Saturday, July 30, 2011


(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage crochet sun dress, vintage acid wash denim studded leopard vest, vintage checkerboard cateye shades, vintage leather backpack purse, vintage cross necklace, Items by Johanna crystal necklace, DIY head scarf and vintage bangles

Ugh I seriously HATE that Bowling for Soup song but it's the only song I could think of, lol! 
I'm back in Texas and boy did I miss my baby. He's gotten sooooooo big and still extremely cute, DUH!! And Joel not that bad either, hehe! 
Now I just have to filter through all my pics, like a thousand if not more, get back into Mommy mode and finish decorating my place I abandoned.

New York has seriously opened my eyes and I really want to take my blog to the next level. I need to work on giving a fuck and (cringe vomit) social networking. I have this awesome opportunity so why not run with it!!

I've already started to do some minor tweaks to my blog...bigger pics, font etc. I also added a like on Bloglovin' button so you can really show the bloggerverse how much you LOVE me!! It'll only take like a second just to click it so hook your girl up.

Idk, I'm excited and happy to be back but still a little heartbroken about leaving my bestie. Love you girl and thanks for the southern hospitality in fast paced New York! I really needed that!

Love you all and thanks for joining me on my insane vintage journeys. It's been a great year and a half and you guys are still there rooting me on. THANK YOU from the bottom of my vintage heart!!

kiss kiss,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


vintage DIY holey shredder crop tee, vintage DIY destroyed slasher shorties, DIY leopard headwrap, H&M studded fringe bucket bag/bracelets, Gee Wa Wa boots from Shop Spanish Moss, vintage cross necklaces, random rings, Target socks and vintage bangles

So I'm having the time of my life in NYC but deep down inside I miss my boy. I thought YAAAAAY FREEDOM...Mama gets to do whatever the fuck she wants! WRONG!!! I see now that being a Mom is what I makes me happy...and that's okay. I use to think maybe I'm obsessed with my own kid since I don't know any Moms personally who would give up their own life for their baby the way I do. My own Mother was like that. She could give a flying fuck about us!! (Does anybody else secretly hate their Mom?) I would NEVER do that to my son!! It breaks my heart just thinking about it. :(

On a lighter note...I have 4 more days left so instead of shedding tears I'm just going to make the best of the time I have left. I still have quite a few friends to meet up with, some I haven't seen in years! It's so weird how all the people  I loved in Texas and San Fran now live here. New York is where it's at if you want a lot of opportunities. I'm sooooo jealous of my bestie, Darine. Since I've been here she's done hair for Vice and Vogue!! You should check out her blog for all the other cool jobs she's picked up so far.

Anywho gotta run!

kiss kiss,

Sunday, July 24, 2011


(everything thrifted from head to toe except necklace)
vintage ethnic dress, old chucks, vintage sunnies/southwestern backpack borrowed from Darine, vintage bangles, random ring and F21 cross necklace

Yes I'm doing all the cheesy shit...I'm on vacation, lol!! 
My bestie has lived here for a year and has never been to Coney Island. So who better to bring than your bfff visiting from Texas. I was all oohs and aahs by the scenery and even loved on by the local douchebags from Jersey!!

So happy I was able to experience it before this ungodly HEATWAVE....ummm Satan called he wants his weather back!! I think it's worst than Texas cause you have to walk everywhere and the building seems to hold heat in between them. And the subways, FUUUUUCK ME, is the hottest of all hots. You know it's unruly when you can see heatwaves or maybe it's a mirage before you fucking pass out!! Ugh wearing my hair down is not an option! That's why I've been sporting this lovely bun almost every single day. Even getting dressed has been a challenge. I suck at dressing down so everyday is a lesson learned. Pit stains + vintage does not make friends. :( I love New York but this Texas weather is a bitch...thought I was getting away, BULLSHIT!
Got a lot planned today pizza party at Roberta's with Lacey and Trinh's birthday later. If you see me out I may be cranky from the heat but I'm totally approachable. Just say hey girl heeeey...I promise I don't bite, unless you like that type of stuff, hehe! 


Kiss the ring bitch,

Saturday, July 23, 2011


 Holy crap it's hot as hell in the subway...especially during a heat wave!!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


vintage floral bodysuit, F21 roses shorties, Blowfish cork wedges, vintage crosses necklace, H&M sunnies/bangles, Ozone floral socks, Zara belt and random ring

So I'm staying with my bestie, Darine, on the Lower East Side.  6 fucking flights of stairs and no elevator but the reward for your strenuous effort is a beautiful space. I love the exposed brick, hardwood floors, industrial lighting and the little touches of vintage/antiques here and there!! It's like being at home minus all the duties of a hard working Mom. New York has captured my heart and leaves me speechless every time I walk outside...only 9 more days to go!! 

Thanks guys for all the lovely comments and support! I'm having a blast out here and I'm more than happy to share it with you. 


kiss kiss,

Monday, July 18, 2011


(everything thrifted from head to toe except cork wedges)
vintage chevron maxi slip dress, vintage DIY crochet fringe bag, skinny Zara belt and Blowfish cork wedges 

I've been on the go since I stepped off the plane. I hardly have time for anything but I am trying to keep up with blogging for some reason. (WEIRD, blogging is my life, lol!) I think it's cause I have a shitload of pictures to share with you.
You know how I LOOOOOVE dirty real backgrounds?? Well I may have a picture on every corner of this fucking city! Ugh I love it. I think I'm going to be kinda annoying for the next 2 weeks cause when you live in Buttfuck, Texas...New York is like everything you want and need in a city. I am being such a tourist right now and I don't give a fuck! And guess what the people around you don't give a fuck either. That what makes it AWESOME!

Yeah I know my Texas is showing...I told you it's going to be like country mouse meets city mouse, like my Dad has a farm and plants his own garden...theirs a chicken coop across the street for fuck sakes, hahahaha! This shit is new to me!
Anywho gotta run.

kiss kiss,

Saturday, July 16, 2011


vintage lingerie shorts, boutique tee, vintage leopard head wrap, vintage denim backpack, vintage round sunnies, Gee Wa Wa boots from Spanish Moss, vintage cross necklace, Bob Marley bracelet and vintage bangle
Like seriously for real for real I am having the time of my life and it's only been 2 days!!!! NY is sooooooo fucking chillax. Like I love how no one gives a fuck. FINALLY I'm surrounded by people with goals, ambition, dreams....I mean their own place for fuck sakes!! I  think I found my new home away from home. And my bestie has been the best hostess EVER! She's shown me sooooo much shit! 
I'm's going to be hard to go back! 
Thank you guys so much for joining me on this AWESOME journey! I love and adore you all! Old readers, newbies and haters. I am feeling the love and I hope you feel it back!!


I <3 NY!!!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


my lastest DIY creations...I'm really into destroyed and slashed shorties with cool colors and prints!!

Ugh and these are just the shorts I'm bringing...I have over-packing syndrome, O.P.S. for short!!  It's hard for me to pack cause I could be over it before the plane lands and needs lots and lots of options to choose from. To make up for the craziness in my head. I've packed and unpacked my shoe bag a million times, the thought of only bringing 1-2 pairs of platforms (ugh shutter cringe) has got me sweating it out like a meth addict!! I'm dying here...HELP ME!!
I just keep thinking...2 more days and I'm out this bitch, bye bye Texas, hello New York!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


(everything thrifted from head to toe except Gee Wa Wa boots)
vintage neon crochet shawl cape, vintage DIY holey Betty Boop tee, DIY leopard headwrap, Gee Wa Wa boots from ShopSpanishMoss, vintage crochet bag with customized fringe by me, vintage multi cross necklace, oversized turquoise cross necklace from Darine, vintage bangles and random rings
So your going to have to beat, stab and torture me to pry these boots from my dead body. Cause that the only way I'm taking them off. Like HOLY SATAN these are the most comfortable shoes I've slid my feet in in years!! Shit felt like memory foam in fashionable house shoes!! Perfect for all the walking I like to do.
Anywho it's hot as hell in Tejas, hahaha and I'm wearing a fucking sweater, but it's hitting the 100s right now. I've officially given up on pants, shorts, whateves! Yeah I'm doing the no pants dance, sue me, IT'S HOT!! The best way to stay cool is rig up your own DIY holey tee. All you need is a tee with a sweet 90s logo/icon and cut the shit outta it. Thank you UNIF/Nasty Gal for the inspo!!
Well I'm going to be swamped from the next week since I'm unpacking my house and packing for NY at the same time. I feel lost without my son since he's gone to Austin til August for baseball camp, TEAR!! It's going to be extremely weird without my sidekick but at least I can live it up on my trip knowing my son is enjoying himself. 
Well I gotta go...lunch and thrifting with Teresa! Going to try out my video making skills since I like to DIY everything, lol! 
Thank you...much love!
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