Tuesday, August 31, 2010

That's sooooo RANDOM!!

1. Brandi with mad cow disease!
2. vintage shredded southwestern dreamcatcher crop tee, I DIYed yesterday
3. Back bending in the USA.
4. My vintage fur coats coming out of hiding!
5. What about Chuck??
This is what happens when you go thrifting with Brandi!!


Remember this???
Well meet the newbies of the group...
when I say I have a problem I mean it in a crazy way!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Frankie Says RELAX...

(everything thrifted from head to toe except shoes)
vintage sheer floral blouse, vintage denim shorties, DIY headwrap, black nylons, vintage 2 tone wooden heel oxfords from etsy, vintage crochet drawstring bag, vintage necklaces and Buffalo Exchange rings
So when I first got online today I was all " Yay rainbows and sparkles" then I posted a look on lookbook and someone commented  "EWWW NIGGER!" WTF LOOKBOOK!! I tried giving them a second chance since the whole make it open and not invite only anymore thing. This is why you need to have strict rules and filters on sites like that!! I notice that at time I may be the only black girl on there but it doesn't affect my style or me as a person. To be honest I've never judged anyone cause of their COLOR! Calling people racial slurs is sooooooo 1920s!!! I'm so diverse I forget I'm black!! I guess sometimes you gotta take your anger out on someone. Online is definitely that place, lol!
So let's turn that frown upside down!! Don't you love my blouse? Uh hmmm!! It's so pretty but laidback like me, your homie VV, hahaha!!! Sometimes it just take a simple blouse to lightin' up a casual outfit!! Since I'm up at the crack of dawn I can wear light blouses when I run errands. But when 11 am hits YOU'RE DONE!! Satan's out and burning you ass! OUCH!! Got this blouse while thrifting with Brandi, who I will be yapping about on a later day!!
Honestly back to school and Joel leaving on a business trip has got me all outta whack! Fingers crossed I will get back on track since I lost my photographer, Ephraim, due to school starting. I knew this day would come and now I have to get off my lazy ass and take my own pictures, boooooooooooo!

Friday, August 27, 2010


vintage crochet beaded tunic top, MiH Marrakesh Jeans, DIY leopard turban wrap, vintage western silver belt, vintage patchwork animal print bag, 80s Purple wayfarers, wooden platform maryjanes, vintage bangles/necklaces and Buffalo Exchange rings
Recently I was approached by Mickey from MiH Jeans to review her jeans. (Who found me on StyleCaster and read my post about how much I LOVE bellbottoms.) I stumbled upon these bad boys and almost DIED! So when she told me she would send me a pair I died, went to heaven and still came back as a vintage junkie!! Thank you sooooo much Mickey for the bells!! I'm going to be buried in them, lol!!
I decided to combine 2 of my LATEST OBSESSIONS: bellbottoms and crochet! Which gave birth to my lovely purse and belt! The headwrap was a given and since they go all the way to the floor I lifted myself with some stacked platforms. Don't forget a shitload of jewelry and classic wayfarers! Then we skipped all the way home, lalalalala!!
Did you miss me?? I miss you guys! Got a little caught up in real life shit and back to school stuff. I also got the worst news of my life!! My Joel's going on a business trip to Africa for a whole month! Yes a WHOLE MONTH, boooooooooo! I'm going to die not seeing that face every morning but that's what I get for dating an underwater engineer. It comes with the job. :( So I'm really going to be living my life online through IMs and what not. "yay"
Before I go I gotta give LOVE to all the newbies, WELCOME WELCOME! So happy you found me!! I love all my blogger buddies so you'll feel right at home!
Thank you for all of the positive feedback, comments, emails, IMs, Facebook, etc...  You guys really know how to make a girl smile ear to ear! Til next keep your head up like Tupac, I'm out!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Japanese Gardens

vintage stripe romper/50s bathing suit, raggedy Chucks, DIY headwrap and oversized cateye sunnies
You may look at these pics and be like awwwww what a relaxing getaway. Nope all this shit is FAKE, man made! But this is where I go to get outta the city, "kind of." Even though I'm like a few minutes away from the freeway, lol!! It's cra cra cause there's like bunnies and shit(notice my new found friend that I followed for like an hour)! This is pretty much what I wear when biking. Romper and Chucks. I get alot of stares and people just come right up on there bikes and talk to me. This my idea of dressed down, lol!! I always fail at that!
Anywho it's back to reality for me. Waking up a 6 am, making breakfast and biking to school with Ephraim. Afterschool talks and snacks!  Now that's what being a Mom is all about!
I miss and love you guys but I gotta go fill out all that back to school paperwork of the same questions over and over, aaaahhhhh! Can't they copy and paste from last year, geez! 


Ooooooh shit it's back to school for lil Dude! Don't he look handsome?? No more beach bum hair and tank tops. And yes I cry every year, lol! I don't discriminate, that's my ONLY baby! I missed him all day until my nap kicked in! Hahahaha!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


(everything thrifted from head to toe except sunnies)
vintage red white stripe cropped back blouse, vintage Hebrew Budweiser tee, vintage skintight minidress, DIY denim headwrap, 80s Purple wayfarer sunnies, WeLoveColor black thigh highs, vintage denim boots, vintage cross necklaces, Buffalo Exchange rings and Lone Star beer, hehe!!
Oooohhhh man what a hectic week I'm having! Getting over my sickness and having to deal with children for a Back to School ice cream social! Why did I join the PTA?? THANK SATAN I don't have a loaded gun cause I would be a goner! I LOOOOVE Ephraim but HATE other people's kids! Especially since E goes to a private Montessori school, smack dab in the middle of  I'M FUCKING RICH town. All these fuckers are feel entitled and are slowly working on that stick up their asses! But there is an upside, it's the BEST school in the Trose and I have my small group of tattooed moms and dads to rant with. We always laugh at the kids getting dropped off in Bentleys, like WTF!!
Anywho, Ephraim's action figures and pics was huge inspiration for my outfit. I went and found the trashiest pieces I could find. Nothing trasher than wrestling, skintight mini, Budweiser/Lone Star and denim boots! Which I LOOOOVE btw! I'm usually not a fan of denim shoes but these have VIRGIN all over it!! And yes the pockets work so I can stash my phone, money and if I smoked crack it would be in there too, lol!! I was thinking of adding a belt or chain through the belt loops. Hmmm, we'll see. I also thought the denim turban was a nice touch over a red or black bandana. Overall I LOVE IT!!
Before I go, sorry I had to moderate my comments because some idiot felt she could tell me how I should take my pictures, run my blog and point out negative things about my body! NO ONE puts baby in the corner, lol! So to keep this positive energy I have going I just had to nip it in the bud. I'm a laidback, don't give a fuck kinda person and very easy to talk to! If  you don't know me personally I feel it's a waste of time having to go to my blog, click on comments, write your opinion, then fill out the captcha code just so you can tell someone what the fuck to do! When I don't like someone's blog I just never go back again, it's that simple! Not add them to  my blogroll and follow them on Bloglovin'! WEIRD! So lets keep it POSITIVE people or I will fucking call you out! 
I ADORE all of you and I'm soooo thankful for all the positive things that are coming my way! Without you guys I would just be crazy Jessica livin' in Texas!! I'm still in SHOCK that I have over 1000 blogger buddies! You guys really keep me humble and the only thing I can say is THAAAANK YOOOOOU! Til next time loves!!
(Sorry for the novel, lol!)
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