Saturday, September 25, 2010

LOST(not the dumb show)

(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage sheer floral lace bodysuit, vintage straw boater hat, vintage abstract floral bow front shorts, black nylons, vintage 2 tone burgundy wooden oxfords, vintage Dooney&Bourke 2 tone bag, vintage crochet vest, 80s Purple wayfarers, vintage necklaces/bangles and B.E. rings
I'm bored outta my mind, trapped within. Everyday I wake up it's the same alarm, same stubborn child who doesn't wanna brush his teeth, same bike route, same shows, same dinner and same bedtime story with a side of TMZ! I swear my grandma has a cooler life than me! I'm a free spirit, don't give a fuck kinda girl so I'm feel really trapped! I guess I never realized how much fun we have when my hubby's home. In all honesty I just want my Joel back, waah! We miss you Babylove!! 2 weeks down 3 more to go, boooooooooo!!
Thank Satan for clothes!! I probably would have ended it RIGHT NOW if I didn't have a bag of vintage to try on!! So if you miss your bf go thrifting. I'm pretty sure a nice scarf can push the tears back! Or if your sexually frustrated, go ahead get that bag in every color, it's on sale!! The more clothes I have around me the more love I feel, lol!
And of course to my blogger buddies THANKS for making me laugh through this BLAH moment in my life!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


vintage felt hat, Zara linen safari romper, black gauze sweater cape/socks courtesy of American Apparel, vintage skinny leopard belt, black nylons, DIYed snakeskin drawstring bag, Seychelles Bismuth booties, vintage cross necklace, 80 Purple wayfarers, vintage bangels/watch and B.E. rings
So I'm really hating that the weather isn't like a real Autumn! In my head I'm ready to move on to the next season. So with a little early morning dedication I do my light sweater shots. The breeze is AH-MAZING but it doesn't last long. So you got get your ass up and get it!! Notice my second to the last shot I'm sweatin' like fucking James Brown!!
Lately I've been noticing that all the colors is being sucked out of my clothes. Neutrals, nudes, browns, blacks and a little hint of pinks! I have soooo much shit I wanna bust out right now but it's just too damn hot! I may have to do some night time shots but I'm kinda burnt out by then after bike riding all day, homework and then cook dinner! YEAH RIGHT!! So I guess I'm S.O.L, I just can't win!
Before I go I really wanted to answer this question from Anonymous:
"how do you decide what to wear? do you just randomly pick out something or is there a lot of thought behind the outfits?"
I have a shitload of clothes, like I could literally be on Hoarders!! My studio is cra cra! I have LOTS of options. LOL! I make outfits daily but by the time I get around to wearing them I've changed the whole concept. So it's mostly random. It can also depends on my mood. I'm a like borderline crazy that's why my style constantly chances! Plus my OBSESSION with vintage I have an AH-MAZING collection to pull from!
I felt this question was a good one to answer since it's kinda hard to pinpoint my style. Cause I would wanna know!!
Anywho welcome, I love you, thank you, etc!! Gotta go make dinner.... SEE!! No time!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

BOWS before HOES!

Idee Geniale ModCloth bow skirt, vintage sheer lace bodysuit, vintage black mesh floppy hat, vintage patchwork leather backpack purse, old B&W F21 wedge platforms, We Love Colors thigh highs, vintage cross necklaces, vintage bangles, oversized cateye sunnies and B.E. rings
I've been WAAAAAY overdue for a Delightful Dozen post! So I had to bust out 2 for that ass!! As someone who takes outfit pics every other day. It's sometimes hard to pick the order your outfits will post. Cause somedays you get that OMFG shoot that tops all the others and it's next even though you have like 8 other outfits already. (I think I said outfit and post like 20 times, lol!)You just keep pushing them back and before you know it a month has pass. Ahhhh the life of a style/fashion blogger!! It's like oh my gosh sooooo hard!! Hahahaha!
I'm finally adjusting to being sexless and lonely for 5 weeks! All you need is a daily routine and time just flies by. Thank Satan for dumbass reality shows and Maury! Can't go wrong with trashy TV and baby daddy drama!! So whenever you feel your life sucks just turn it on Steve Wilko and BAM instant confidence cause you have teeth! 
Before I go I wanna show some LOVE to everyone out there who still got my back. I may have fallen off in the past 2 weeks but your words of encouragement definitely lifted me back up!! I'm back just gotta get it back, if that makes any sense!!

Always on the GO!!

JenlovesKev raw rainbow dress, vintage lace angel slvs top, black straw boater, vintage embroidered Portugal bag, round mirror sunnies, Mordern Vintage Booties, vintage crosses necklace, abd B.E. elephant necklace and rings

Saturday, September 18, 2010


(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage mod art deco minidress, vintage stripe sweater cap, vintage 2 tone buckle purse, vintage lace up platform oxfords, vintage oversized cross necklace, black nylons, patent leather circle belt, vintage bangles, 80s Purple wayfarers, and B.E. rings
So this is how I got the name VintageVirgin because head to toe vintage is my signature look. I don't just go there I go ALL THE WAY THERE without making it look costumey! Plus we love each other and vintage will never do me wrong!! So I'm a little excited about polyester pimpin' this F/W!
Another thing I'm excited about is doing a Pop Up Shop with Brandi over a MuchoMuchoBuenoBueno!She's my Tuesday thrifting buddy/old friend from when I had something called "a job!" 8 yrs of pure vintage bliss! I'm literally going to be selling my clothes on the street, kinda. So if you live in Houston it's your lucky day. I'll have more info in a later post as far as location and date goes.
Due to the week or so off  I have soooooo many outfits to post. I'm going to try and post everyday so keep checking daily. I would hate for you to miss out or be a day behind, lol!
Oh yeah see that H&M Lanvin banner on the side? Please vote for me to win this AH-MAZING contest! I know I have a better chance in hell but it's worth the shot! I'm too nonchalant for over the top VOTE FOR ME and shit like that. I win I win, I don't who cares!
Gotta say WELCOME to all my new readers and THANK YOU to everyone for being here, online with me reading my crazy blog. I would have never thought anyone would give a flying fuck but I like being proven wrong! Thank you guys for building me up.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Man dude I was almost a goner!! You know the phrase "Keep you day job"? Well Joel you should definately stick to underwater engineering cause computers are not your thing babe! Right before he walked out the door he decide to do a scan and delete some things off the computer so it can run faster. And ended up deleting EVERYTHING!! My blog literally flashed before my eyes! I was like 5 weeks without blogging NO WAY! I like live on the internet, kinda. Not like to where I don't have a personal life or anything like that!
I did a system recovery, so I'm back in full effect. And THANK SATAN I keep all my pics on backup bitches! I learned my lesson long ago that computers are NOT you friends! They secretly hate you and wanna ruin you life. True story, lol!
I missed and love you all and can't wait to get back to doing what I do. Which is supply yall with shit you never seen before, bitch about the Texas heat and ramble on and on about how much I LOVE being a mom! My F/W is going to be cra cra! I don't even know where to start.
Ahhhhhhhhh it's just great to be back you guys, SERIOUSLY!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Guess who's inside??? Yes MEEEEE! OMG, right?? This is my first time in a mag so I'm a little excited!! Like WOW, me, NO WAY!! Wanna see for yourself  click here! I'm on page 12. Thank you Tamia over at Style Sample Magazine for interviewing me for your Singular Style piece!! Maybe oneday I'll grace the cover!! :D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'll be HERE when you get off TOUR...

(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage crochet circles dress, vintage southwestern floppy hat, vintage patchwork leather backpack purse, vintage DIYed studded stacked platforms, black nylons, round mirror aviators, Buffalo Exchange rings and Lime Crime My Beautiful Rocket lipstick
# 1 asked email question this week but in my own words:
"Where the fuck you at VV??"
My reply:
Man dude I've been avoiding life and just laying low!! Keeping it LAME!! You know?

Yes I know I've been dragging my ass and trying not to face reality! But I'm having a crappy September. My hubby leaves this Saturday, I can't go to NYFW after receiving quite a few invite to some cool parties. Which means I won't be able to meet the girls from DD for the first time or any of my awesome blogger buddies(BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!) Worst of all I can't see Darine!! She was my main reason for going to NY. Dying to see your new place D!! And I miss you soooooo much!
This is like the best time to go cause I am way too skinny for the winters there! Like a chihuahua on ice, shaking my ass off!! I can't even take it here in Texas, LAME! Love and light, love and light! Happy thoughts, hap py thoooughts. Whew! It just gets me soooo angry but I know next year it will be 10 times better! And I'll be a bit more established as a blogger cause to be honest I have no clue what the fuck I'm doing! Totally just going with the flow, NO Blogging for Dummies here! LOL!
But there's some happiness to my horrible life! It beginning to cool down here WAAAAY sooner than I thought. I mean look I'm in a fucking crochet sweater and tights!! Didn't even break a sweat, WTF! So at least my crochet dreams are coming true. YAY! And I know you guys are dying to see my F/W outfits so buckle up bitches cause I'm going to take you on a ride of your lives!! FUCKING CORNY AS SHIT!! Hahahahaha!!
It's going to be the same little ole me but with more clothes on, pretty much!!
Just realized I'm rambling!! Promise to tell you next time how I made my lovely hat! Okay fuck it! My belt broke and I just wrapped it around my hat! THE END!
I love you and all and I'll be working on some cool projects since I'll have ALOT of free time! So look forward to some AWESOME posts!!
Peace, love and vintage,

P.S. If you love my orange lips go to!!
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