Tuesday, May 31, 2011


(everything thrifted from head to toe except shots)
DIY vintage Joe Boxer dress, vintage floral fringe shawl, DIY floral headband, vintage leather backpack purse, white round sunnies, F21 necklace with added cross, vintage bangles, random rings and Lulu's triple stacked platforms
Soooooo I've been sicker than a dog who ate it's own shit this past week! Idk what happened but I rode my bike to school after the rain and it literally killed me. So I laid down when I got home and woke up 8 hrs later!! Joel was freaked out since I'm usually bouncing off the walls 24/7,
sick or not sick, and took me to the doctor. I had a slight cough earlier that week that I disregarded as nothing which turned into something...mixed with overwhelming stress since it's the last week of school, trying to do a thousand and one things at once with my blog, live for my family, love on Darine and answer emails! I seriously think my body just shut down on me and told me I need to chill the fuck out but that's how I function. I will forever be an overachiever, wonk wonk!
Anywho, the best part about school ending is I'll have Ephraim back as my part-time photographer, YAAAAAAAY! Which will help out a lot with getting my clothes online. I know you wanna kill me for dangling my goodies in your face and then make you wait for it even longer. MY BAD, SERIOUSLY! I'm slowly getting my strength back. I was just shocked that I was able to stay up long enough today to edit these pics and post them, lol! No worries, I'll be back on top in no time!
Kisses without germs,

Monday, May 23, 2011

SNEAKY part 1

Operation: Get My Ass To New York (G.M.A.T.N.Y.) is underway! Just some quick shots of what's coming to the store on Friday!! And there's more coming tomorrow. YAAAAAAAAY! You like??


Sunday, May 22, 2011


Sooooo, yes I've become that person who's always taking randy shots of shit I see around me!! I think my skin is beginning to grow over my camera, like it's slowly becoming a part of me. I always have my Nikon within inches if me at all times. If it's not near me I feel like I'm missing an arm or something! 
 I really want you can see the craziness I see on a everyday basis other than my just my AWESOME vintage and pretty face. 
This is what I saw around the house this week. Clusterfucks, crosses, sheer happy faces, true inspirations, realizing I have a shitload of sunnies, colors and Diet Coke! Look forward to more weekly post like this. I seriously have like 1000s saved on my lappy!


Friday, May 20, 2011


(everything thrifted from head to toe except shoes)
vintage racer tee, old Tsubi skinny zipper jeans, Lulu's triple stacked platform wedges, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, vintage leather backpack purse, turquoise necklace from Darine, vintage multi cross necklace and random rings
I'm not going to lie, I never really liked t-shirts. I guess cause I'm a victim of having no boobs, I've always felt kinda boyish in them. So I decided to finally embrace my inner "man dude" with this rad tee and jeans! I think it's a nice play on hard and soft...the sweet pastels with the I'm going to kick you in the face buckle boots and a little buttery leather on top! So yeah no matter how much I try to "dress down" I still comes out looking like this, hehe.
Soooo guess what, guess what?? I've got some vintage coming to the store next week!! YAAAAAAAAY! It's going to be linked to my etsy store. So help a blogger out and buy all my shit so I can live worry free in the great NYC! I also want to have a meet and greet luncheon with all my blogger buddies while I'm there. I want this to be THE BEST 30 days of my life people!! Ugh sooooo excited! Okay ok  I'll stop rambling about my awesome trip, sheesh!
Much love to all my readers...I honestly just can't get enough of you guys! I can't BELIEVE I have 2001 blogger buddies now! Seriously god smacked! I guess I've been working my ass off, scratching and clawing my way to the top. All thanks to my readers!
Kisses bitches, 

Sunday, May 15, 2011


create avatar
 (everything thrifted from head to toe except for shoes)
vintage shawl fringe cape, miscellaneous tee, abstract tribal pants and rings from Buffalo Exchange, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, Triple stacked buckle platforms from Lulus, vintage multi cross necklace, turquoise oversized cross necklace from my bestie, Darine, vintage southwestern belt and antique dreamcatcher
So I went to Buffalo Exchange yesterday and they didn't have shit! I mean those poor racks were just sad! It USED TO BE a gold mine for some good vintage but I didn't find NOTHING. (They should have just name it Plato's Closet or whatever other bland resale store that accommodate to MALL SHOPPERS, yuck!) But I didn't give up though and after what felt like a hour I found these neon tribal snakeskin leggings, YAAAAAAY! I love that WTF is on your pants print, the colors and the fact it looks somewhat distressed. So score for me!!
Anywho, what's been up with you? I'm still doing the same shit I babbled about in the last post. Since Blogger went all cra cra I just been chilling watching The Real Housewives of EVERYTHING! Ugh I love guilty pleasure/reality TV...it's like my nemesis. They say blogging is the new reality TV but I think it's little different than just embarrassing yourself on national TV for my entertainment. There's no producer sitting next to me telling me what to write. Also I heard that some bloggers have agents!! Is this true?? Like WTF for? NO WAY! Ummm I just wanna blog, hehe!
Well much love from above!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


(everything thrifted from head to toe except Blowfish wedges)
vintage tricolor blocked micro mini dress, DIY floral crown, vintage clutch with customized fringe by me, vintage bangles/necklace, Christian Dior round sunnies, Blowfish Garren cork wedges and B.E. rings
I don't care if Spring isn't over, it's Summer in Texas. So let the pit stains and swamp ass begin!
All I want for Summer is for you to see me coming a mile away! I'm trying my hardest not to wear bold colors and flowers everyday but I'm sooooo weak. Nothing makes me happier than a loud dress halfway up my ass and a floral crown. If there was a stack of cash and this dress lying next to each other on the floor...I probably would pick up the dress first. They just don't make it like this anymore!
So lately I've been super busy with cleaning my place and sorting everything out for my trip. I know my outfit post have gotten a little low. But once I get a routine going I'll be back to posting every other day. I'm at that point to where if it's ain't one thing it's another. Shit's getting a little hectic but it's me, I'll figure out. I love being a one man show and will help someone else before I ever part my lips to ask for help myself. It's easier that way...no drama, no jealousy and nobody all up in my shit! Blogging shouldn't be a competition so that's why I keep to my goddamn self.
Before I go you know I have to give much love to all my readers new and old. You guys are my biggest support other than my family. And the backbone of my blog. All I can say a million times over and over is THANK YOU!


Oh my Jeffrey Campbell! I'm usually like "JC please stop making the same shoe in different colors or just quit adding something different to your most popular shoes and re-release them like we've never seen them before!" Well this chunk of rainbow goodness got me to shut my fucking mouth! I am like mesmerized by them....the colors, the shape, the texture and the HEIGHT! They're like Rainbow Brite meets psychedelic stripper! These shoes are not for people who are fashionably weak. I definitely fucking wish I had these in my wardrobe. Can't you picture me skipping down the street in these??
 Kiss kiss,
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