Sunday, March 27, 2011


(gifts from my hubbie, Joel)
Urban 1972 tunic dress, Zara khaki skinnies, Forever 21 wooden plaform clog sandals, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, vintage oversized cross necklace, vintage customized fringe crochet bag, vintage bangles and B.E. rings
I know what a SHOCKER I'm wearing new clothes?? Well since I've started my blog my hubbie Joel seems to be very interesting in buying me new stuff. He knows I'm a whore to the vintage and will never break me! But he still tries...which is no problem with me. It's okay to dabble into different styles. That's what I'm all about. I like to dress how I feel and make anything look like something! I like that you can scroll through my blog and not see me in the same shit over and over. I like to go cra cra and mix it up...IT'S FASHION! 
(Woah that was corny as fudge...that's what blogging at 10 in the morning does to ya!!)
Sooooo let's take a moment of silence for the motherfucker who stole my bike! If I see you I may be little but I'm going to get you SCUMBAG!! Wooooooo, BREATHE! The bastard stole my bike from the side of my house during the daytime. I was livid!! No worries I'm getting a new one from Wal Mart. It was only 80 bucks so boooooo on them!!
Well I gotta go loves but I just wanna thank all the newbies! You guys seriously came outta nowhere. I'm just happy to have you!
R.I.P Bikey I'm going to miss you! We had some good rides dude!


Meggstatus said...

Dude fuck that guy, that bike was bad ass. I hope it breaks on him.

Anyways, you look as stylin as ever.

Opposite lipstick said...

wow! looove ur blog

rouli said...

amazin bag!

love it!

great bike pic:)

kiss rouli//\\

Teresa said...

Noooo! They took your bike? That's just downright dirty. Your old bike and my bike would have been a perfect pair too. I have a pink cruiser with white wall tires. So sad. :(

Unknown said...

Boooo! thievin assholes! I remember the first blog I read of yours, you were riding on your bike in the photo! It was awesome. Hope your new bike is awesome too! xoxo

GIAA said...

love that look! that was a sick bike ;)



Unknown said...

lovely colour combination

Ishawi said...

Oh You! I'm here for the first time but certainly not last.
U look sooo amazing!
I saw all your posts from this month and I'm really impressed - about you and your style.

Elizabeth Daisy. said...

That bike is just delightful isn't it ♥
Love your look, you always look fabulous and I just love the hat and chunky cross around your neck!

*following your blog*

Eda ♥

LINDHO said...

LOOOVE the outfit!
you are so COOL!

sorry to hear about your bike : / <3

Lia said...

what a douche. bike stealers are the worst. Hope you make new memories with your new bike.

Glass of Fashion

LeslyNichel said...

You are the most adorable person ever! I adore that crochet'd fringe bag of yours too! Keep it up!

yemi said...

rip bike - on but not forgotton..
your hair looks lovely as do your socks and sandals

Unknown said...

i love your crochet bag virgin its AMAZING! i just purchased me on ebay realy similar !

Monique said...

Love this getup. Sorry to hear about your bike. It was such a cute cruiser. Love the pink dress in that pic too!

linnea p. said...

Absolutely stunning.

Vintage Rules said...

i can't believe some fucker stole your bike! Very sad.

Love your necklace by the way.


Machine Darine said...

Damn dejavu! Remember polly? My sea foam green cruiser? And remember when some asshole clipped the lock and stole it!? I TOTES feel your pain babe. Miss ya! I went shopping for u yesterday you're gonna DIE! If only I can find round sunnies.. still looking!


Elastic Cloud said...

I love your outfit & bike, but above all I love those tatoos!! They are awesome!!!

Great photography too!


district5 said...

So pity for the bike....the angry thing about stolen things is not the material which is replaceable, but all the memories..But your style is awesome! Love your tattoos!


the twenty said...

your tatoos are amazing!

Unknown said...

love that bag, and the hat is adorable!

Steffys Pros and Cons

Chloƫ said...

Aww that bike is soo cute! And it goes with your dress amazingly! Can't believe it got stolen :-( when I was a kid I had my bike stolen by some gypsies when we went camping lol, it was pink with a white basket and I literally cried for a week. I feel your pain! xxxx

sarahelizabeth said...

Only you could pull of pants under a dress! You look amazing in these photos (as usual) and I am in love with this outfit.

Love your work,

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