Monday, May 31, 2010

JUMANJI :Backyard Safari

(everything thrifted except Zara romper)
Zara linen romper, vintage 2 tone spectator oxfords, vintage round Furla purse, DIY headwrap, vintage braided belt, vintage necklace/bangles, Forever2/Buffalo Exchange rings and round sunnies
So my boyfriend surprised me with this awesome romper from Zara. When I saw the price I instantly wanted to take it back! I thought I could get at least 200 vintage items at Family Thrift's 50 cents Tuesdays. But I tried it on and fuckin' loved it. Sooooo comfy and the perfect slouch. Never thought in a million years I would be posting something non-vintage! Ugh, my skin just crawled! I had to go in stand in my closet for awhile cause I just felt soooo bad for abandoning my babies, LOL!! I hope all the vintage accessories made it better!!
Anywho, I am super fucking busy. Due to my lappy crash, I have to reshoot some of my store pics! BOOOOOOOOOOO! Working on an editorial for KanDee's tees and prepping for summer school! Thanks Ephraim! It never ends! I'm soooo lazy I did the funniest thing ever. I was in such a rush I forgot to polish my toes, so I just polished the 3 toes that were showing! Hahahahaha! Oh I slay me. I know there's someone out there doing the same as we speak!!
Thanks for all the love you're sending to my laptop! It really helps me say positive. I'm a huge brat sometimes. You do not want to see me not get my way:(. The horns come out and I show my teeth! Let's just say it's my dad's fault, he spoils me to this day! And Joel's just as worst! Well I better be gettin' on! Got blog pics to edit! Thank you again!!
xxx Virgin

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hey Dogface!

(everything thrifted from head to toe except rings)
vintage gold buttery leather shorties, vintage Cocker Spaniel tee, straw boater hat, vintage crochet fringe vest, vintage western braided leather belt, wooden t-strap platforms, vintage bangles/cross necklaces, vintage Kodak video camera w/case and Forever 21/Buffalo Exchange rings
You know when you see something poking out a rack and when you grab it, it's like O-M-G or 9 out of 10 it's something oversized or not what you expected? Well that's what kinda happen with these shorts. They were wide leg and over the knee. I just had to take the scissors to it! I couldn't believe they fit me just right!! Now the tee. Does anyone remember the dogface tees? Growing up I had the Shitzu (cause it said shit on it, duh) and Daschund. Seeing this tee brings me back! Gosh I used to be soooooo bad. I had the terrible two til I was 14. I just love getting my way sometimes. Now in life it's not even about me. It's all about King Ephraim (my son)! Back to pics. I freakin'  loooooove vintage cameras. My lastest find was at Goodwill. $5 for camera and case! I like jumped up and down like, fuck yeah! Some older lady was standing next me laughing cause I was soooooo excited. And by myself!! I was like you don't understand, I don't have this one yet.
Anywho my lappy isn't completely fixed but I was able to get the shots from this shoot off before it went all to hell at the shop. Thank satan for laptop #2, THAAAAAAAK YOOOOOOU Satan! And thanks for all the love, encouragement, inspiration and comments. They really do make me smile and keeps me humble. Cause we're all in the same boat when it comes to blogging. You gotta support your fellow blogger. It nice when you know you're loved!
xoxo Virgin

Saturday, May 29, 2010

look of the day, what???

Weardrobe Spotlight blogger of the day // 5.29.10
Hate to toot my own horn, toot toot, but I finally got the Look of the Day on!!
It kinda cool just checking the site and BUH-BAM your face is everywhere! I'm not the conceited type. I hate blushing cause it make my face itch but for today I'll deal with it! Getting my laptop worked on, YAAAAAAY! I have a backup so I'm going to try and edit today and take pics! I'm having the BEST WEEK EVER! All I need is to find the perfect clogs today and I swear I'll just die! Enjoy your weekend!
Peace, love and vintage,

Friday, May 28, 2010


My clothes have FINALLY taken over my body! And my laptop HATES me! The bastard has a virus and locked me out completely! So I can't post my latest outfits til I get it fixed! I'm soooooo mad I could stab a hobo right now! I just want to randomly punch someone in the face! :( Okay BREATHE!! whew, LOL! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back on track! Fingers crossed! I LOVE U ALLLLLL!
xoxo Virgin

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

she sells seashells by the seashore...

(everything thrifted from head to toe except rings and necklace)
vintage seagulls sailor dress, vintage straw boater hat, red wooden maryjane platform wedges, vintage wicker picnic basket, Forever 21 necklace/rings, black scrunchy socks, vintage bangles/watch and Buffalo Exchange rings
Like I say "Everything's better in VINTAGE! Well I've been noticing birds and random animals like cats on dresses. I found this beauty while thrifting of course! I had to receive mouth to mouth cause I like died and came back to life when I saw it. You know the feeling! Knowing I didn't have to pay for something soooo trendy! Red, white and blue is my favorite color scheme. It just makes me HAPPY! Yay! Found the vintage picnic basket and was supposed to line it with some vintage fabric but being lazy! I never got around to it! LAME! Back to the outfit. Shoes and boater were a given! Nothing says "SAILOR MADE" like a fuckin' boater hat! LOOOOOVE IT!
Holy shit as we speak I just received my sweet tanks from Kan Dee( in the mail! I absolutely LOVE them! Yes I screamed and jumped up and down! Which means I gotta go! I have new shit to try on! But before I go, gotta give some love to ALLLLLL my followers! You guys are truly my inspiration! And I'm highly thankful to have you all!
Peace, love and vintage,
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