Monday, December 31, 2012


Jumping the gun and wishing everyone a happy and safe New Years Eve. This was probably the best year of my blog's life and I'm 100% thankful for everyone and everything that has happened so far! Who knew so much would come from posting your outfits on the internet? Thank you for another awesome year, let's make 2013 a year to remember!

Also I have the winner, picked at random, of the Kill City Holographic jeans giveaway...Alaina M. from The Future Reflection, YAYS! You should receive an email from Brit probably after the holidays. Go congratulate her and check out her blog.

Here's to 2013, raise your glasses bitches!

kiss kiss,

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Ugh I used love "Just One of the Guys" when I was a kid and has watched it a bajillion times on Netflix in my adult life! For those of you who aren't as old as me and have no clue what I'm talking about. It's a movie about a girl who's a journalist that transfers to another school as a boy to see what guys go through but in the process she falls in love with her best guy friend who thinks she's a guy. You following me here?? She tells him at their awesome prom on the beach (this is in the 80s), he runs away and of course he comes back in the end once he figures out this is one hot chick! I thought this movie was so rad from her haircut to her clothes and instantly started dressing more like a boy. I was such a tomboy, my Mom used to think I was going to be into chicks. Girls are beautiful but I don't wanna date them Mom, lol!

 Feeling inspired I threw on a vintage tee with classic B&W cigarette pants, a bright oversized moto jacket, pointy stilettos, stripe clutch, silver accesories and my hat to the back, G! I took a slave chain bracelet and replace the original ring with a toe ring clasp so I can wear it with my shoes. I think it added a little extra sumthin' sumthin to an already bangin outfit, hahaha!! 

Loves it?

The weather has me feeling extra lazy so I'm going to announce the winner at random tomorrow. If you still want to enter the Kill City giveaway then here's your chance.

kiss kiss,

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Finally posting this look, yays!  I was going to make a tutorial video on how to do the spiked ponytail but I realized I sound like a chipmunk from the Valley on helium while stoned. Plus the editing is beyond me so in true procrastinator fashion I said,  "FUCK IT!" 
It's quite easy actually...all you need is 1 1/2 inch spikes (I got mine from eBay), braid you hair to a ponytail to the side, tie off end with rubber band and place/screw in hair an inch apart. BOOSH, spiked pony!

Anywho I'm wearing all leather pleather and thought I'd tone it down with a simple cowlneck top. To take my look from rough to pretty tough. Now I look like I would apologize after I punch you in the face, lol! 
I'm obsessed with this leather jacket cause the cutout are perfect for Houston winters since it doesn't get cold till after Xmas. And the peekaboo of red was a nice surprise. Ugh loves it, feels like I'm from the future of badass!! Hahahaha!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Xmas or whatever you celebrate. I'm not celebrating until Jan. 2nd when my hubby gets back from offshore. So this is probably the first weird Xmas without Joel. I didn't wanna unwrap present via Skype so I'll wait!

kiss kiss,

*Also don't forget about the Kill City holographic jeans GIVEAWAY! So easy to enter and ends tomorrow Friday, Dec.28th. Enter here!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas...I decided to give you the gift of gold, lol! My gold obsession is getting out of hand but it's not like it's a bad thing. I love it so much I'm constantly coming up with new ways to wear it in the daytime. Like this sequin romper can be a bit flashy in the bright sun so I covered it with this awesome mesh dress from Tunnel Vision. I can't believe I struck vintage gold via the internet since I'm always bitchin' and moaning about how hard it is to find the perfect vintage mesh maxi dress while thrifting! So never say never about online shopping, you may find the dress of your dreams.

My next obsession are these fucking boots!! Like I have been holding out and waiting for the right time to strike. They're a good quality, low price and sturdy...what more could a girl ask for? I've pretty much worn them everyday since I got them, they go with EVERYTHING, lol!
Now that I've accumulated enough gold I feel I can finally bust out the ankle cuffs! I love how they're like a pop of WTF through the dress...keep them hoes guessing, hahaha!

Love this outfit and the photos were taken with my new Nikon's FUCKING AWESOME!! I can already tell the difference and may be shooting in the house more often, now that this camera picks up better lighting.

Again Merry Xmas, hope you got everything you wanted/needed!

kiss kiss,

*Also don't forget about the Kill City holographic jeans GIVEAWAY! So easy to enter and ends this Friday, Dec.28th. Enter here!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Kill City pyramid holographic foil jeans, Joa+Closet lime shifted sweater top, Zara patent leather stilettos, Nasty Gal neon see through bowler bag, 10th Tribe limited edition beanie, Beginning Boutique triple spike bracelet/

So it's official, I'm addicted to shiny metallic jeans of all things! As loud as they are they may be the best fitted jeans I've owned in my life! Like it's no secret, I'm skinny as fuck and have a widdle butt/thighs/hips but they fit just perfect with no gaps in the waist and slim on the ankles. Which is extremely rare for a short petite person with long legs...if that makes sense.
Now nothing goes better with metallic than neon, so I threw a bunch in the mix starting with this awesome sweater from Joa+Closet that I decided to wear backward...I just can't wear things the way it supposed to be, lol! I instantly remembered I had the perfect bag which made me think of Slimer from Ghostbusters for some reason. It also help to bring in some black to tone this outfit way down. It's definitely sophistacrazy, lol!

If you feeling my metallic jeans...then guess what? You can get you some too because Kill City is giving away a pair to one of my lucky readers.

First you must be following me here at VintageVirgin on Blogspot.
Then follow Kill City on Facebook, Instagram @killcityjeans or Twitter @killcityjeans
After that come back here, VintageVirgin, to this post only and leave comment stating how you would style your jeans for the holiday season and your email address.
Easy right?  
Offer will end Friday Dec.28th so get you entries in!!
kiss kiss,

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


It must be that time of year cause all my electronics are fucking up! First my phone and now my camera. My phone got knocked into the sink while Ephraim was brushing his teeth (semi my fault) and my camera just froze up on me, like WTF. Of course my blog flashed before my eyes...I was like, "What is a blogger without a camera?" But thank Satan I'm spoiled and my hubby bought me a new Nikon D5100 asap and should be here tomorrow!!! YAYS, so cancel on My So Called Blog Life, lol!

Anywho, I wore this awesome Style Stalker dress to my first ever Houston Blogger Symposium event thrown by my good friend of 10 yrs Brandi. I didn't get to take any pictures cause I'm a super spaz and brought my camera but forgot to take the battery off the charger. So I was pretty much lugging around this massive camera hitting me in the hip bone when I walked and dancing...fml. I know you're laughing Darine but HELLO it's me, I fuck up a lot! Haha good times though.

Also I have some giveaways coming up...stay tuned for that shizz!

kiss kiss,
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