Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Take it on the RUN...

photos by Ephraim
(everything thrifted from head to toe except Jane trousers from Pretty in Pink Boutique)
vintage denim manshirt, Jane trousers from, vintage crochet shrug vest, DIY leopard headwrap, vintage 2 tone buckle purse, vintage western buckle belt, vintage jewelry/bangles, bf's sunnies, and Buffalo Exchange rings
Yaaaaaaaay, I'm feeling sooooo much better! I hate being locked down due to sickness. The part that sucks now is the STUPID rain. Hurricane season, BOOOOOOOOOOOO! It's supposed to rain alllllll week. So look forward to in the house shoots.
Anywho, my lastest obsession is DENIM BELLBOTTOMS! I'm like in LOVE with them! Being practically a midget (no offense) they make you look SUPER TALL! Thanks to my homie Danielle over at Pretty in Pink Boutique for hooking me up with these AH-MAZING bells! I've been on the prowl for quite sometime and now the hunt is over. For this week at least, lol! Since I'm a "denim junkie" I had to sport the Canadian tuxedo again. Got my Rachel Zoe on with a crochet shrug and platform wedges. Decided to switch up with a little leopard turban! Forever a hippie chick, lol!
Still up to my elbows in online interviews. Can't wait til they come out. They really show my witty sense of humor! I'm sooooo happy that I am able to keep this blog going. And I really love showing other you don't need to be a label whore for people to recognize your "style!" I LOVE that I get to be me when I log on here! I really wish I could personally meet you all! ONE DAY! Until then, peace, love and vintage ya'll!

If you must have my bells RIGHT NOW go to!

Monday, June 28, 2010

There's a SNAKE in my house...

(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage snakeskin maxi skirt, American Apparel tank I found for $1.50, vintage crochet long shrug, black straw boater hat, vintage snakeskin duffle purse, DIY studded laceup booties, vintage jewelry/bangles, vintage John Lennon sunnies and Buffalo Exchange rings
So I'm sicker than a dog who ate grass right now! My life only exist online. I feel like SHIIIIIIIIIT! Reading other people's blogs are the highlight of my day, lol!
 If you heard that person going "maxi skirts, NO WAY" that was me 6 months ago. Then I found this gem and now I'm a fucking maxi skirt advocate! I LOVE a good print and the golden brown snakeskin is screaming my name! JESSICA!! Since I'm stuck in the house I've been DIYing like crazy. Studded the top of my boots and desperately trying to make the Alexander Wang Diego purse. Ever since I was in the Bloglovin contest to win it, I've been dying daily to have it. So when I found this snakeskin purse I thought it was dead on as far a shape. Made it into a drawstring now all I need is the studs for the bottom. I'm soooo STOKED cause I can still keep it VINTAGE! :D
Got alot of shit in the works so I'll be super busy this week. My favorite holiday is coming up so I'm getting trashed and bashed like nobody's business. I love the 4th cause you get to wear red, white and blue which is my favorite color scheme. So be prepared for a BANGIN' photoshoot for Spanish Moss Vintage!
I LOVE you all but I gotta go lay down, headache :(
Don't forget to go to ShopVintageVirgin for the AWESOME vintage for sale! I really wanna go to NYC so help me out!
Peace, love and vintage,

Thursday, June 24, 2010


FUCKING FINALLY, RIGHT?? Yep, new vintage coming to ShopVintageVirgin! I'm trying to get my butt to the great NYC! So buy my shit so I can visit my bestie, Darine and take Ephraim for his birthday! Check ShopVintageVirgin tomorrow to snag your FAVORITE pieces. Also slashing prices on some of the old stuff. Look out NYC I'm coming for you, FINGERS CROSSED!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


ModCloth Conductor stripe romper , vintage crochet shrug vest, 2 tone Marc Jacob shoes, DIY headwrap, vintage Egyptian purse, vintage necklaces/bangles, Buffalo Exchange rings and blue round sunnies
WOAH,like Joey from Blossom! ModCloth was nice enough to send me this AH-MAZING romper. Which I instantly died over, RIP!! The semi-sheer fabric is perfect for Texas weather. I'm a HUGE fan of wind blowing up my shorts, AHHHHHHH! My Marc Jacob's were a gift for Joel. There's no way in HELL I would come outta my pocket and splurge on something that get ruined every time you walk! But I love em' and Joel always have the BEST gifts!! Anywho, I think this is my favorite shoot today! Another Ephraim creation, YAY! I am sooooo proud of him :D!! The funny part is the whole time we were outside he would be going crazy like an 8 yrs. But as soon as he gets behind the camera it's like working with a professional. So 2 snaps in a circle for Ephraim, EVERYONE!! And look out Vogue, just wait until he gets better with time, lol!!
So lately I've been up to my ears in online interviews and working with other vintage stores. Vintage is my heart so I loving helping out others. So if you're a vintage store owner and want to work with me just email me at I'm not a snob but please NO CRAPPY STORES! Trust me I've come across sooooo many online these days. You know who you are, lol!! 
Gotta say HEEEEY and THANK YOU to all my lovely fans! I will be thanking you for the rest of my life! I owe you guys that much! From the bottom of my vintage heart!!

P.S. Go to if you gotta have my romper, RIGHT NOW!!
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