Saturday, October 30, 2010

a walk down MEMORY LANE

(everything thrifted from head to toe except jeans)

MiH Marrakesh bellbottom jeans, vintage DIY dress shrug, DIY faux fur bag "The Beast", vintage Siennaesque hat(thanks Brandi), white cutoff V neck, stacked wooden platform mary janes, vintage chain belt, wayfarer sunnies, elephant necklace, vintage bangles and B.E. rings
Have you every found an okay piece while thrifting but you know deep down it's a goldmine? You think add a little this, change a little that! Well that's how I felt when I came across this so-so 70s dress. The pleats, I LOVE and the sheerness/length of it, I DIED! But the shape of the dress was all wrong so I cut it straight down the middle and it became an oh so MAJOR shrug/lounge jacket!! Bells, "The Beast" and my so called Sienna hat joined forces to make me look OUTTA SIGHT, DYNOMITE, hahaha!
Okay on a serious note. Can I get a moment of silence for my lovely camera? The shutter broke yesterday so I'm S.O.L. but THANK SATAN Joel's going to replace it with the upgraded version!! Eeeeeeeee, best bf EVER!! So I'm hoping bigger and better pictures and plus I get to learn how to work a new camera.
Guess what?? My letter to Fall Weather was answered cause it's cold as FUCK!! So I'll be busting out more coats, YAAAAAAY! 
Love you all and just thankful to have you!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fallen from GRACE

DD Selective Potential Urban Outfitters dress,  vintage Grandma's couch floral coat, vintage ranger felt hat, Seychelle Bismuth booties, vintage tortoise round sunnies, DIY rabbit fur chain bag, black nylons, wine scrunchy socks, vintage necklace.bangles, B.E. rings and deer ring
Yaaaaay another DD swap! I  L-O-V-E love this dress, front to back!! When I first saw it, I instantly thought of my Grandma's couch coat. For some reason they made the PERFECT mixed match. Added my first attempt of the DIY fur muff bag(ended up being highly allegeric to the rabbit's fur and got a week long sinus infection, AAAAHHH) that eventually gave birth to "The Beast"! My Smokey the Bear hat, Bismuth booties and I was set for a stroll up and down the sidewalk!!
I don't know what happened to the LOVELY Fall weather we were getting but it's FUCKING hot again!! Like WTF, I spent like all day changing my studio from summer to fall/winter! I knew I jumped the gun, I KNEW IT! 
Dear Nice Weather, 
Where did you go?  I miss you sooooo much! My furs will highly appreciate it!

Monday, October 25, 2010


(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage southwestern hippie floppy hat, faux fur Zara coat, sheer lace F21 slipdress, suede Zara wedge boots, vintage cross necklace/bangles, B.E. rings and vintage black bra and panty set
For awhile now I've been fantasizing about the whole sheer dress and underwear trend. You know I don't mind flaunting my assets but as a mom, who live in Texas, it's a bit hard to pull off on the streets. People already think I'm borderline crazy here, why give them a reason to burn me on a cross, hahaha!
For some reason the dress made me feel like I was going to a modern Woodstock!! So I added this SWEET faux fur coat,  my #3 favorite hat and felt pretty, pretty BADASS!
I have so many OBSESSIONS right now! I hope I can explore all of them before I'm over it. Like one day I like LOVE something and totally HATE it the next! But will FOREVER be in love with vintage, FOREVER!!
Hope everyone had a good weekend. The Pop Up Shop was quite fun. I met some pretty cool people, who I had no clue lived in the gay ghetto, right down the street from me!! Soooo I made some money and gained a few friends. Goooooo ME!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tourisaurus REX

(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage Tourisaurus Rex tee, vintage chambray buttondown, vintage peekaboo lace maxi dress, vintage felt ranger hat, DIY fur muff bag("The BEAST"), vintage leopard pony hair belt, Zara suede wedge boots, vintage cross necklace/bangles vintage tortoise shell round sunnies and B.E. rings

photo courtesy of fashiontoast
Let's face the facts I'm broke as FUCK and can't afford designer duds. So I always DIY it or try and find it in vintage! "If you ain't got it, make it" is my motto in life. I am happy to say I achieved 2 of my lastest obsessions the lace maxi dress and fur muff bag! YAAAAAAY! They even go well together.
I decided to dress it down, so I won't look like Queen of the Super Goths, with one of my favorite fun tees and chambray buttondown. Add a hat just like that and a leopard belt for a lil party at the waist. A shitload of jewelry, walk your ass to the park and take pictures!!
The pictures were taken by Ephraim, my son, and as a mom I am soooooo PROUD of him!! He gets better every time. I seriously need to put him in the photography program at his school. He could be the next big thing, WOOOOOOOO child labor, yeah!! I guess I won't be needing a photographer boyfriend anymore, haha!! Don't you hate that??
Anywho there's more coming so check back daily! I'm here, not queer and I'm not going away anytime soon! So many looks coming up people, it's RIDIC!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

R.I.P.(Rest In Pictures)

1. American Apparel nude skintight turtleneck dress courtesy of American Apparel, vintage nautical prep scarf, vintage oversized felt hat, vintage nautical stripe belt, Marc Jacobs 2 tone oxford platfroms, vintage turtoise sunnies, white scunchy socks, vintage watch/bangles, 2 tone leather briefcase bag and B.E. rings
2. vintage basic black blazer, vintage scallop lace romper, black straw boater hat, vintage patchwork leather backpack purse, round aviator sunnies, vintage bangles, vintage cross necklace, B.E. rings and elephant necklace
Let bow our heads in prayer for the pictures that ain't here! Yeah my lappy has locked my ass out again!! That's why I went on a much needed vacay from the bloggerverse. It sucks to see all my hard work just...GONE! Thank Satan I was able to salvage these from
I LOVE that both looks are totally opposite from each other. Like classy to trashy, Classy Trashy, lol! I just had to post these before I was able to move on to the new.
I have alot of outfits to post, ALOT!! I am back 100%, "NO BULLSHIT", remember, hahaha!
When I say I have the best vintage coats, it's NO LIE! From furs to leathers I have it all and I'm excited to shared them with you.What I have in mind for F/W is cra cra! Check back tomorrow for my lastest outfit since my brutal breakup with my old lappy. It's kind of a kickoff to what my Fall will be all about!!
Aaaaaaaaah, it's great to be back!!
Missed you guys like the desert missed the rain,

Um hum, if  you live in the Houston area go to this Sunday Oct.24th, if you want to get first dibs on my vintage!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


 All Houston bloggers, blog readers, vintage lovers, WHATEVER, if you live in the Houston Area here's your chance to get first dibs on my vintage and soooo much more! On top of that you get to meet my CRAZY ass, YAAAAAAAY! Join hands, make friends, WOOOOOOOO! So if I don't see you next totally missed out!! And then you'll just have to hear about it, LAME!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Meet "The BEAST"

Now you know I couldn't stay away!!! I've been DIYing my ass off on my lovely technical vacay from blogging! I've been OBSESSING over this fur muff Theory bag online for awhile. It's like a gazillion bucks so I made my own! Using an old faux fur coat, elastic band and gold chain from an old purse. I call it "The BEAST" cause it's like a creature bear on a gold chain with a feather in it's hair!!
It's great to be back but I'm not fully back until Wednesday. After that no more BULLSHIT!! Just straight outfits and stuff you're going to die for! 
Thank you for showing your true loyalty to me and my "blog". 
Toodles caboodles,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


photos and dumpster art by Brooke B.(my bestie)
(everything thrifted from head to toe)
DIYed vintage cutout studded shoulder chambray shirtdress, vintage DIYed studded stacked platforms, Lime Crime lipstick in My Beautiful Rocket, vintage clock purse, vintage crosse necklace/bangles, black scrunchy socks, DIY headwrap , 80s Purple wayfarers and B.E rings
I made this shirt awhile back and you may have seen it before in a previous post. Basically I just cut out the shoulders and replace the frayed edges with studs. To keep the look hard I added my studded MONSTER platforms. And for that Virgin flare, headwrap and clock purse! 
Brooke and I are huge fans of  Lime Crime so it was a shitload of fun to work with Doe/Lime Crime! Brooke made the dumpster art overnight which you can check out the process on her blog, here! Overall I LOOOOVE IT! Thanks Brookie!!
Now for some BAD NEWS! I have been having soooo much technical difficulties with my blog lately!  I know for a fact now that computers secretly HATE me! If it's not one thing it's another! So in order to keep my sanity I'm taking 2 weeks off from blogging! I could have bored you to death with pictures of other people or from magazine but that just ain't me! What's a personal style blog without personal style??? It sucks having to see all your hard work go to shit! Cause I know I could be easily forgotten if I don't post on a daily. Blogging is suppose to be fun and a hobby but lately it's a chore when your computer's FUCK UP or you can't upload pics! So I'm hoping 2 weeks is enough time to sort out everything. I'm going to miss it but it's for the better! 
My apology in advanced to all my loyal readers!
See you in 2 weeks,

OBSESSED with my orange lips?? Go here.

Friday, October 1, 2010


 (everything thrifted from head to toe except Zara boots)
vintage DIYed shredded DREAMCATCHER crop tee, vintage denim shorties, DIYed southwestern floppy hat, suede Zara wedge boots, mirrored round sunnies, black nylons, vintage chain belt, vintage patchwork leather backpack purse, vintage crosses necklace/bangles and B.E. rings
Yaaaaaay THANK SATAN Blogger is working for me again! Now that I'm like double time behind in outfit posts, BOOOOOOOOO! Yeah I suck in the computer department, lol!
Anywhooooo, it's actually cold in the Great State of Texas! I've been freezing my ass off on my bike every morning for the past week! I was "Damn Gina, it's cold, hahaha!" So this is my last and final summer outfit post, scout's honor. I've literally gone from sweating like a hooker in church to a chihuahua who needs a sweater!!!
When it's HOT out I don't give a fuck if you can see my mom gut or not! I used to be really insecure about my stretch mark which seriously look like I was attacked by a lions, tigers and bears! Now a say FUCK YOU, I had a 10 lbs 12 oz baby! If you don't like it go throw up over there!! Everyone has something they HATE about themselves. You just have to LOVE what you got!! So to make up for my fucked up stomach, I embrace my ass and legs! And face, hehe!!
Promise to be more chatty next post! Still in awe that I was to get Blogger to work for again! 
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