Wednesday, November 30, 2011


DIY dip dye cardi fuzzy sweater, Forever 21 skinny leatherettes, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, Joel's white button down and satin tie, vintage leather backpack purse, JC Tardy boots with customized studs and spikes, Beginning Boutique cage ring and random rings

Hahaha of course my next post was going to be in my DIY cardi...DUH!! 

Love it?
kiss kiss,

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a little D-I-Y

It's been cold as fudge so I've been DIYing my ass off! 
I bought the sweater last year from shoptoast but I felt it needed a know a little more 2012.
So I did what I do best and I dipped that shit!! Beyond amazed on how it turned out and I love the color fade in the middle...YUM! Plus I saved myself a couple of hundred bucks since they're going for a fortune online, sooooooo yay me!

Now the gloves are just beyond simple. Go to Walgreen's, Rite Aid, Duane Reade's...whateves and buy you some cheap black gloves. Cut off the fingers halfway and add spike/studs. Fingerless gloves are already badass so I just wanted add that extra wtf, hehe!

Hope you love?

kiss kiss,

Sunday, November 27, 2011


vintage suede leather crochet fringe vest, thrifted sweater dress, vintage green hat, Zara Chelsea boots, vintage gold chevron sequins clutch, vintage hand of Fatima necklace, Target tights, Forever21 LOVE ring, vintage gold bangles/watch and random heart/rose rings

It's been like 50 degrees out which is fucking cold for a Texan, especially a boney one, so I decided to take pics in my favorite part of the house. "The library" where I draw a lot of inspiration and a safe haven for all Joel's european photo books, Purple and ID magazines. 
One thing I love about my hubbie is that he secretly loves fashion and clothes just as much as I do! (He's waaaaay more advanced though and likes hardcore european designers.)
Like the other day I was talking about how rad Abbey Lee dresses and he goes, "I know she has the best personal style in the industry right now!" I don't know about you but that's sex talk to me, lol!!

Speaking of his amazing fashion sense...he got me these lovely Chelsea boots from Zara that I've been drooling over for weeks! Thanks boo and THANKS to all my readers. I know it's a little late but I can't believe I have 3000+ people cheering me on. It's INSANE and I have to pinch myself everyday! Me and my vintage is slowly paving a way in the blog world...FUCK YEAH!!

kiss kiss,

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


vintage peekaboo lace slip dess, vintage acid wash bullet denim jacket, Charlotte&Lisa military scarf,vintage leather backpack purse, vintage belt, DIY leather stud bracelet, Gee Wa Wa boots c/o Spanish Moss, Mad Lady chain cuff, Romwe zipper cuff, Beginning Boutique cage ring, lace bralet and random rings

Sorry for the blurry shots...I was freezing my ass off and couldn't stay still. Yeah the weather was cray cray, like it was hot and rainy all morning so I stayed in. I didn't expect it to be 50 degrees after it stopped!!
I walked out in my slutty lace dress and was instantly smacked in the face by Jack Frost. Burrrr bitch!

Thank Satan for the scarf Charlotte&Lisa sent me cause it kept my little skinny neck warm. It's seriously like a blanket you can wear any way and the utility straps are a nice touch too. 
I'm slightly obsessed with it, hehe. So I asked if they could hook up my readers with a coupon and they did...30% off, fuck yeah!

Just go to Charlotte& and when you check out enter CLFW11 in the shop basket under "enter coupon code", click apply and the price goes down 30%! Wow 30% off...I may have to get it in the other color!

kiss kiss,

Monday, November 21, 2011

and the WINNERS are...

 (What I would buy if I had 80 bucks to spend at Romwe. Of course I would want lots of shit to feed my mixed textures addiction, lol!)

Thank you all for entering Romwe's $80 for 2 giveaway.
Here are the winners picked at random...Ilona from are  and VenusdeKenny from
Yaaaaaaaaaaay, I will be emailing you soon with more info.

Thank you all again for entering. I had such a blast I'm thinking of doing another giveaway really soon.

kiss kiss,

Friday, November 18, 2011


Zara pleather blocked tee, vintage denim man shirt with customized studs, vintage Levi denim cutoffs, vintage leather moto jacket, vintage leather satchel backpack purse, Beginning Boutique cage ring, oversized cat sunnies, Mady Lady chain cuff, Romwe zipper bracelet, vintage crosses necklace and H&M silver bracelets, Target socks, random rings and Lulu's triple stacked platforms with customized studs

Hahaha I love how my thigh mole is winking at you in almost every shot!

Lately I've been into simple shit in your basic colors with leather detailing and studs. Like I wish I would have never told my hubbie how much I love it cause he just keeps buying me more and more shit. And I secretly love it...oh no!! Don't tell anyone, fuck, the cat's outta the vintage clothes are going to kill me!

So I've been busy busy busy and cannot believe all the cool shit that's about to happen to VV in 2012! Like my mind is blown but of course I can't talk about it until release dates, BOOOOOOOOOO! Oh but I told my bestie, Darine, EVERYTHING! 
I can't hold water but one thing I can tell you is that I will be going to NYFW in Feb, FINALLY! I know it's like months away but I can't fucking wait. I'm like dying to meet other bloggers like me. I only know a few in Houston so it's going to be a great experience. FUCK YEAH! 

kiss kiss,

Don't forget the Romwe $80 for two giveaway ends Monday, Nov. 21st, enter here!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

(insert NIRVANA song here dude)

Romwe two tone leather trench moto jacket/zipper cuff, vintage Pendleton plaid flannel, H&M Nirvana tank, Zara mullet chiffon skirt, old beanie, vintage leather backpack purse, vintage cross necklaces, Beginning Boutique cage ring, customized spikes/studs Jeffrey Campbell Tardy boots and random rings

Grunge ain't dead cause it's still alive in my clothes, hehe!! 

Anywho since I've been blogging I feel like my hubbie buys me more clothes that's more his style, simple minimalist chic, which I love on him but my style is more all over the place. Oh my gawd could you imagine if we had the same style, sounds cute but in real life we would clash...opposites attract, okay! I'm not going to lie but I do love my hubbie in a tailored business suit, hot!

Okay enough of me drooling over my man and back to what I was getting at. He bought me this lovely mullet skirt from Zara, worn alone it's a little too girly for me but once I grunged that shit's kinda perfect! Thanks lover!

 Oh and before I go, thanks to everyone who entered the Romwe $80 for 2 giveaway! If you haven't entered yet, check it out here. Ends November 21st!

kiss kiss, 
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