Thursday, March 31, 2011


Now everything I own is LIME GREEN!! But it was sooooooo worth it!! More pics to come.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

going GREEN, maybe?

(random pics from Google and Violetta E.)
Mama's thinking about double dippin' her ends temporarily!! A little color in the hair for Spring...idk??

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


(everything thrifted from head to toe except JC Woodies)
vintage yellow bandana, vintage pinwheel floral scallop shorts, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, vintage leather backpack purse, Jeffrey Campbell clog booties, vintage oversized ceoss necklace, vintage bangles/watches and B.E. rings
I'm a risk taker...a fashion badass! I don't mind "going there". That's why I love vintage cause you can find that one-of-a-kind piece they'll help you achieve it. I was blessed by the VINTAGE GOD with these ah-mazing floral scallop shorts which used to be a romper/jumper...see here. I just made the suspenders into a belt and tucked down the front. It's all about COLORS and FLORALS this Spring. So I decided to make it fun and more me with dramatic prints and girlie details. Turned up the 70s vibe with the hat and clogs. Overall....LOVE IT! Do you??
Before I go I just wanted THANK whomever, who ever or anyone that writes about me, my blog or whatever! And a HUGE THANKS for linking it back to VintageVirgin! You guys are really helping me make my blog grow bigger and bigger. I love that I can reach out to all types of people, all over the world with my vintage craziness!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


(gifts from my hubbie, Joel)
Urban 1972 tunic dress, Zara khaki skinnies, Forever 21 wooden plaform clog sandals, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, vintage oversized cross necklace, vintage customized fringe crochet bag, vintage bangles and B.E. rings
I know what a SHOCKER I'm wearing new clothes?? Well since I've started my blog my hubbie Joel seems to be very interesting in buying me new stuff. He knows I'm a whore to the vintage and will never break me! But he still tries...which is no problem with me. It's okay to dabble into different styles. That's what I'm all about. I like to dress how I feel and make anything look like something! I like that you can scroll through my blog and not see me in the same shit over and over. I like to go cra cra and mix it up...IT'S FASHION! 
(Woah that was corny as fudge...that's what blogging at 10 in the morning does to ya!!)
Sooooo let's take a moment of silence for the motherfucker who stole my bike! If I see you I may be little but I'm going to get you SCUMBAG!! Wooooooo, BREATHE! The bastard stole my bike from the side of my house during the daytime. I was livid!! No worries I'm getting a new one from Wal Mart. It was only 80 bucks so boooooo on them!!
Well I gotta go loves but I just wanna thank all the newbies! You guys seriously came outta nowhere. I'm just happy to have you!
R.I.P Bikey I'm going to miss you! We had some good rides dude!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage American Flag suede fringe vest, vintage B&W polka dot dress, vintage Spanish Moss American Flag shorts, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, vintage DIY stacked platform t-straps, vintage studded Texas Lone Star bag. Theresa's wearing vintage sequins American Flag vest, old TopShop dress, vintage floral fringe capelet, vintage leather backpack purse, vintage change belt and her own shoes, hat and jewelry
What can I say I LOOOOVE a good Americana overload!! Our outfit were handpicked from 1000s of items at my studio.(Told you had a bunch of shit.) 
I decided to go fuck around with my friend Teresa who I've known forever but has become closer due to blogging. As a blogger no one really understands where you're coming from unless they're in the same boat. To other people it can easily come off as conceited, you're obsessed with taking pictures of yourself or you're just desperate to make it or be known. To me it's just another way to reach out to other people who love what I love...VINTAGE!! It's no different than having a Facebook or being on any other social networks. So THANK SATAN for Teresa cause she gets me! 
Okay blah blah blah about how no one understands me...tear, hahaha!!
 So far the week has kicked off in high hopes. I already have a pile of shit I wanna sell. I just have to get the pictures taken and post them on ShopVintageVirgin. SO EXCITED!! Also since I just got a brand new car, Joel has decided to take a road trip to NYC and go thrifting along the way. I can see my girl, Darine and go shopping in different states and small towns. Now I'm really looking forward to the Summer. YAYS!
Before I go I just wanted to thank all my readers for all the love you show me on a daily! You guys seriously make blogging a fun experience. I look forward to meeting and greeting with you guys one day.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


(everything thrifted except F21 clogs)
vintage floral halter maxi dress, vintage crochet bag with customized fringe, DIY turban headwrap, Forever 21 platform wooden clog sandals, vintage fringe floral capelet, vintage bangles and B.E. rings
My outfit may be simple but there's a lot going on. From the crochet cut out floral halter neckline, the print, the flowing fringe on the bag, crochet turban, platform wooden clogs and bangles for that jangle jangle!
Now me and the dress go way back! I got it years ago at Wasteland in San Francisco on one of my lovely trip to visit my girl, Darine. (Who now lives in New York, JEALOUS!!) It was love at first site and was made to fit me! So I snagged it and we went on to live happily ever after!! THE END!! Yeah me and this dress will never part.
Anywho, I had an AWESOME birthday, even though the first 6 hours were spent car shopping. SNOOZE FEST!! But we decided on a VW Golf, yay. Then instead of sushi we went out for crawfish AGAIN!! I could seriously eat crawfish 3 times a week or if it's put in my face. I can't resist, I'm coo coo for crawfish!! Hahaha! Now were about to do part 2 of my b-day and Joel's taking me thrifting at some of my favorite places. I have a $200 budget, SWEET!! 
Love you all as always and I'm just happy to have you here for me! 

Oh yeah I forgot to mention my last post and this one, the photos were taken by Ephraim. 
(I get 50 mommy points deducted for that one, hahaha!)
You can actually see his shadow in the 5th shot!

Friday, March 18, 2011


thrifted red skinnies, indiegoespop cross button and WHOA BLACK BETTY tee shredded and customized by me, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, vintage fringe capelet shawl, LuLu's triple stacked wedge booties with customized studs by me, vintage chain belt, vintage leather backpack purse, vintage oversized cross necklace, vintage bangles and B.E. rings
So today's my birthday and I'm probably old enough to be your Mom's younger sister, hahaha! I never really celebrate since my evil stepbrother St. Patrick's Day ruins it for me every year. He makes EVERYONE too hungover to come out the next day. So my birthday is whateves to me. I'm pretty much just going to have a nice dinner with the boys...SUSHI, maybe?? I'm just happy I look 12! Which is a gift and curse btw. With my blog it's totally okay since I look extremely young but in real life people think I'm Ephraim's older sister! I hate when they ask if I could bring my Mom in for a parent teacher conference! Like WTF, I am his Mom! You should see their faces when I tell them that, hahaha! COMICAL!! 
It's been a looooong week! I no longer have a job, THANK SATAN! I just could not deal with the immature bullshit that came with my simple job. You would think working with women in their 30s and 40s would be an easy job but these old bitches are set in their ways and love to keep shit stirred up! I just wanted to work and go home but they insisted on trying to include me in their reindeer games. Ummmmmm NO THANK YOU! I LOVE being a stay-at-home Mom anyways. Now I can be up my child's ass 24/7! YAYS, lol!
I just want to thank all my readers for hanging in there and spreading the word. Now that I'm jobless I definitely will be updating more and getting back to the basic everyday blogging. Which means I can finally focus on the reopening of my store. I know I've said that like a 1000 times but I really mean it this time! I have way too much shit and I need to get rid of a lot of it before June. Since Joel and I are looking for a house. Yikes, so help a sister out and buy my shit please!!
Love you all,
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