Friday, December 31, 2010

The VintageVirgin Romper

VintageVirgin romper from ModCloth, DIY matching faux fur hat and muff chain bag, Target grey sweater socks and DIY stacked platform studded t-straps
I could not believe that Modcloth named this romper after me!! It has everything I love...romper...check, big ass bow...check, sheer sleeves...check, B&W...double check!!!
I'm extremely excited about 2011!! I have a feeling that this year is MY YEAR! I feel so fresh and new and just been on cloud nine of happiness. I ever went out and found me a job, YES A JOB, which I start on Monday!! eeeeeee!  So 2011 is the year of the Virgin in my eyes, lmfao!!
Anywho, did anyone make their resolutions yet?? Mine is to get knocked up by the end of the year!! Hahaha, seriously!! I'm not getting any younger and I think I make a great Mommy. I have alot more love to give, plus I look sooooo adorable preggers! FINGERS CROSSED!!
My second is to take a creative writing course at HCC. I really want to get crackin' on my book, I need to learn structure and broaden my vocabulary. I tend to write like I'm having a real conversation or off the top of my head. We shall see in time!
I would do a recap but my Bloggerversary is in 6 DAYS!! Soooo on January 6, 2011 VintageVirgin is turning 1!!! YAAAAAAAY!
love you all soooooo much....HAPPY NYE,

P.S. Check out all the other items I loved on ModCloth here! Thank you Turi I absolutely LOOOOVE IT!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I've been holding this in for like a month and now I FINALLY get to share it with you guys!! 
THANK YOU ModCloth for making me your Blogger of the Moment!! I'm still in awe that you picked little ole me!! Check out the pics and Q&A here.


 (everything thrifted from head to toe)
 vintage camel fringe sweater cape, vintage bronze leather shorties, DIY faux fur hat,  AA stripey l/s tee courtesy of American Apparel, DIY leopard oversized scarfy, vintage animal patchwork clutch, Seychelle Bismuth booties, vintage chain belt, Modekungen deer ring, vintage bangles and B.E cross ring
So the weather has gone from hot to cold to ugly gloomy rainy overcast, booooooooo!  But THANK SATAN cause I haven't had time to wipe my own ass these days, hahaha, jk, jk!! This time off has given me time to spruce up the old store, YAAAAAAAY! So new vintage coming at cha in like a week or so.
Hate to cut things short but I have sooooo much crap I gotta do, it's ridic!! But before I go I just want to THANK EVERYBODY for all the positive feedback and support I've been receiving. It truly means a lot to me!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


AA maxi dress courtesy of American Apparel, Zara Yeti faux fur coat, vintage beanie hat, DIY vintage snakeskin patchwork bucket bag, DIY vintage leopard scarf, suede Zara wedge booties, round aviator sunnies, vintage bangles and B.E. rings
I know you are all wondering what's a going on with the was AWESOME, of course! It me, hello, lol! When I walked through the door I just went straight to charming Grandma. See here's the thing when meeting old people for the first time...always go for the the most loved person in the room, wear a nice vintage dress from the 40s or 50s and make sure all your tattoos are covered. Gets them EVERY TIME!! She told me I was beautiful like a bagillion time...haha THANK YOU!! Once Mom saw how much Grandma loved me she couldn't resist me neither. Giiiiirl me and old people go together like B&W stripes on a sweater, I thought you knew!
My hardest challenge was Dad cause he was doing business online the whole time but once I showed him I'm a guys' girl he loved me too. I had him crackin the FUDGE UP at my jokes, all night! 
I was soooo aiming to please, they got this Atheist to go to church with them!!! WTF, YES CHURCH!! It  was the LONGEST hour of my lifetime! I practically had a seizure from rolling my eyes so much from all  the crap that was flying outta his mouth! But it was sooooo worth it for my family's sake. Joel was extremely proud of me. He looked like he was going to cry when he said we had to go to church, hahaha! I would be scared of my reaction too! So overall I LOOOOVE my in-laws, YAAAAAAY!
I hope everyone had an AWESOME Xmas. I'm super excited for the New Year cause of all the positive changes I've made in my life. I want to keep it no more drama, negativity or people around me who just aren't doing anything with their lives. That stuff can really bring you down! Do you know what it's like to wake up and not have to worry about other people problems?? AH-MAAAZING, I haven't been this happy in a looong time!! Look out 2011, here I come! 
Looooove you all,

p.s. I got my video camera for DIY videos for everyone!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


DIY faux fur hat, vintage kitchy Xmas sweater, vintage Pendleton tartan plaid flannel buttondown, Zara zipper skinnies and basic white tee
Hope you got everything you wanted?? I DID!!

Friday, December 24, 2010


(everything thrifted from head to toe except pants and DIY booties)
vintage faux fur and leather coat, vintage Don't Worry Be Happy tee, rose earmuffs beanie, DIY F21 leopard booties, DIY leopard oversized scarf, vintage 2-tone buckle bag, round mirror sunnies, fingerless gloves, vintage bangles and Zara zipper skinnies
I thought it was HILARIOUS that this raggedy house had a no poop sign, ahaha!! Your frickin' roof is coming off, hello!!
So tonight's the night and I'm hella nervous. I'm just going to be me and kill them with kindness! At least I'll be in the cutest sweater ever!! I'm going to save my kitchy Xmas outfit for my dad's tomorrow. Ahhhhhh I can't wait!! And I'll let you know how things go with the ole in-laws.
Much respect, 

Thursday, December 23, 2010


(everything thrifted from head to toe except Zara skinnies)
vintage 50s letterman sweater, vintage monogram blouse, vintage straw boater hat, Zara zipper skinnies, Modern Vintage double buckle booties, vintage gold hardware bag, vintage bangles, vintage oversized cross, 80s Purple wayfarer sunnies and B.E. rings
Call me a snob but I HATE wearing the same thing twice, (I mean I can afford to since everything I buy is 50 cents, hehe!!), but this sweater just speaks to me so I wear it like allllllll the time! It has the perfect fit and the cutest band letterman patch, plus it's black and matches majority of my "dressed down" clothes. I can honestly say, "I LOVE THIS SWEATER!", don't you??
So tomorrow is going to be the biggest day of my life, I'm going to meet my bf's parents!! After being together for all these years it took them awhile to understand our family and accept me being black! Yes it's 2010 and interracial couples are still considered taboo in small towns in Texas! They finally see that I'm a genuine person regardless of the color of my skin. And being the person that I am I can't fault them for being closed minded. I am a little scared cause I am going to Buttfuck, TX where all the bigots live!! So wish me luck cause I will check a mf if they get outta line, hehe!
You know I love you all, right??

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


DIY faux fur hat, F21 military sweater dress, Zara suede wedge booties, American Apparel shawl cardigan, vintage doctor's bag, vintage bangles and B.E. rings
I honestly can't believe Xmas is right around the corner. It definately doesn't feel like Xmas, frickin 80 degrees out right now!! It's like it came outta nowhere. It seems like no one really decorated their houses this year either, booooooooo! 
Anywho I'm excited cause I asked for some pretty awesome things and my hubby usually gets me what I want. I want a video camera so I can vlog and show you guys my ,DIYs, a blender so I can make my own smoothies and power shakes and a gift certificate from Sephora cause I need to upgrade my makeup hardcore!! I've been really good this year so it would be nice if Santa brought me a Smart car, hahaha in my dreams!!
Before I got I gotta say HEEEEEY and WELCOME to all the newbies! It's like you guys are just coming in bulk and I wanted you to know I see you!! And THANK YOU to everyone for your love you show me on a daily!

Monday, December 20, 2010


 DIY shredder tee, Bueno Bueno feather tail, DIY destroyed denim shorties
(my niece, Tehya, Ephraim and my grandmother)
Growing up I used to think my grandmother was crazy with all her remedies and voodoo but when I realized that it's part of her Native American culture, then I thought it was sooooo cool!! At 76 she still got it!! I just miss her long silver hair...she had to cut it because of the Texas heat, poop!!
This woman made me believe in myself time and time again and I LOVE her for that! She also taught me everything I know about thrifting... I LOVE YOU Grandma! 

Sunday, December 19, 2010


(everything thrifted from head to toe...haha I think everything's DIYed too!!)
DIY ribcage slasher americano sweater, DIY destroyed denim shorties, DIY faux fur hat, vintage oversized coin necklace, vintage B&W tennis shoe booties and B.E. rings
Lately my brain has been flooded with tons of crazy DIYs. From clothes to shoes to hats to bags, I just can't stop! I already consider myself borderline crazy so adding the creations that erupt from my's like in I'm in a world of PURE JOY when they come to life!! 
My latest goal is to destroy EVERYTHING!! I love my own ribcage and my body so I wanted to make an effect that accentuate that. I started on the sides first and worked my way around to the back. I'm hoping I get a video camera for Xmas so I can share my DIYs with you. I know it's kind of hard to explain even with pictures. I'm working on it, FINGERS CROSSED!!
But if everything goes right and I get to go thrifting for the next 2 week maybe I'll add some to the shop!! I definately need to blow the dust of the merch and spruce things up again. I've mastered shredding tees so I could probably do 5 a day and maybe 2 sweaters...IDK, we'll see! Cause I'm like the busiest person in the world or at least it seems that way! I've always been an overachiever though, lol!!
Anywho before I run off a the mouth too much, just keep an eye I out on the store cause I'm going to update it soon, YAAAAY! And I'm so backed up on my outfit post that I may start blogging everyday, so VintageVirgin is going daily hehe!!
Much love from ya girl,
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