Thursday, September 29, 2011


Romwe Madness vampire red lips fringe tee, vintage DIY destroyed denim shorties, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, vintage leather backpack purse, eBay Max Star platform chucks, white round Lennon sunnies, Mad Lady cuffs, vintage bangles, vintage cross necklace, Items by Johanna crystal necklace and random rings

It must be that time of year again when mofo's thinks it's okay to harass me about my weight. Now these losers are saying I'm a bad role model for young black girls cause I'm "anorexic skinny", hahahahaha! Ummm hello are you looking at the same pics I'm looking at? Never in my life have I've seen an anorexic girl with ass and thighs like mine. Seriously, I'm skinny but naturally skinny and well proportioned for my height. (5'4, 100 lbs, which I've been for the past 10 years, even after giving birth to a 10lbs 12oz baby!) It's called petite, morons!

These bitches act like they never seen a skinny black person before. I mean not all black females have elephant asses, monster tits and bangin curves, geez! I've been picked on my entire life for being thin so I can laugh about now. Hahahaha I look AH-MAZING and you can't take it!

Like THANK SATAN I'm old enough to not let negative things and quotes affect me anymore. All bullshit aside, I just wanted to speak up for others who have to go through the same shit. There are naturally skinny girls in the your eyes and get over it! Stop being an idiot and educate yourself.

I'm here, I'm thin and I've never thrown up or rejected food in my life! Sooooo eat shit and die! 

I have to thank all my readers for their support and all the positive feedback, I love you all. It's tough being a blogger but somebody's gotta do it!

kiss kiss,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


(everything thrifted/vintage from head to toe)
vintage crochet sweater DIY dipped dyed by me, vintage Frye DIY cropped booties, vintage ethnic fringe bucket bag, Target trouser socks, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, vintage southwestern buckle belt, turquoise cross, elephant and vintage cross necklaces, Mad Lady turquoise and triple stone rings and vintage skintight mini dress underneath

10 years ago I would have been the girl you beat up for making her own know what I'm talking about?? Hahaha, nowadays who gives a fuck!!

Yeah I DIYed majority of my outfit, sweater and booties. The sweater was dipped dyed in "black" but turned out this faded navy purple which I LOOOOVE! Which turned this plain old crochet into fucking cro-HEEEEY!! I'm telling you a little bit of Rit dye can go a long way. Even save a life!!

Now the booties I have had like FOREVER and only bought them cause they were vintage Frye boots. LABEL WHORE! They were all kinds of jacked up, knee hi and too wide for my legs so I whacked them by cutting off the top. Then folded it inside until I got the perfect ankle height and sealed with Shoe Goo. Me likey cause they were already worn in, beaten up and scrunched! They was pretty much asking for it!
Now I can stop obsessing over the ones online that are waaaaaay outta my budget, like up to frickin' 200-300 bucks dude! Like my wallet is just hurting thinking about it.
So if you got some old knee hi boots laying around the house I recommend you cut them for a fresh new look!

Love y'all,

Sunday, September 25, 2011


1. vintage hats
4. thrifted red skinnies and Romwe lace shorties die dyed by me
5. red lips sunnies, eBay platform chucks with customized spikes by me and Mad Lady double red lip necklace

Yeah not everything I wear is old ladies clothes, lol!!

kiss kiss,

Thursday, September 22, 2011


vintage DIY customized denim stud vest, vintage Pendleton plaid shirt, AA maxi ribbed sweater dress c/o American Apparel, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, platform chucks from eBay, Target socks, Mad Lady ethnic stones/chain cuff, vintage leather backpack purse, round mirror sunnies, vintage bangles, Items by Johanna black cross/crystal necklace, vintage bangles/cross necklace and random rings

When I think of sweater dresses, I think of Lisa Turtle from "Saved by the Bell" in those bulky oversized bedazzled sweater concoctions she wore through out the show. Don't get me wrong they were pretty pretty badass back then but nowadays the fit is all kinds of fucked up!

Like it's hard to find a good vintage one without shoulder pads and a turtleneck...good luck!! So I was kinda happy when AA sent me this not so complicated sweater dress. It's light, thin, ribbed and hugs all my bones in the right places. 

I decided to go grunge since I finally got my goddamn shoes in the mail...THANK SATAN! I was like losing my fucking mind cause it took almost a month to get here...ok 20 days but geez! They're kinda like me but in the form of a shoe. Plus I can still be tall enough to stand over short guys and make them feel super awkward, hahaha! I know it wrong but I love to fuck with cocky guys with short're short I get it but why do you have to be such an asshole, hmmm?

Anywho, busy busy busy! Joel's getting ready to go on his end of the year business trips which sometimes have him gone for up to 20 days at a time. I love that my hubby is a successful businessman in the oil and gas business but sometimes I just wish we could go with him. Ephraim really misses him like crazy which breaks my already broken heart. Boooooooooooo, I'm going to miss my Babylove!!

Love you all but I gotta jet!!

kiss kiss,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


 (everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage slim fit trench coat, vintage leopard skinnies, vintage denim button down, vintage snakeskin briefcase clutch, Modern Vintage buckle boots, vintage cross necklace/bangles/watch, random rings and oversized cat eye sunnies

Go ahead scroll through them pics again. Yeah I fucking LOOOOOVE this trench bitch!! Ugh and the fit...whew the fit! Since I have the waist and chest of a 12 yr old boy! It hard for me to find a trench that doesn't make me look flat, boxy or to masculine. So when I found this 5 years ago and tried it on I almost died dude. Literally!!

Now I decided to combine the trench with leopard skinnies cause I caught them doing it in the closet, hehe!  They were hung right next to each other and I never noticed how they made the perfect couple. As a result to their love affair the denim top was born and they lived happily ever after with all the right accessories, yaaaaaaaay.....weeeeeeee! Hahaha!

kiss kiss,

Friday, September 16, 2011


(everything thrifted from head to toe except shoes)
vintage suede fringe jacket, vintage suede shorties, vintage preppy crest blouse, vintage snakeskin briefcase clutch, Target knee high socks, Jeffrey Campbell Slovang woodies, Forever 21 multi chain necklace, vintage bangles/watch, random rings and cateye sunnies

It's that time of the year when all the leaves fall of the trees and change colors. You get to cuddle up in your favorite light sweater and enjoy the weather on long walks. Your wardrobe changes from half naked to layers. Yeah Fall sounds awesome if you don't live in Texas!! It's fucking 100+ degrees by noon and wildfires in the most random place. 

The hard part for me is that I'm ready to move on to the next season but the weather says, "FUCK NO!" So how in the hell did I get to take pics in fucking suede in this heat?? 
I kinda cheated...first I had to wake up at the crack of dawn and get ready, take Ephraim to school, get my outfit on, take outside shots first, then work the front porch with a/c blasting. And I did it all without breaking a sweat. Now that's dedication my friend!! Bwah hahahaha yeah I know, I'm fucking crazy!! But I'm a slave to the suede, hehe.

Anywho I have a lot of shit going on and some amazing things that's are about to happen to VV but of course I can't talk about them until that time comes. Boooooooooo, I'm dying to spill the beans, like you don't understand!! Oh well maybe next month. 

Before I go I must say that I absolutely adore all my readers and just wanted to THANK YOU for all the support day in and day out. As a blogger you need that daily motivation and inspiration from the blog world to keep you going. Even the haters and Debbie Downers give me a little boost from time to time! Ugh they say the funniest shit, anonymous of course, lol!!

kiss kiss, 

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