Friday, July 30, 2010


(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage B&W stripe silk blouse, vintage buttery leather hot pants, vintage patent leather circle belt, old F21 B&W platform wedges, black straw boater hat, oversized specs, vintage spectacles necklace and Buffalo Exchange rings
 It's a no-brainer that I LOOOOOOVE my legs and butt! I like to spend most of my time half naked. It fucking hot in Texas!! So when I found leather hot pants, I thought the world had come to an end! I love the sneak peek high siding, like "Is that her ass?" or "Is that a butt cheek?" Since I'm wearing leather hoe shorts I thought I'd class it up with a nice blouse! It's simple B&W but I love the detailing of the buttons and sailor collar. And it has the PERFECT slouch too! So I thought "why not OD on B&W??" and added my old F21 wedges. Nothing goes with B&W like vintage Chanel so I bust out my homie Double C's! Hat me. DONE!
I was on Nasty GAL's blog and I'm obsessed with their Vintage Musing! So all day yesterday I was just looking through my stuff and online for who are my favorites. I have 20 but I displayed my Top 2, Twiggy and Peggy Moffitt! Same era, same haircut but 2 totally different ICONS! When I was little this is who I wanted to be. A mod girl on a Vespa/model, lol! I love beauty plus over the top clothes! So these 2 ladies have alot to do with the start of my VINTAGE CRAZINESS!! What are some of your favorite style icons??
Before I go one of my blogger buddies, Chomy, left the sweetest comment on my last post! That is so true about me. I really feel like I have split personalities from all eras when I'm getting dress! So it hard to clarify or put me in a certain catergory. I have tattoos so people think I'm goth but I'm wearing a rainbow dress, LOL!! So it's nice to know other people get it, SUCCESS!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

washed out...

(everything thrifted from head to toe except dress)
vintage Delightful Dozen floral dress, vintage brown hat, vintage platform lace up, vintage hippie IRB roses purse, vintage crochet vest shrug, vintage braided belt, round Lennon sunnies, vintage necklace/bangles and Buffalo Exchange rings
YAAAAAAAY, my first swap with my crew, Delightful Dozen!! If you think I did a good job let me get a HELL YEAH, hahaha!I l-o-v-e, LOVE this dress! What I love the most is the collar, it adds soft touch to my hard exterior. I'm just soooo happy to be working with these ladies. They have such a positive outlook on life and fashion. I'm a rookie to the blog world and I feel I can learn alot from them. Scooping me under their wings like a mama bird! Thank you DD!
I have a very busy week coming up and on top of that I'm fasting with my bestie, Brooke. Wish me luck cause I eat like a horse. I don't think I've ever eaten healthy in MY LIFE, so this is definately a challenge for me. Don't worry I'm not doing it to get thinner, I'm already skin and bones!! I'm doing it cause I love me some beer and also just want to detox my body. You know when you just feel gross and bloated? BLAH! So I'm giving up alcohol and fried foods. My boys are going to DIE!!
Before I go, THAAAAAANK YOOOOU for all the love and comments! You guys are like my "blog family" and I just can't get enough! I absolutely LOVE your blogs too. I wish I could personally thank you all in person. Maybe one day!!!
xoxo Virgin

Monday, July 26, 2010

what goes up must come DOWN

in a different lighting
(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage ruffle silk Prince blouse, vintage hi waist floral cooley shorts, vintage pink floppy hat, vintage 2-tone pink white cutout oxfords, vintage pink skinny belt, vintage egg leather backpack purse, oversized cateye sunnies, vintage bangles/necklaces and Buffalo Exchange rings
It must be a cold day in hell cause I'm wearing the Seinfeld Prince blouse, AGAIN! I couldn't help it, I LOVE IT! And there's a first time for everything.
It's so HOOOOOT you can see the humidity in my pics! I tried to get some good shots but gave up real quick!! I promise BETTER quality next time.
Now my whole outfit started with my shoes. I mean how could they not, they're FRICKIN' AH-MAZING! I seem to be loving pinks and girly stuff (SHUTTER)!! I think I'm borderline crazy cause I'm pretty sure I'll be in love with something else next week, lol. 
 Latest OBSESSION: floppy hats! Who would have thunk it? I really thought J. Lo made me HATE them for sure but I guess I'm eating my words, YUM!! It's like a crochet dress best friend!! TOTALLY HIPPIE but for this outfit it's more country club, lol! So meet me in the Hampton, TRICK, for tea and crumpits, hahahaha!
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend? My was uneventful, crappy Netflix movies, Degrassi and Ephraim's mouth! Wow, the questions this boy ask, seriously! Talked my face off!!
Before I go gotta give my usual HUGS to my peeps. Thank you for being there, online, with your super happy comments that make me smile like this :D!

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