Friday, January 28, 2011


(everything thrifted except shorts and shoes)
vintage American flag windbreaker, vintage denim manshirt, Urban 1972 Boudior lace shorts, vintage southwestern belt, black Smokey the Bear hat, Zara wedge booties and leopard faux fur bag, vintage oversized cross necklace, vintage bangles and B.E. rings
Did you see that?? Yep I'm busting out my best legs, in this lovely Texas weather!! It's like they opened up the gates of hell and let the heat in! It feels good to take them damn stocking off. Lace shorts are seriously going to be a requirement for Spring. I'm so happy I could do the cabbage patch, hehe!
As you can see I've yet AGAIN found the perfect jacket. I'm a Texas girl and like proud in the bad boy.Yippie kai yay yay muthaf****as!! How does that country song go, "Fuck with America and we'll put a boat in your ass", something like that?!? Nooooooo, if I could move tomorrow I wouldn't think twice about it.
Anywho, I've been having a really good week and glad it's the weekend. Everything is in order and back on track. Now I'm looking for something new to conquer.
NEWBIES, I see ya...welcome to my little bloggie blog. I suck at self promotion so it's nice to know I don't have to whore myself off online as much. Love each and everyone of you and ecstatic to receive so much LOVE in return!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage cable knit sweater, vintage grunge floral dress, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, DIY scarf made from an old sweater dress, DIY platform booties, DIY teddy bear drawstring bag, vintage cross necklace and B.E. rings
WTF, is that me in just a sweater?? I can't believe how nice the weather has been...sun shining, birds chirping, dumb cat in heat under my house(ugh I just wanna find a male cat to bang it so it will shut the fuck up) and lots of light layers! Couldn't ask for a better day to shoot. I think the perfect accessory to a day like this is a cable knit sweater. I get to be warm and cute at the same time, YAAAAAAAY!
On another note, I feel like I am the busiest person on the planet! Even as I'm blogging right now on my laptop I'm answering interview questions on my home computer and getting my outfit ready for pictures. I honestly think I like the chaos, it keeps me SANE, lol! My grandma told me 2011 will be my year and we're already 26 days in, shit is getting CRA CRA over here at VV! I'm sooooo THANKFUL I have you guys support and love. Honestly a pick me up on such a hectic schedule.
Well I'm off to the hit the streets with my tripod before my beautiful sun goes away!


Sunday, January 23, 2011


(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage mod cape coat, vintage riding hat, vintage saddle scarf, old skinny jeans, vintage patent leather satchel bag, vintage velvet chain belt, Joel's old tee and vintage jewelry
I think I may have found the cutest solution for such crappy weather. It's also perfect for bike rides too!! Yes I talking about my vintage cape coat! Only I would care about what I look like while biking, hehe! It also has matching plaid gloves and box purse, Ooooooooo ahhhhhhh! Every time I think I've found the score of the century something like this falls in my lap. It just goes to show vintage will never do you wrong! NEVER!!!
Much love, 

Friday, January 21, 2011


(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage technicolor stripe cardi, vintage DIY destroyed denim shorties, hubbie's old grey V neck, vintage beanie, vintage leather backpack, vintage lace up grunge boots, vintage cross necklaces, vintage bangles and B.E. rings
So this is what it was like on my day off. Rays of sunshine and rainbows with kittens eating sprinkles, hahaha!! The weather was just PERFECT!! And you know what else is perfect?? My sweater! It has everything I would want in a vintage cardigan...bold colors, B&W, stripes and OVERSIZED with a to die for slouch! It definitely was an added bonus to an already good day. Sh*t I even got to wear shorts! It was like the happiest day of my life! Then it rain the next day and now it's 30 degrees, boooooooooo hiss! The weather is seriously bipolar...just give me pneumonia already.
It feels good to be back in the saddle again and have everything under control. Now I can go back to focusing on the restocking of my store. Lots and lots of vintage goodies to come. I need to make room for all the Spring crap I'm about to buy, hehe! So keep your ear to the street.
Before I go and sweat my ass off at the gym. I wanted to say THANK YOU, like always! You truly don't understand how much I appreciate all the love that is given on a daily!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


(vintage faux fur hat, vintage fringe sweater cape,  ModCloth Salt Lake Pretty dress AA sheer nylons courtesy of American Apparel, DIY teddy bear head plushie bag, DIY leopard F21 platform booties, vintage chain belt, vintage cross necklace and vintage bangles
Is it just me or is everybody over Winter and ready for Spring? Everything I've been buying lately is has been for Spring. I can't believe Texas is going to have another cold front this weekend!! Like seriously I am sooooooo OVER IT!! I'm DYING to show a little skin, geez!
Anywho wish I had more time to ramble on and on but today is my only day off and I'm off to do pictures! Thank you guys for hanging in there while I go through some minor changes. I seriously love you all and wish I could meet each and everyone of you personally. You guys say the nicest things that help me make it through to the next post! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


(all pics are either personal, sh*t I wanted on eBay months ago, Nasty Gal, thrifting and dumb collage pics)
I've been soooo busy it's not even funny! 
Here's some random pics of the things I love, made or want to DIY!
LOVE TO LOVE YOU ALL! And thanks for everything! I'm trying my hardest to answer all my emails, I SWEARS!!
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