay in check. Don't forget to post questions you want to ask me! I'm going to do a post on Q&A about it and other things Virgin. So get those questions in.
Gotta say THANK YOU and I love you all! You guys inspire me everyday!
xoxo Virgin

Monday, April 19, 2010

BIKER thighs...

(everything thrifted from head to toe except F21 rings)
vintage sheer mesh floral lace tank top, DIY denim cutoffs, vintage 90s neon floral biker shorts, DIY crosses necklace, vintage chain belt, neon paint splatter Doc Marten's and vintage bangles
I'm sooo happy biker shorts are slowly making their way back! I'm a huge fan of COLORS right now! I want EVERYTHING in bold prints. When I found these biker shorts I knew I had to go all 90s out! Paired it with my fave cutoffs, black lace tank, chain belt and Docs! The best thing about these shorts are that you can buy them REALLY SOON!! I'm still working on it! Pushing for this weekend! FINGERS CROSSED!
On another note, I'm sooooo stoked to see I have over 200 friends now! I started this blog a few months ago and never really expected to receive this much LOVE! I am really THANKFUL for you all! I welcome all new followers with open arms! XOXOXO!! That's why I've been busting my butt to find you guys some ah-mazing FREE GIVEAWAYS! Once the store is up and running I'm going to be giving away free shit left and right!
Peace, love and vintage! I gotta get to work!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


(everything thrifted from head to toe except watch and rings)
vintage DIY skinny leopard pants, white slouchy tee, vintage nautical cardigan, Modern Vintage booties, vintage snakeskin clutch purse and vintage crosses necklace/bangles
I've been super busy lately trying to get my store up and running again, YAY! I hope you're excited as I am?? I'm pushing for next weekend but I'm one woman show! I do EVERYTHING myself (pics, editing, styling, being a mom, etc,etc...) I wish I had a photographer boyfriend or friends without lives but I don't so hang in there with me! Got some goodies coming!
Anywho found these lovely pants but unfortunately the were this weird bootcut. So I just had to make them skinny and perfect for ME! Lone Star's my favorite beer so it had to make a cameo! Found a snakeskin clutch in my mounds of crap and added a fleur-de-lis and gold chain handle to it. Received a shitload of jewelry from girl, Chanta! THANK YOU! I like it chunky! Boots I found at Buffalo Exchange, wish I love! And this nautical cardigan I've had FOREVER! So old with new make an AWESOME combo!
Just wanted to let you know I read all your comments and check out all you guys blogs! I really want to answer your questions. So here,s your chance to ask me anything and I'll do a special post of Q&A! Also on top of selling clothes I'm coming up with a monthly FREE GIVEAWAY! So stay tuned and tell your friends cause I would dare sell or giveaway crap!
xoxo Virgin
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