Monday, October 31, 2011

Hey Mickey...DIE!

(everything thrifted from head to toe)
vintage leather Minnie Mouse leather jacket, vintage polka dot swimsuit, vintage DIY studded platform mary janes, vintage leather gloves, vintage DIY studded bow, vintage Mickey Mouse head bag, thrifted ears and tail and vintage cross necklace

At first I didn't want to dress up for Halloween cause Momma felt she was too old but since Ephraim begged me to for his friends' party. I thought I could pull something outta my ass, last minute, for old time sakes.Which I think turned out fucking hilarious!!

I'm happy I did cause all the other parents were dressed up and all the little girls died over my costume. Saying they wanna be Minnie Mouse! Awwwwww that just made my night! Gotta love the kids.

kiss kiss,

Friday, October 28, 2011


(everything thrifted from head to toe except shoes)
vintage double breasted mini trench coat, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, vintage Victorian briefcase bag, Target socks, Forever 21 faux suede clogs, vintage bangles/watch, Mad Lady tribal cuff, random rings and vintage belt

You know how I get all warm and tingly inside when I think of trench coats especially vintage trench coats!! So when I found this one I literally exploded all over the thrift store...blood and guts EVERYWHERE, haha! I was over the moon cause it was my size but when I unbuttoned it, the tag said Jessica....SOLD! I was halfway to the register at that point. The fit was soooooo perfect and I didn't even have to rip out the shoulder pads, which is extremely rare in vintage clothes. 

I wore it as a dress since I've been hunting down one online for like ever and it's enough fabric to cover my ass and flaunt my best asset...hello, as if you didn't know, MY LEEEEGS!
Since the coat was fucking awesome I thought the briefcase bag was a given. The details on this bag is BEYOND INSANE, I love that the people are padded so it's kinda 3-D! I don't know if you can see it but in person it's unreal. 

Anywho, love this look, don't you?
kiss kiss,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


(everything thrifted from head to toe except shoes)
vintage army camo jacket, vintage DIY destroyed demim shorties, vintage crochet sweater, vintage leather backpack purse, old beanie, Lulu's triple platform wedges, vintage cross necklaces, random rings, round mirror Lennon sunnies and Target socks

And noooooooo, Pauly Shore is NOT Pauly D. from the Jersey Shore!! That's what my son asked me, haha lmfao!
He was the raddest dude of all-time, along with Wayne and Garth, hoooooowl! Looooove "In The Army Now"...buuuuuddy! It's so 90s, it hurts. Yeah if you don't know then you're extremely uncool and need to do a Google search stat! Jk jk.

I was on the fence about a camo jacket cause when you live in Texas you instantly think douchebag. You know that I'm going hunting guy who drives a big fucking truck in the the only bumps in the road are speed bumps cause this is a fucking family neighbor...ya douche! Haha...that guy? But I overlooked it and got one anyways since it was only 50 cents...(remember?)
I thought I'd go along with the trashy appeal it gives off and added a slouchy sweater, destroyed denim shorties, knee highs, plats and of course a beanie. My next step is to add patches/buttons, hmmm...idk?

Anywho, hope you loves?
kiss kiss, 

Friday, October 21, 2011


Owlephant Vintage remade sequin cig crop top, vintage skintight lbd, vintage stud collar leather jacket, vintage leather backpack purse, white round Lennon sunnies, H&M bangles/cuffs, vintage bangles, random rings, eBay platform chucks with customized spikes by me, items by Johanna black cross earring, thrifted heart ruffle socks and vintage cross necklace

Haha I love how you can see my cold medicine falling out my backpack on the last pic!! I can't leave home without it, wonk wonk! No seriously, I would die :( 
*cue crying and laughing*

So the other day I was awaken at 7am to what sounds like a goddam earthquake or the world ending but  turned out they were just tearing down the house next door. And boy was I livid cause I haven't had my morning coffee or gotten the crust outta my eyes yet! I was like WTF, are you for real??

Then I went outside and saw the mess and was like cha-ching...thanks for the background bitch!! It was like they built me my own personal set. So I ain't mad at cha like Tupac!

Oh and how fucking hilarious is my top?? What makes it 10 times better is it's sequins and vintage! Thank you Madison over at Owlephant Vintage for sending me this lovely top!! It's soooooooo me...loud, obnoxious and effin' cute!

Before I go I have to say thank you to all my lovely readers! It's been crazy ride over here at VV and I just wanted to honestly  let you know I appreciate all the love back! Comments, emails, tumblr , fb likes, lb crackups, whateves. I may not be the quickest responder but I wanted you to know...I see ya! 

kiss kiss,

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


vintage paisley romper c/o Cobrasnake, vintage suede fringe jacket, vintage fringe Moroccan bag, DIY fringe long vest, vintage southwestern buckle belt, vintage DIY Frye boots, Target nylons, Mad Lady tribal cuffs,vintage crosses necklace, H&M rose oversized sunnies, random rings and vintage bangles

I'm still sick, booooooooooooo! I went to the doctor's twice and all they keep giving me are the antibiotics I've been taking since I was a kid. Seriously is there any other antibiotics out there that's not chalky bubble gum syrup? It's yummy but I feel I should give it to my son.
I hate being sick cause I always lose at least 5 lbs...I already feel like I've lost my ass, noooooooooooo!
My problem is I like to do EVERYTHING as if nothing's wrong because I'm tough as fuck, stubborn and delusional. Well this fucking cold from hell is kicking my ass, tear!!
Anywho gotta go and get my nose drained today...sounds like a BLAST, I know!!
LOVE YOU ALL and THANK YOU Cobrasnake for all the vintage goodies! So yummy!

kiss kiss,

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I get a lot of questions about what I find thrifting or what I look for. So since I found so much shit thrifting the other day I felt I had to share it with you!! You're going to die when you find out how much I spent on allllllllll this...$12, yep!! WTF, no way, get the fuck outta town but it's true! I have a spot where everything's 50 cents and I always leave with a shitload of trash bags stuffed to the brim with vintage goodies. Or whatever my little VW Golf can carry, hehe!

What's your faves??

kiss kiss,
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